Sorry, I’m Cheating Chapter 1729


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Ye Qing, who was under siege, was not at all panic in his heart. He controlled the long sword formed by Great Desolate and penetrated the void.

To catch brigands, first catch their king, regardless of the powerhouses of other Xuantian realm, first kill Zhou Dahua, is the best choice.

“hong long!”

A variety of mysterious skills attacking Ye Qing were all resisted by the powerful Qihuo Black Qilin.

However, there is still some profound energy aftermath, which spreads and impacts the bodies of Ye Qing and Lin Xian.

Ye Qing is nothing, but Lin Xian around him can’t resist it. There is an expression of fear in his eyes, and red blood is flowing from the corners of his mouth.

Lin Xian’s cultivation base is far above Ye Qing, but with the strength of Lin Xian’s body, it simply cannot be compared with Ye Qing.

Ye Qing controls Great Desolate and is fighting against Zhou Dahua. After feeling the situation of Lin Xian around him, he immediately complexion sank.

Lin Xian was injured, and the injury is not minor, Ye Qing must behead the powerhouses in Shuiyuan City in the shortest time!

“Zhutian Sword, go!”

Ye Qing roared in a low voice, a terrifying long sword was condense in the sky, and the terrifying murderous aura was released.

The scarlet sword of slaying the sky, as if born in hell, has an amazing Ominous Fiend Qi.

Just listened to the sound of pu chi, under the attack of the sword of heaven punishing and the Great Desolate fire, Zhou Dahua made a mournful scream!

His body was pierced by the flame long sword from the sword of Zhu Tian and the condense of Great Desolate.

Zhou Dahua, who is as powerful as the 9th layer Peak of Xuantian, is no longer Ye Qing’s opponent. The incarnation Tianhe collapsed in an instant, and even his body was penetrated.

The terrifying Great Desolate is devouring Zhou Dahua’s Life Essence Qi within the body.

Zhou Dahua’s body fell to the ground with a bang!

Under the burning of the Great Desolate Divine Fire, Zhou Dahua made a mournful scream sound, even Divine Soul could not be preserved.

Ye Qing’s strength can be called connecting to heaven penetrating the earth, and it’s tyrannical to an incredible level!

The audience was horrified, the City Lord Zhou Dahua of Shuiyuan City died in the hands of Ye Qing, and the powerhouses in the remaining City Lord Mansion all sensed inexplicable fear.

The City Lord Mansion powerhouses, who have no heads, feel the real fear, and don’t dare to do anything anymore.

Even the mighty Zhou Dahua is dead. The other powerhouses in the City Lord Mansion have no other way except escape.

If you don’t withdraw as soon as possible, you will either die in the hands of Ye Qing, or die in the hands of Jihuohei Qilin.

For a time, the scene was chaotic, and the powerhouses in the City Lord Mansion swarmed around.

The powerhouses among the other tribes have also seen the situation in front of them clearly. They simply have no desire to continue fighting and can only withdraw.

The only forces present that have not been removed are the powerhouses in the demon wolf tribe.

The patriarch of the demon wolf tribe hates Ye Qing deeply and wants to do it.

“patriarch, we are no longer Ye Qing’s opponent, let’s go!”

“Yes, we simply cannot fight Ye Qing. With the help of Qihuohei Qilin, we can’t help him!”

“patriarch, hurry up!”

The powerhouses in the demon wolf tribe all persuaded them to continue fighting against Ye Qing.

Under the persuasion of a group of Elders, the patriarch of the demon wolf tribe dispelled the thoughts in his heart.

If the patriarch of the demon wolf tribe insists on insisting, it is estimated that the end will be exactly the same as Zhou Dahua.


The patriarch of the demon wolf tribe loudly shouted, leading a group of Elders around him, and quickly retreated.

Ye Qing’s eyes were cold, and the body moved and killed the patriarch in the demon wolf tribe ahead.

“Under the hands of my Ye Qing, you can’t go!”

Ye Qing glanced at Lin Xian, who looked pale next to him, and released a more terrifying murderous aura.

Previously, among the powerhouses that hurt Lin Xian, there was the patriarch of the demon wolf tribe.

Whether Ye Qing is for his own hatred or if he wants to avenge Lin Xian, he must do it.

With a whoosh, Ye Qing stepped in the air, Qingyun divine wind step and Supreme Tyrant Tianlong’s wings unfolded.

next moment, Ye Qing appeared directly in front of the patriarch of the demon wolf tribe, raising his hand and hitting a terrifying Great Desolate fire!


Under the pressure of the Great Desolate, the patriarch of the demon wolf tribe was under tremendous pressure and mobilized the profound energy within the body to fight back.

With the cultivation base of Ye Qing Heavenly Venerate 4th layer, for a while, there is no way to demon wolf tribe patriarch.

However, just as the two were fighting fiercely, there was a roar behind the demon wolf tribe patriarch.

A black Qilin suddenly attacked and killed him and bit on the shoulder of the demon wolf tribe patriarch.

The patriarch of the demon wolf tribe uttered a painful cry. He was seriously injured and was affected by the Great Desolate fire.


Ye Qing waved a handful of As-You-Will Golden Cudgel, only listening to a bang, the brilliant golden light burst out, the next moment, the patriarch of the demon wolf tribe broke down!

The powerhouse in the 9th layer of Xuantian, die!

“Ding, congratulations to the host, you kill the powerhouse in the 9th layer of Xuantian, and burst a super large limited-level treasure chest!”

Ye Qing’s sea of ​​knowledge, a clear reminder sounded.

Super large limited-level treasure chests are extremely precious. Ye Qing had very good luck today and got two in a row!

“You, if you still want to avenge him, just come over!”

Ye Qing’s stern eyes swept, and after feeling Ye Qing’s murderous look, the powerhouses in the demon wolf tribe were all trembling with inexplicable fear in their hearts.

whiz whiz whiz!

No need to say more about Ye Qing, after patriarch died, they all started to flee, and disappeared without a trace in an instant.

“Xian’er, hold on, I will find a place to heal your injuries!”

Ye Qing body moved, hugging Lin Xian, and rushed out of the Fire Cave.

There is a hot Fire Element in the Jie Fire Cave, which is not conducive to healing. Lin Xian’s physique is weak, Ye Qing must take her away.

When he rushed out of the Fire Cave, Ye Qing saw the fleeing crowd.

Zhou Taotao and Wolf Ligelang were both fleeing frantically. After hearing about the situation in the Fire Cave, they simply did not dare to stay at all.

“Oh? The two of them are not dead yet!”

Ye Qing flashed a cold glow in his eyes, and raised his hand to shoot out two flames.

The Great Desolate sacred fire burst out with terrifying power. In an instant, Zhou Taotao and Wolf Ligelang, who were running away from the crowd, all made a mournful scream.

Heaven defying’s Great Desolate, directly hit the two scattered ashes and dispersed smoke, and completely died in the hands of Ye Qing!


The powerhouses who were escaping, sucked in cold air, accelerated frantically, and did not hesitate to impose various prohibitions. Avoid the secret technique, for fear that the speed of escape will be slower, and you will be attacked by Ye Qing.

Zhou Taotao and Wolf Ligelang were killed, no treasure chest burst out, Ye Qing simply thought they were getting in the way, and solved it easily.

Previously, Zhou Taotao and Lang Ligelang had been clamoring to kill Ye Qing, but now they finally reaped the fruit and died in Ye Qing’s hands.

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