Sorry, I’m Cheating Chapter 1728


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The powerhouses in Shuiyuan City were all stunned, saying they couldn’t understand them at all!

In their impression, Jihuo Hei Qilin has always been a very difficult existence to tame!

And Ye Qing, in just a short moment, completely tame a powerful Qihuo black Qilin!

Know that what he tamed was not the ordinary Qihuo black Qilin, but the leader of a group of black Qilin, the strongest existence of the cultivation base! The black Qilin in the 9th layer of Xuantian!

Any first-order Supreme Beastmaster, I am afraid that there is no way to be easily tamed like Ye Qing!

The audience was shocked. The powerhouses of Shuiyuan City had their eyes widened, and the back felt a chill!

If Ye Qing really succeeded in taming all the Qihuo black Qilin present, then waiting for the powerhouses of Shuiyuan City will be a disaster!

Ye Qing’s own strength is very strong, plus a group of Qihuo black Qilin, those powerhouses in Shuiyuan City can’t resist!

“No, you can’t let that brat go on!” Zhou Dahua yelled, anxious in expression!

“Yes, brothers, we can’t just wait and die. Before Ye Qing can tame all Qihuo Qilin, let’s kill him!”

The patriarch of the demon wolf tribe raised his arms and a large number of powerhouses rushed out, pointing straight at Ye Qing surrounded by black Qilin.

“Sorry, you want to do it now, it’s too late!”

Ye Qing raised the corners of his mouth slightly, and under his instruction, a group of Qihuo black Qilin directly began to take action, attacking the powerhouse of Shuiyuan City.

Actually, Ye Qing, who has eaten the high level Demon Beast Pill, does not need to really tame those Qilin Qilin before he can command them to fight.

The medicine efficacy of this thing is very strong. It is not the same level as the ordinary Demon Beast. The medicine efficacy lasts for an hour!

There is an hour’s time, enough for Ye Qing to tame all the powerful Qihuo Black Qilin.

“roar roar!”

Under the command of Ye Qing, Qihuo Black Qilin all began to act, and in the process, Ye Qing continued to mobilize the strength of Divine Soul to release the Divine Soul contract.

For a time, the scene was chaotic. With the help of many Qilin, Ye Qing could guarantee absolute safety under the siege of a group of powerhouses.

With the passage of time, more and more Jihuo Black Qilin became Ye Qing’s Demon Beast, tamed and completely obeyed Ye Qing’s orders!

“Black Qilins, give it to me, give priority to Zhou Dahua and the patriarch of the demon wolf tribe, and kill them!”

Ye Qing raised his arms and a group of Qihuo black Qilin responded and broke out various terrorist attacks. All in one.

The consequence of this is that the powerhouse in Shuiyuan City suffered heavy losses, and some of the big shots in the 8th layer of the Profound Sky died under the attack of Qilin.

Ye Qing and Lin Xian stood together, surrounded by a group of Qilin Qilin, absolutely safe.

During the battle of Jihuo Hei Qilin, Ye Qing planned to take the opportunity to refining the Profound Fire Sacred Pill!

Ye Qing has not fully absorbed the terrifying energy contained in the profound fire sacred pill.

As time goes on, Ye Qing within the body flows with a manic Fire Element.

Fortunately, Ye Qing’s body is strong enough, and with the help of Bloodline Strength, it is only a matter of time that’s all to completely refining and absorb the Profound Fire Holy Pill.

Jie Huo Hei Qilin surrounded Ye Qing and Lin Xian, but they didn’t want to hurt them, but to protect them.

Time, half an hour passed, Ye Qing’s within the body, the vast energy of the Profound Fire Sacred Pill, was finally completely refining and absorbed!


The power of the Fire of Myriad Tribulations and the Great Desolate Vermilion Bird Divine Fire began to merge within the body of Ye Qing.

The difficulty of fusion of the two heaven defying horror flames is originally high.

However, the process of Ye Qing’s fusion of flames, with the help of Pill Efficacy of Profound Fire Sage, went very smoothly!

The Fire of Myriad Tribulations and the Great Desolate Vermilion Bird, successfully merged into a brand new flame!

Two Flame Sources are completely integrated!


Ye Qing shook his whole body and released a purple-red flame, which was a brand new flame that was born by combining two heaven defying flames.

Ye Qing named it, Great Desolate!

The flames of purple red swept across the sky, bursting out the power of heaven defying. All powerhouses in Shuiyuan City were attacked by purple red flames.

Under the flames, even the powerhouse in the 8th layer of Xuantian was seriously injured.

The benefits brought to Ye Qing after taking the Profound Fire Sacred Pill are more than that!

The cultivation base breath released by Ye Qing soared in a straight line, reaching the Heavenly Venerate 4th layer!

In addition, his controlling ability on flames is even more terrifying. The whole person is like Supreme Supreme among flames!

The powerful Great Desolate Divine Fire swept the entire Fire Cave in an instant.

Ye Qing’s eyes are also beating with purple-red flames, in the fire cave, he will kill!

The Old Guys in Shuiyuan City are so annoying. With Ye Qing’s current strength and the help of Qihuo Hei Qilin, they can completely threaten Shuiyuan City’s Peak powerhouse!


Ye Qing leaped into the sky, holding two heaven defying fifth-turn Holy Artifacts, and directly slammed into the mighty 9th layer Peak powerhouse of Xuantian, Zhou Dahua!

Under the order of Ye Qing, Jihuohei Qilin from the 9th layer of Xuantian came to help.

“hong long long!”

Mysterious skills are released madly, Ye Qing and the leader of Jihuohe Qilin, the explosive power of a moment can only be described as horror.

“pu! ”

Zhou Dahua suffered a severe shock and was vomiting blood.

With Zhou Dahua’s own strength, he may not be able to defeat the powerful leader Qilin.

Now with Ye Qing’s attack, Zhou Dahua simply couldn’t resist it, and he was bloody.

“Impossible, how could I lose to you?”

Zhou Dahua let out a loud roar, his whole body suddenly turned into a heavenly river, and moved towards Ye Qing swept over.

Incarnation is Zhou Dahua after Tianhe, the power that burst out is terrifying!

Under the full burst of Xuantian’s 9th layer Peak powerhouse, the battle strength is indeed terrifying.

However, Ye Qing didn’t panic at all, the leader of Jihuohei Qilin in front of him helped withstand most of the attacks.

“Great Desolate!”

Ye Qing’s fierce light flashed and passed away, the flame of purple red condense a long sword of purple red in the void!

long sword brings together the terrifying Power of Flame, it is Ye Qing’s strongest blow in flame!

The long sword of purple red flame burst out the power of heaven defying, one sword covering the sky, trembling in the void, tearing open a path of gap.

The Tianhe incarnation by Zhou Dahua carries a power of extreme coldness. It is the middle grade mysterious technique he is proud of. Tianhe is frozen in strength!

In the place where Zhou Dahua passed, patches of frost formed, covering almost half of the Fire Cave.

“Under the ice of my Tianhe, you are simply not an opponent!”

Zhou Dahua grinned, and Xuantian’s 9th layer Peak burst out with all his strength, shocking the audience!

At the same time, the patriarch in the demon wolf tribe, and many big shots in the City Lord Mansion, also displayed terrifying mysterious skills and moved towards Ye Qing with a brain strike.

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