Sorry, I’m Cheating Chapter 1725


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Knowing that Ye Qing ate Demon Beast’s intimate pill, the eyes of the Shuiyuan City powerhouses present became extremely solemn.

There is no way, but a strong battle with those Qihuo Hei Qilin!


Beside Ye Qing, a path of horrible roar sounded, but Ye Qing expressed calmness without any panic in his heart.

Relying on the powerful bloodline and the heaven defying controlling ability of Fire Attribute, in just a few minutes, Ye Qing has successfully refining the complete source of the Fire of Myriad Tribulations!

However, the origin of the Fire of Myriad Tribulations and the Great Desolate Vermilion Bird Divine Fire have not been completely integrated.

Ye Qing eyes flash with a cold light, if you want to fuse two heaven defying flames, Ye Qing does not have enough time now.

However, after controlling the two heaven defying flames, Ye Qing may not be able to deal with those powerhouses in the 9th layer of the Profound Sky.

thoughts move, Ye Qing released a terrifying flame, purple-golden and crimson flames, burning in the void.

Faced with the flames released by Ye Qing, the super bosses in Shuiyuan City all showed panic expressions on their faces.

The Fire of Myriad Tribulations is too terrifying, containing a complete Flame Source, not so easy to resist, they must be cautiously.

After Ye Qing refining the Fire of Myriad Tribulations succeeded, the nearby Tribulation Black Qilin had a tyrannical expression in his eyes, and the look towards Ye Qing was not as soft as before.

Jie Huo Hei Qilin was originally a very tyrannical existence. Previously, he regarded Ye Qing as a friend because of the influence of Demon Beast’s intimate pill.

Now that the medicine efficacy has passed, those Qihuo black Qilin found a human being standing in their midst, where can they not do it?


In an instant, several powerful Qihuo black Qilin rushed over, releasing a terrifying and tyrannical aura, waving sharp claw.

Ye Qing kept the expression calm, the fire of a thousand tribulations was released, forming a sea of ​​fire, blocking the black Qilin of the tribulation fire.

After that, Ye Qing took Lin Xian’s jade hand, and rushed to the depths of the fire cave between the flashes of figure!

In front of Jie Fire Cave, there was a faint release of powerful profound energy, which made Ye Qing’s heart moved. Presumably, there must be important treasures in the deepest part of Jie Fire Cave.

Lin Xian stared at Ye Qing with beautiful eyes. In her eyes, the powerhouse in the 9th layer of Xuantian has always been an invincible existence.

Ye Qing, with the cultivation base of Heavenly Venerate 3rd-layer, contends with many bigwigs, and can be called a peerless arrogant.

“Xian’er, what are you doing in a daze? Let’s go!”

Ye Qing greeted, Lin Xian repeatedly nodded, followed Ye Qing’s side, footsteps are mysterious.

About ten minutes later, Ye Qing walked to the end of the fire cave.

In front of Ye Qing’s eyes, there is no way to go, only a thick wall!

Leaning against the wall, there are two white medicine pills. Both medicine pills are only half of them, as if they were cut in the middle by a knife.

“Come on, help me catch Axiang!”

Half a medicine pill suddenly spoke.

Ye Qing was shocked, this is the first time I have seen such a magical medicine pill!

Able to speak medicine pill, has his own spiritual wisdom, and the grade is absolutely high!

“Good fellow, is this the Profound Fire Sacred Pill?”

Ye Qing has a car in his eyes, and after seeing two and a half medicine pills, he feels refreshed!

If you get the Profound Fire Sacred Pill, the two heaven defying flames of Ye Qing within the body can truly merge.

Not only that, but Ye Qing’s strength in Fire Attribute will be enhanced a lot to an incredible level!


Ye Qing’s figure resembles a fierce tiger, and he pounced on half of the medicine pill in the sky.

However, Ye Qing is fast, and half medicine pill is faster!

The combination of Qingyun’s divine wind step and Supreme Tyrant Tianlong’s wings, Ye Qing’s amazing speed, failed to catch half of the medicine pill in the sky.

“Brat, you made a mistake, I asked you to help catch Axiang, not me!”

The silhouette of half a medicine pill resurfaced in the void and appeared on Ye Qing’s head.

Ye Qing corner of mouth twitching, daring to love half a medicine pill, said Axiang, should be the other half medicine pill.


Ye Qing moved again, without any pause, and directly grabbed the other half of the medicine pill in the void.

The speed of heaven defying, demonstrated, exceeds fifty times the speed of light.

However, Ye Qing still failed to catch the other half medicine pill, which is Axiang.

Ye Qing’s face was completely black, and at his speed, he couldn’t catch half of a medicine pill, which made Ye Qing feel very depressed.

“What kind of monster are you guys?”

Ye Qing is speechless, browses tightly frowns, speed has always been his proud method, but now, he can’t catch even half of a medicine pill, and he has a fart!

“Human brat, I’ll be polite to Brother Aniu, be careful I’m not polite to you!”

With the half medicine pill suspended in the sky, Ye Qing’s eyes gradually became a little upset.

Ye Qing corner of mouth twitching, half a medicine pill, one is called A Niu, and the other is called A Xiang, they are very abnormal existence!

In their bodies, they can’t sense any breath of profound energy, and can’t see through the depth of the cultivation base.

However, the speed they showed is such a heaven defying!

“Axiang, don’t you want to run!”

The name is Aniu medicine pill, and his body flickers, chasing the other half medicine pill in the void.

Look at that fanatical appearance, as if pursuing the other half of life!

Ye Qing’s entire face turned black. With his eyesight, he could see that two and a half medicine pills should be a whole.

After the split, they all produced separate spiritual wisdom!

Axiang, who was running away, was full of disgust, and simply didn’t like Aniu.

“Stop chasing, I won’t agree to marry you!”

Axiang’s expression was decisive, ignoring the pursuers behind him at all, and a blast of wind broke in the void, which soon disappeared.

Aniu’s expression is painful: “Axiang, don’t leave me! Brat, your speed is not bad, if you can help me catch Axiang, I will consider you the master!”

A Niu flew in the void, and when he passed Ye Qing, he proactively sent out an invitation.

A Niu has seen many super fast Tianjiao characters, and Ye Qing’s speed just shown is enough to get Aniu’s attention!

Ye Qing hearing this, suddenly my heart moved, presumably Aniu and Axiang are the legendary profound fire pill!

Regardless of whether Aniu’s promise is true or not, Ye Qing will catch them!

Then start with Axiang!

While the body is floating, Ye Qing traverses across the sky, like a big eagle, with his hands outstretched, reaching the half medicine pill Axiang far away.

What makes Ye Qing feel strange is that Axiang and Aniu obviously have no gender characteristics, just two parts of a medicine pill that’s all.

However, A Niu seems to treat himself as a man, and wants to marry A Xiang, it is like cracking a joke.

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