Sorry, I’m Cheating Chapter 1796


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As time goes by, outside of Pigmon Mountain, the brothers of Legion have basically enjoyed the stir-fried pork loin.

During the process, most of the brothers have improved their cultivation base, and some of them have improved their cultivation base by two consecutive levels.

Suddenly, the Pig Demon Mountain shook, and in the depths of the Pig Demon Mountain, a violent silhouette rushed out.

It was an azure pig demon with a strong body, much bigger than the three pig demon heads.

The pig demon with azure body releases an incomparable domineering attitude all over.

His fangs are sharp and flashing with cold glow. There is no doubt that his sharp fangs are enough to kill any martial artist in the Xuantian realm, and can even cause a huge threat to the mysterious king realm.

“The King is here!”

“The King of Pig Gang!”

“My lord, I want to report that a human has eaten the flesh of our little boss!”

“Yes, it is also used to make delicious food! King Zhu Gang, you must vent your anger for us!”

The pig spirits were excited, and various noisy voices sounded.

Among them, the little pig demon leader who lost a large piece of flesh and blood on his waist ran over crying and knelt at the feet of Zhu Gang, with great grief.

Pig Gang was furious, and when he saw his right-hand man, he was hit hard!

In a way of humiliation, Zhu Ganglu’s men were hit hard!

“Human brat, you are impudent in our Pig Demon Mountain, my old pig will never let you go!”

Pig Gang roared, his eyes clearly showed a terrifying killing intent.

With Zhu Gang’s strength, Ye Qing is completely ignored.

Piggy felt the cultivation base breath released by Ye Qing, and his heart became even more contemptuous.

Trifling the realm of the mysterious sky that’s all, in Zhu Gang’s eyes, even the realm of the mysterious king is not to be feared.

“You are the king of the Pig Demon Mountain, Zhu Gang, right? Let’s not talk more nonsense. I want to requisition your Pig Demon Mountain and contribute to the maintenance of world peace. Do you have any comments?”

Ye Qing neither fast nor slow said.

Pig Gang was hearing this, completely stunned, as if he had heard the funniest joke in the world, he couldn’t help laughing.

“Little ones, listen, what’s this stupid thing? Brat, with your Xuantian 2nd layer’s cultivation base, what world peace do you want to maintain, are you afraid that you are living in a dream?”

The laughter of Zhu Gang and the hyena fell. Suddenly, there were two fierce lights in his eyes. I didn’t intend to waste time with Ye Qing, so I chose to do it!

In the blink of an eye, a burst of azure light shot out. Zhu Gang’s speed was incredible, like a bolt of lightning, he killed him directly.

Pig Gang hyena waved his sharp claw, the offensive was fierce, and the powerful profound energy was released, and he wanted to tear Ye Qing directly.

The cultivation base aura released from Zhu Gang’s body is not a heaven defying, it’s just the Profound King’s first peak.

However, the oppression caused by the pig Gang to Ye Qing is completely two grades compared to the little pig demon leader who has just entered the mysterious king realm world!

Even, Ye Qing has a faint feeling that Zhu Gang’s strength is even more terrifying than the Muyu Profound King that Ye Qing faced before!

“hong long!”

It’s too late and it’s fast. Zhu Gang’s sharp claw has already strikes over, Tearing the Void, and its power is unimaginable.

Ye Qing remained calm, didn’t panic at all, didn’t even dodge.

Piggy Gang smiled contemptuously: “What trash humans are so scared that they even forgot to avoid them. With this strength, they dare to challenge the majesty of this King?”

Zhu Ganglu feels dull. Originally, he had been in retreat, but he was awakened by the sound transmission of three small bosses.

Zhu Ganglu thought that some powerful enemy from the mysterious king realm came to commit, didn’t expect, just a nobody that’s all from the mysterious realm realm.

Suddenly, at the moment when the pig’s claws blasted out, Ye Qing’s entire silhouette was all disappeared.

Pig Gang hyena complexion greatly changed and realized something was wrong.

Ye Qing’s body, simply is an afterimage that’s all!

The real Ye Qing has come behind Zhu Ganglu, unconsciously!

Qingyun Shenfeng Step plus Supreme Tyrant Tianlong’s wings, brought Ye Qing incomparable speed, much faster than Zhu Gang.

Zhu Ganglu realized that something was wrong, and a strong wind came from behind him.

Just when Zhu Gang wanted to fight back, the opportunity was already lost.

Ye Qing’s heaven defying fist, directly moved towards Zhu Gang’s back strikes.

Void collapsed, Ye Qing’s heaven defying fist, power was tyrannical to an incredible level.

With a punch, the void collapsed, shaking the world.

Next moment, Zhu Gang’s body, like a cannonball, flew out directly.

Ye Qing’s terrifying strength made the Demon Beasts on the Pig Monster Mountain stand dumb on the spot, and their eyes fell all over the place.

In their minds, Zhu Ganglu is an invincible existence.

However, in the previous match, Zhu Gang was directly blown away by Ye Qing’s punch!

The scene was shocking, and the pig demon were frightened, and they had completely doubted life.

The silhouette of Zhu Gang, crawled out of a pile of broken stones. Although Zhu Gang fell into the wind, it didn’t hurt the roots. There was still a fighting force!

“Damn human, you hurt my old pig!”

A cold glow burst out of Zhu Gang’s eyes. Suddenly, his body rushed again, and his whole body burst out with terrifying profound energy.

“Savage Charge!”

The pig just roared and displayed the trump card method, and the fangs in his big mouth flashed with cold glow.

next moment, the silhouette of the pig just arrived in front of Ye Qing, and the fangs released a cold meaning!

The fangs of the pig is a natural Treasure Item, with the power of heaven defying, and it is unparalleled.

The pig demon present are all sighed in relief. The secretly thought king has displayed a big move, and basically he can defeat the enemy.

The savage charge is Divine Ability of Zhu Gang’s talent. In the process of impact, it can mobilize all the power of the whole body!

At the moment of the savage sprint, a enthusiastic applause sounded from the pig demon mountain, making it as if the pig had already won the victory.

Faced with Zhu Gang’s big move, Ye Qing always remained calm and didn’t panic at all.

As soon as Zhu Gang rushed over, Ye Qing condense took a terrifying giant sword and killed it.

sword energy whizzed, and the power of the charm of the Sword Way is contained in it.

A sword strikes, the wind and thunder shake, destroy everything, cover the sky and the sun, between Heaven and Earth, as if everything is shrouded under Ye Qing’s sword.

As the assaulted Zhu Gang, his pupils suddenly shrank violently and he was extremely surprised.

Piggy didn’t expect, Ye Qing is also a Sword Way expert, and even masters the charm of Sword Way.

According to Zhu Ganglu’s understanding, ordinary Sword Way experts cannot show the power of the charm of Sword Way.

Only the real Sword Way genius can understand the charm of Sword Way!

And such characters are rare in the entire Sword Sovereign dynasty.

“hong long!”

Said it’s too late and then it’s fast, Zhu Gang’s mighty and majestic body has already hit him, extremely ferocious.

The giant sword from Ye Qing condense collided head-on with the piggy in the sky. In an instant, the sword energy exploded. The piggyback also screamed, blood flowed across his body, his tyrannical body, and many injuries !

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