Sorry, I’m Cheating Chapter 1731


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“Among you Hengcheng, there are ten Ten Thousand Year Spirit Medicine Heavenly Phoenix Xuan Spirit Mushroom?”

Ye Qing blunt, the manager of Chamber of Commerce, hearing this, immediately complexion stiffened.

“Heavenly Phoenix mysterious Spirit Mushroom, of course there is in our Mohengcheng, this Young Hero, what do you inquire about Heavenly Phoenix mysterious Spirit Mushroom?”

The steward of Chamber of Commerce was surprised. Ten Thousand Year Spirit Medicine Heavenly Phoenix Xuan Spirit Mushroom, that is an extremely precious treasure, he didn’t expect, a nobody from a trifling Heaven Venerable Realm, he asked as soon as he spoke Such a precious treasure.

“Then very good, where is Heavenly Phoenix Xuan Spirit Mushroom? How much does it cost?”

Ye Qing grinned, with a little excitement in his heart, secretly thought his luck was not bad, the first city he found after leaving Shuiyuan City, there was the existence of Heavenly Phoenix Spirit Mushroom.

“In…in the City Lord Mansion, however, Heavenly Phoenix Mysterious Spirit Mushroom is a priceless treasure. No matter how much money you have, City Lord Mansion will not sell it!”

The position of Guan Shi in the Chamber of Commerce is obviously not low. He knows the situation of Heavenly Phoenix and Spirit Mushroom.

If you change to other powerhouses in Moheng City, you don’t really know the situation of Heavenly Phoenix and Spirit Mushroom.

“Not for sale? The treasure I want Ye Qing, whether they sell it or not, they have to get it!”

Ye Qing showed a smile at the corner of his mouth, body moved, rushed into the sky, and went straight to the City Lord Mansion in Mohengcheng.

In order to help Lin Xian awaken the body of Heavenly Phoenix, Ye Qing must get the Heavenly Phoenix Spirit Mushroom by whatever means!

City Lord Mansion is located to the north of Moheng City.

Ye Qing stepped on the Universe Shuttle all the way forward, at an incredible speed.

In just a few minutes, Ye Qing came to the outside of City Lord Mansion in Mohengcheng.

“Hey, have you heard that? Recently, an act recklessly dog ​​ate a lot of delicacies from City Lord Mansion, making trouble in City Lord Mansion every day!”

“I really don’t know what species that dog is. I just entered the Heaven Venerable Realm for the first time, but he escaped so fast!”

“What’s the use of fast? Making trouble in the City Lord Mansion is courting death!”

“I heard that the dog went to the City Lord Mansion to make trouble again last night and stole the old hen in the kitchen. It happened that a City Lord Mansion Elder was present and caught him!”

After Ye Qing came to the City Lord Mansion, he heard a lively discussion. The guards guarding the gate were all talking about a dog.

Ye Qing originally wanted to bypass the guards directly, but after hearing those guards’ comments, Ye Qing stopped.

How do you feel that the dog they were talking about is similar to the A’Kun in Ye Qing’s impression?

It’s just that after Ye Qing came to Xuanzhen Continent, he lost contact with the brothers who opened Legion. He simply couldn’t contact him, and I don’t know where A’Kun was.

Could it be that A’Kun is in Moheng City?

Ye Qing eyes shined, with a swish, descended at the door of the City Lord Mansion.

A group of guards were chatting and blowing water. After seeing Ye Qing’s arrival, their faces showed a surprised look.

“Where did brat come from? It’s strange!”

“Why dropping from the sky? I didn’t seem to sense any of his breath before!”

The guards are all dumbfounded, I don’t know where Ye Qing came out of it.

“Hey, what does the dog you just mentioned looks like?”

Ye Qing issued a soul torture.

The guards on the scene, as soon as they heard of the dog, they became interested and had no time to care about Ye Qing’s trespassing in the City Lord Mansion.

“The dog looks very strange, you may not believe it, he looks like a dog, but also like a dog!”

“Yes, not bad, he looks like a kun, with wings, flying fast!”

“That dog is really weird. Everyday all come to City Lord Mansion to steal chickens!”

When the guards talked about dogs, they were very excited.

Ye Qing listened to them and basically guessed it. It must be A’Kun.

Their descriptions are the same as those of A’Kun whether it is behavior or appearance.

“My grass, is A’Kun really here?”

Ye Qing corner of mouth twitching, the so-called old-familiar encounter in a foreign country, I am happy to hear the news of A’Kun on Xuanzhen Continent.

“By the way, brat, who you are? What do we come to City Lord Mansion for?”

The guard talked with Ye Qing for a long time, and finally realized something was wrong.

The good-natured City Lord Mansion in Moheng City was originally forbidden to enter by outsiders!

Ye Qing such a strange face suddenly appeared in the City Lord Mansion, which is inevitably suspicious!

“Don’t care about the details, what am I doing here at City Lord Mansion? What does it matter to you? Just guard your door!”

Ye Qing scowled, strode forward, and walked into the City Lord Mansion under the obstruction of a group of guards.

The guards looked at each other in blank dismay, all with a dumbfounded face.

Afterwards, several guards finally reacted.

“Smelly brat, stop for me, the City Lord Mansion is not allowed to rush!”

“Who you are? Dare to be impudent in our City Lord Mansion?!”

The guards chased up, and they all burst out with a strong aura, and the cultivation base was all above the Xuantian 3rd-layer level.

The general guards in Mohengcheng have a very good cultivation base, and most people don’t even have the qualifications to become a guard.


As the group of guards chased Ye Qing, Ye Qing’s silhouette disappeared.

His speed was incredible. At the speed of the guards, he simply couldn’t catch up, and only an afterimage was visible.

City Lord Mansion is vast, Ye Qing released divine sense, intending to explore the location of A’Kun.

While divine sense was sweeping, in front of Ye Qing’s eyes, at the door of City Lord Mansion, a group of guards escorted a dog out slowly.

There are a lot of guards, more than 20 people in total, and the cultivation base is above the 5th layer of Xuantian.

At the front of the crowd, there is a guard above his head, which is the cultivation base of the Seventh Realm of Profound Sky, which can be called a powerhouse.

“All idlers and others, all get out of the way. Today Sir City Lord will execute this dog!”

The head guard loudly shouted, beckoning Ye Qing in front not to get in the way.

Even if the dog escorted by the guards turned to ashes, Ye Qing could recognize it, it was A’Kun, that’s right!

“I havetily! Little Child Ye, I finally found you, help!”

After seeing Ye Qing, A’Kun seemed to have grabbed a straw!

Originally, A’Kun was already desperate, didn’t expect to come to life from desperation, and Ye Qing can still be seen in Moheng City!

“Why, brat, do you know this damn dog?”

The head of the guard stared at Ye Qing in front with a pair of cold eyes.

In the City Lord Mansion, the guard leader stayed for many years. Ye Qing was very face-to-face. There is reason to suspect that Ye Qing came to City Lord Mansion to save A’Kun.

“I don’t know it!”

Ye Qing spreads out his hands, his face is indifferent and indifferent, after looking at A’Kun, he no longer pays attention.

A’Kun was stunned, and shouted: “Little Child Ye, what are you doing? We are good brothers!”

A’Kun wanted to cry without tears, didn’t expect Ye Qing to die!

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