Sorry, I’m Cheating Chapter 1794


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Ye Qing’s heaven defying fist blasted out, his own fist technique, power shaking the world.

With a punch, the face of a pig demon standing in front of Ye Qing became swollen.

The pig demon’s face itself is very big, Ye Qing’s punch down makes the pig demon’s face even harder to see.

“hong long!”

Consecutive punches blasted out, Ye Qing’s Iron Fist, with the power of heaven defying.

In a short moment, the three little pig demon leaders in the mysterious king realm world all made mournful screams, and their injuries were not light.

They absolutely didn’t expect, a trifling of human beings in the first realm of Profound Sky, could pose such a huge threat to them!

The audience was shocked, everyone’s eyes widened, and their hearts were filled with horror.

On the Pig Demon Mountain, the pig demon were still aggressive, but after seeing Ye Qing show their strength, the pig demon was already afraid to speak.

In front of Ye Qing, the pig demon’s strength is far from enough, even the pig demon in the mysterious king realm world will still be beaten into a pig head.

On the Pig Demon Mountain, it was quiet. All Pig Demon were deeply shocked. They froze in place, their brains blank and lost the ability to think.

Ye Qing grinned and said, “Brothers on the Pig Demon Mountain, please listen to me. The Pig Demon Mountain was requisitioned by me. I will rename it to Kaigua Mountain!”

Ye Qing said, the audience shook, and the eyes of the three pig demon little bosses almost fell off.

“Human brat, what did you just say?”

“Damn humans, what do you want to do when you come to our Pig Demon Mountain? Don’t you know that Pig Demon Mountain is the site of our King Pig Gang?”

The pig demon little boss is stern, and with their strength, knows that he is not Ye Qing’s opponent.

However, they have already sent a signal to contact Zhu Gang, the king of the Pig Demon Mountain!

In the eyes of the three little bosses, as long as the pig just arrives, there is no problem that cannot be solved.

The Pig Demon Mountain is very big, and the pig just sleeps normally, so basically, the pig demon Mountain is handled by the little boss.

Now, the little boss has sent a message, but it will take some time before Zhu Gang arrives.

“Ignorant human beings, you wait for me! When our boss comes, must your life!”

“That is, where is the arrogant brat, dare to offend us Pigmon Mountain, it is courting death!”

“Brothers, don’t panic everyone, when the king comes, kill them!”

The three little pig demon leaders arrogant and despotic, with a fierce appearance.

Although they were abused by Ye Qing and beaten with bloody nose and swollen face, they were still rampant because of the large number of people.

Ye Qing was immediately unhappy, condensing the heavenly sword qi, moved towards a group of pig monsters and then attacked and killed them, and the sword energy burst out!

Each sword energy contains the power of the charm of the Sword Way. Just listening to the sound of pu chi sounded one after another, many pig monsters were injured and blood flowed from their bodies.

“My grass, a very powerful human! What a terrifying sword energy!”

“In the legend, the person who masters the power of Sword Way Shen Yun can easily damage my tyrannical body. Is he a Sword Way peerless expert?”

“Mother, it’s so scary, where is the king? Where is the king?!”

A group of pig demon crying for father and mother, screaming, under the attack of Ye Qing’s Sword Way Shenyun, it is impossible to withstand a single blow.

However, Ye Qing did not kill, but only punished the pig demon for his rudeness that’s all.

After all, Ye Qing’s banner is to maintain world peace.

“Whatever you call, be quiet. My purpose in opening Legion is to uphold justice, maintain peace in the world, and expropriate a little bit of your land. That is for a better world. You are too selfish to give it away?

Ye Qing said solemnly, all the pig demon were dumbfounded, ignore.

It’s obviously here to grab the site, and it’s so grand-sounding.

However, people have to bow their heads under the eaves. Pig demon all know Ye Qing’s power, and they don’t dare to impudent in front of Ye Qing.

“This human big brother, since it is to maintain world peace, we are willing to contribute, but we have to ask the boss for instructions!”

“Not bad, if there is no command from the boss, we absolutely can’t let the Pig Demon Mountain out!”

“This Young Master, although your purpose is great, it is to maintain world peace, but our boss hasn’t appeared yet, so let’s wait!”

A group of pig demon talked, and their gazes looked towards Ye Qing were full of expectation.

Of course, they don’t want to see Ye Qing forcibly attack. With Ye Qing’s strength, it is not a difficult thing to destroy many pig monsters present.

If Ye Qing is willing, only in a flash can kill the three powerful little pig demon bosses!

Under the gaze of a group of pig demon, Ye Qing kept his mood calm, without any emotional fluctuations on his face.

Opening up Legion’s brothers, they were very excited, clamoring to attack Pigmon Mountain immediately.

“Little Child Ye, don’t listen to them farting. Before the pig just came, let’s kill some pig demon first!”

A’Kun waved his fist, obviously resenting the powerhouses on the Pigmon Mountain.

Ye Qing waved his hand, not suggesting to start the offensive now.

Just listen to Ye Qing’s unsatisfactory and indifferent words: “A’Kun, what are you talking about? We open up the purpose of Legion, which is to provide justice, how can we do it casually?”

The Legion brothers who were clamoring and hanging up, after hearing Ye Qing’s words, they all fell silent.

As little brothers, they have basic literacy, knowing how to observe words and expressions, and you can see from Ye Qing’s face that they can’t do it now.

Actually, the brothers who opened Legion just yelled and strengthened that’s all. If they really want to do it, they are simply not the opponent of the pig demon in the Xuantian realm.

For a while, the scene calmed down, everyone’s eyes were focused on Ye Qing, wanting to see Ye Qing’s next plan.

Just when the scene was quiet, Ye Qing suddenly burst into a bright glow in his eyes, looked towards the Demon Beasts on the Pig Demon Mountain ahead, and a dangerous arc was raised at the corner of his mouth.

“But, brothers, I waited for a long time, and I felt a little hungry. What do you think? It is said that the taste of pork kidney is very good.”

Ye Qing’s dangerous eyes looked towards the pig demon in front, staring at the pig demon leader in front.

At first, the pig demon leader clamored the most excessively.

Ye Qing is a very vengeful person. In addition, Ye Qing found out that he didn’t seem to have eaten pork kidney before.

After coming to the fantasy world, Ye Qing has never cooked pork kidneys.

Ingredients that have not been made are the most helpful to Ye Qing.

According to Ye Qing’s estimation, as long as you eat a little pork kidney that you cook yourself, it is probably easy to break through.

“Boss, mighty!”

“The ingredients for pork kidneys can only be regarded as ordinary, but we believe that if you cook it, the boss, it must be very delicious!”

“Boss, fuck them!”

The brothers who opened Legion became excited. When they heard that there were pork kidneys to eat, they were all ecstatic!

Brothers know Ye Qing’s habit, he has always been very generous, and if there are good things, he will not enjoy it alone.

A’Kun, the grass mud horse and the others, dreaming of tasting delicious scenes, can’t help but slobber!

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