Sorry, I’m Cheating Chapter 1798


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“What I said is all the truth, Wukong is my little brother, who is holding Legion as the battalion commander.” Ye Qing neither fast nor slow said.

Piggy Gang was stunned and said that he didn’t believe anything.

“Dare to insult First Senior Brother, I will not spare you!”

Pig Gang turned the Nine-toothed Rake and slammed it. Ye Qing’s Slaughter Dragon Blade shook violently, and he was almost unable to hold on.

Only As-You-Will Golden Cudgel can hold on for a while, which is more vigorous.

However, after suffering a grade loss, Ye Qing’s As-You-Will Golden Cudgel, after all, could not be worth the sixth holy artifact Nine-toothed Rake.

“Pig Gang, I have already said that Sun Wukong is my little brother. If you don’t believe me, I will fight until you take it!”

Ye Qing’s tiger body was shocked, knowing that it is useless to say more, still want to see the true chapter under his hand.

Don’t let Zhu Gang suffer a bitterness, he will not admit defeat.


Countless swords of Zhuotian were brought by Ye Qing condense, grandiose, covering the sky and sun!

Under the blessing of Sword Way Shen Yun, the power shaking the old illuminating the new sword of Zhu Tian.

“Sword, 36 styles!”

Ye Qing loudly shouts, grabbing a sword of Zhu Tian, ​​stepping into the sky, sword energy 30,000 li!

The whole pig demon mountain is shrouded by the sword of Zhu Tian, ​​and Zhu Gang has become the core of the sword energy attack.

“Pu chi!”

Sword 36 style, mysterious and unpredictable, Ghost God is unstoppable, Ye Qing and Zhu Gangluo fight for a while, and then the sword 36 style prevails.

Even if Zhu Gang has the existence of Nine-toothed Rake, Ye Qing is still worthwhile!

With the 36 sword style of heaven defying, it strongly suppressed Zhu Gang, and Ye Qing’s performance made all the pig demon present in shock.

In the heart of Zhu Gang, he was even more shocked. Didn’t expect that the method Ye Qing used before was not the strongest killer move.

About some legends in the Sword Rainforest, Zhu Ganglu has heard about it and knows that there is the inheritance of the Sword Saint Xuanwang in the Sword Rainforest.

The sword technique demonstrated by Ye Qing just now is definitely a Sword Way peerless expert.

Even Zhu Gang’s Nine-toothed Rake, under Ye Qing’s series of attacks, is somewhat pale in comparison.

“Human brat, can we be more civilized? If you have something to say!”

Piggy Gang was in the middle of a fierce fight, and suddenly he confessed.

With the strength of Zhu Gang, it is actually relying on the power of Rank Six Holy Artifact Nine-toothed Rake.

If there were no Nine-toothed Rake, Zhu Ganglu would have been dead already.

Furthermore, with Zhu Gang’s cultivation base, urging the six-turn Holy Artifact Nine-toothed Rake for a long time, which consumes a lot of him and cannot last for a long time.

“Human brat, are you familiar with my First Senior Brother? We are our own, don’t do it!”

Zhu Ganglu spoke again, her eyes filled with horror.

At this moment, Zhu Gang is really aware of the gap between himself and Ye Qing.

Even if Nine-toothed Rake is in hand, Zhu Gang can only recognize counsel.

Ye Qing’s sword is 36 poses, stop using it, and stare at Zhu Gang with dangerous eyes.

“Dead pig, didn’t I remind you a long time ago? Sun Wukong is my little brother, a battalion commander who opened Legion!” Ye Qing said with a straight face.

“Yes, yes, all you said, my old pig knows wrong now!”

Pig Gang’s original fierce imposing manner disappeared, becoming very well-behaved, just like the pigs raised at home.

“Just know that you are wrong, I won’t tell you the nonsense, hand over the site of the Pig Demon Mountain, and we brother will work together to maintain world peace in the future!”

