Sorry, I’m Cheating Chapter 1732


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Ye Qing’s face is indifferent, as if he doesn’t know A’Kun, his face is extremely cold.

A’Kun’s tears came out, and he was desperate in his heart and yelled.

“Little Child Ye, you are not human, you are not worthy to be my brother!”

A’Kun weeping bitter tears, has been foul-mouthed.

Ye Qing’s mouth twitches, his face is dark, if he wants to be able to save it, early him. Mom saved it, okay?

Under the sweep of Ye Qing’s divine sense, there are at least three powerhouses of Xuantian 9th layer Peak nearby!

It is even more terrifying than the feeling Zhou Dahua gave Ye Qing, but it is infinitely close to the existence above Profound Sky.

Ye Qing’s mouth twitched, and in front of many Xuantian 9th layer Peak powerhouses, it was still a bit difficult to rescue A’Kun directly.

Furthermore, it is still a bit difficult to kill him with A’Kun’s physique, those powerhouses in the City Lord Mansion.

“Sorry, I really don’t know you, dog, you should recognize the wrong person!”

Ye Qing stepped out and walked directly past A’Kun.

A’Kun’s eyes were red, but when Ye Qing passed by him, he blinked.

A’Kun suddenly eyes shined, knowing that Ye Qing is all pretending, but he really doesn’t know what Ye Qing wants to do.

“Don’t bother to pay attention to brat, brothers, act now, and take this one alive!”

The guard leader waved a big hand, leading a wave of guards, escorting A’Kun to the top of the city.

Skinning the skin in public, I have to say that Mo Hengcheng’s punishment to A’Kun was ruthless!

From this, we can also see how amazing A’Kun has done in the City Lord Mansion in Mohengcheng. Annoying things!

“Dead dog, you won’t see the sun tomorrow!”

The head of the guard gave a grin and ordered a group of guards around him to take action and took out various sharp Holy Artifacts, trying to peel off A’Kun’s skin.

However, the guards in Mohengcheng obviously underestimated A’Kun’s tyrannical body.

Even if A’Kun is just trifling Heaven Venerable Realm, but as Ancient Divine Beast, his body is far stronger than many powerhouses in the Profound Sky Realm!

A group of guards are busy upstairs, but unfortunately, simply can’t peel off A’Kun’s skin smoothly.

A’Kun at first was still very scared, but after a while, A’Kun discovered that the guards of the Xuantian realm simply couldn’t help him!

With the strength of those guards, I want to forcefully break A’Kun’s body, but there is not enough strength.

“Hehe, didn’t you guys be very arrogant just now? Do it, please kill this beast!”

A’Kun has an arrogant face.

The guards are helpless, and don’t want to continue to do it anymore, because there is really no way with Ye Qing.

“Little Child Ye, don’t worry about me, they can’t kill this beast!” A’Kun waved his paws, his face was arrogant.

“Oh, yes, Little Child Ye, my motherfucker doesn’t know you!” A’Kun looked arrogantly proud.

Ye Qing corner of mouth twitching, originally wanted to find a chance to rescue A’Kun, but now it seems that he simply doesn’t need to do it!

“Okay, you’re awesome, don’t ask me to take action later!” Ye Qing embraced his hands, and a sneer appeared at the corner of his mouth.

The general Mohengcheng guards cannot break A’Kun’s body, but if the powerhouse of the 9th layer Peak of Xuantian takes action, A’Kun may not be able to resist it.

A’Kun’s Bloodline Strength is indeed strong, but the potential of bloodline is far from being developed.


In the sky, suddenly an azure sword came across the air, exploding with terrifying power!

Azure’s broad sword is a five-turn Holy Artifact, and its power is called heaven-shaking, earth-shattering, and a broad sword with a length of more than 40 meters. The head moved towards A’Kun was killed.

At this critical juncture, A’Kun was shocked, his neck shrank, and simply did not dare to confront Azure’s big sword.

The big knife that is more than 40 meters long is so terrifying that it is unimaginable, and the void collapses!

The guards present all cheered loudly, with expressions of expectation in their eyes.

The person who made the shot was an Elder in the City Lord Mansion of Mohengcheng, who was strong.

With the cultivation base of Xuantian 9th layer Peak and a 40-meter knife, the power is unparalleled!

With one cut, let alone A’Kun just entering the Heaven Venerable Realm, even if he is an expert in the Profound Sky Realm, he can’t resist it!

Said the time is too late and the time is fast, the 40-meter azure knife hit A’Kun frontally, and fiercely slashed A’Kun’s chest.


A’Kun was still arrogant and proud just now, but suddenly he was slashed by a knife of more than 40 meters, and blood came out!

With A’Kun’s tyrannical body, when faced with a knife of more than 40 meters, he was completely unable to resist.

“My grass, what a terrifying sword, Little Child Ye, hurry up and help me!”

A’Kun yelled, the expressions are full of fearful expressions.

Ye Qing corner of mouth twitching: “You shit, didn’t you just say you don’t need my help?”

A’Kun grimaced: “Little Child Ye, you got it wrong, I have never said such arrogant things!”

Ye Qing spreads out his hands: “I think you should do it yourself. Isn’t your body very strong? Trifling a big knife of more than 40 meters, what are you afraid of?”

A’Kun completely lost his temper, and hot tears flowed out of his eyes: “Ye Qing, handsome, can you really bear the heart to die?”

Ye Qing grinned: “What can’t you bear? But, your name to me is pretty good.”

A’Kun reacted immediately after seeing the smirk on Ye Qing’s face, and quickly bowed his head: “Great handsome, I know you have the best heart, and you will definitely save me!”

“Azure Emperor big brother, help! What a sharp 40-meter machete!”

A’Kun said all kinds of flattering words, and it almost blew Ye Qing to the sky.

Lin Xian stood beside Ye Qing, beautiful eye blinks, with a doubtful expression in her eyes: “Qing, why do you seem to be familiar with that dog?”

Ye Qing touched his nose: “Nothing, don’t talk nonsense, I simply don’t know him!”

Ye Qing said solemnly, A’Kun, who was held on the head of the city, was already on the verge of collapse.

Because in the sky, a shocking knife of more than 40 meters came again.


A’Kun sucked in a breath of cold air, and only heard the sound of pu chi, a piece of meat on the paw was gone, blood spattered out, very miserable.

“Ye Qing, you handsome, you still don’t do it yet, don’t you want to know where your concubines are?”

A’Kun was in pain. At the critical moment, he had an idea, as if he had caught a life-saving straw!

Ye Qing cares most about women such as Huangfulan, Murongyan and Dongfang Yue.

A’Kun knows that Ye Qing has always been a guy paying more attention to a lover than friends.

Sure enough, when A’Kun mentioned Ye Qing’s concubine, Ye Qing’s body was shocked and his emotions became obviously excited.

“Dead dogs, do you know where they are?” Ye Qing asked excitedly.

tone barely fell, Ye Qing felt a sharp pain in her waist.

Turning around, it turned out to be Lin Xian. The jade hand was placed on his waist like a twist.

“Uh…Xian’er, it hurts a bit!” Ye Qing’s face darkened.

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