Ye Qing said sternly, Zhu Gang’s face turned black, and he felt blood dripping from his heart.

However, in the face of Ye Qing’s powerful oppression, Zhu Ganglu simply has no choice.

“Human big brother, can you take the liberty to ask, what kind of organization is Legion?” said Zhu Gang and brace oneself.

Ye Qing gave a dry cough and cleared his throat: “Nonsense, do you still have to ask? Our purpose in opening Legion is to maintain world peace and protect the justice of the world! Look, which one shall we open Legion’s brother? Not a man of justice? You can join Legion, that is your glory!”

Ye Qing said something, and Zhu Gang was suspicious, and then said: “However, the previous dog clearly ate a lot of our holy medicine. Is he also a justice?”

As the pig just spoke, his eyes looked towards A’Kun not far away.

A’Kun puffed up his chest and walked over in stride, with a majestic look, loudly said: “Yes, I am a righteous man! Brothers, right?”

A’Kun looked serious, stood up on four legs and put on airs.

The brothers who opened Legion froze for a moment, making them speak out of conscience.

However, A’Kun has a lofty status in the opening of Legion. At any rate, he is a second battalion commander. The brothers do not want to offend A’Kun.

Just as the brothers’ inner heavens were fighting, suddenly Ye Qing stretched out his arms, and the head moved towards A’Kun shot fiercely.


A crisp voice sounded, and A’Kun was stunned.

“I havetily, Little Child Ye, what are you doing? Isn’t my second battalion commander a man of justice?”

A’Kun waved his paws with a fierce face and very unhappy.

“Justice, your brother-in-law, you are a scum, and you dare to snatch others’ holy medicine! You are simply a scum! No, you are a scum! I announce that you will revoke your position as the second battalion commander and stay in the delegation for a year. If you commit another crime, you will definitely be expelled!”

Ye Qing said with a serious face, his majestic voice echoed in the Pig Demon Mountain.

The brothers who opened Legion were shocked, and then there was a burst of enthusiastic cheers.

“The leader is mighty!”

“The second battalion commander is a scum, don’t play with him in the future!”

“Boss Yingming Shenwu, everyone thinks that A’Kun is incompetent and a scum!”

“Yes, long live the boss!”

Legion’s brothers all touted Ye Qing while suppressing A’Kun.

For many years, A’Kun has been opening up Legion. It is notorious. He often peeks at the beauty of Legion in the bath, and also takes the opportunity to steal other people’s personal clothing.

There are many male members of Legion who have been poisoned by A’Kun.

This guy is a bully who is afraid of hard work. Many of the weaker brothers in Legion have been bullied by A’Kun.

Now, the brothers are ecstatic when they see A’Kun being demoted.

A’Kun was unhappy, touched his head, and said aggrieved: “Little Child Ye, aren’t you? Really? I still stay in the group to check for a year, what’s the trouble!”

Ye Qing waved a big hand: “I have already decided on this, don’t care, it can be regarded as rectifying the atmosphere in our Legion, I hope you brothers take a warning!”

The brothers who opened Legion applauded and the scene was extremely lively.

Piggy saw it with his own eyes, admired Ye Qing, and gave a thumbs up.

“Human big brother, I really believe it now. No wonder First Senior Brother also joined Legion. It must be because of the noble purpose of Legion! I am just a pig, and I really want to join Legion. Hope group Can you agree to my request!”

The attitude of Zhu Ganghui has changed a hundred and eighty degrees. I think of the glorious image of First Senior Brother Sun Wukong before, plus the various performances of Ye Qing just now. I am sure that joining Legion is a wise choice!

Zhu Gangju still remembers that his First Senior Brother Sun Wukong just likes to do justice and has a righteous heart!

Ye Qing smiled faintly, and the corners of his mouth curled up: “Okay, Zhu Gang, from now on, you will be one of us to hang up Legion, everyone will be worthy of brother in the future!”

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