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Ye Qing is in a very good mood after successfully wooing Zhu Gang.

The strength of Zhu Gang is second. The key point is that in the future, Legion will have its own venue in Xuanzhen Continent.

Ye Qing can indirectly control Zhu Gang’s subordinates!

The brothers in Legion are cheering excitedly, welcome to join Zhu Gang.

The brothers on the Pig Demon Mountain are horrified and inexplicable, and their eyes are full of unbelievable expressions.

Originally, the pig demon were still counting on the pig Gang to preside over the overall situation, didn’t expect, and in a blink of an eye, the entire pig demon mountain became the territory of Legion.

Ye Qing feels elated in her heart, and walks over, patted the shoulders of Zhu Gang, looking like a good brother.

“Brother, are you familiar with Sun Wukong? How did you meet before?”

Ye Qing asked with great interest, he still wanted to know about the identity of Zhu Gang and his relationship with Sun Wukong.

Pig Gang said, it turns out that Zhu Gang was on Great Desolate Continent before.

Once, Zhu Gang and Sun Wukong went to the other shore world to find the fire on the other shore.

It’s just that, according to Zhu Gangxi, a little accident happened during the process. He was involved in Space Crack when he was on the other side of the world.

Later, Zhu Gang came to Xuanzhen Continent. With his extraordinary talent and powerful bloodline, he worked alone one step at a time, occupying the mountain as the king, and he has achieved his current achievements.

Speaking of which, when I was on Great Desolate Continent, Zhu Ganglu and Sun Wukong had a good relationship.

Ye Qing listened to Zhu Ganglu’s words, and his eyes were light flashed, secretly thought that he did not invite the wrong person.

Since I am a fellow of Great Desolate Continent and Junior Brother of Sun Wukong, it is logical to join Legion.

“Very well, Zhu Gang, let’s fight together with Brother in the future! Maintain world peace together!”

Ye Qing laughed at hehe and began to collect the pig monsters on the pig mountain.

There are a lot of pig demon, most of which are in the realm of Xuantian, which can enhance the strength of opening and hanging Legion.

Under the impetus of Ye Qing and Zhu Ganglu, the compilation went smoothly.

After all, all the pig demon present have seen Ye Qing’s terrifying power.

The little boss who had his pig waist cut off before, trembles all over when he sees Ye Qing, obviously leaving a deep shadow in his heart.

The matter of the Pig Demon Mountain has come to an end, and Legion’s brothers are temporarily stationed in the Pig Demon Mountain. With the help of various cultivation resources on the Pig Demon Mountain, the cultivation begins!

The various holy medicines of Pigmon Mountain are very rich. As long as the Brothers of Legion are willing to spend time on cultivation, the future will be limitless!


Furthermore, after what happened in the Sword Rainforest, it caused a shock in Sword Sovereign!

There was an uproar in the Tiansha Sect.

You must know that Ye Qing killed many Elders of Zhentianzong, and a Grand Elder of Zhentianzong, Zhong Zhentian!

In the Zhentian School, Zhong Zhentian’s status is the existence of under one person, above ten thousand people!

In addition to the Sect Master of the Zhentianzong, among the Tianzongzong, Zhong Zhentian is the strongest.

In the sword rain forest, Ye Qing defeated Zhong Zhentian strongly, and the matter has spread.

In the Sky Shocking Sect, the high level was furious, and Sect Master personally passed the order, and within the scope of Sword Sovereign, Ye Qing is wanted!

The overall strength of Zhentianzong is not bad. It belongs to the top of the second-rate existence in the Sword Sovereign dynasty.

The Sect Master of the Heavenly Shaking Sect, the Profound King Xiaojian, personally issued a reward order. Anyone who can catch Ye Qing or provide information about Ye Qing will get a generous Rank 2 Profound Pill as a reward. .

The reward order of the Profound King Xiaojian spread, and Sword Sovereign moved towards the center, and many Loose Cultivators were excited, and they came out to find Ye Qing’s trace.

It is worth mentioning that King Xiao Jian Xuan Wang also caught a member who claimed to be playing Legion!

King Xiaojian Xuan Wang knew that Ye Qing was the leader of Legion. Therefore, he has been very focused on opening Legion. In the process, he also killed some brothers who opened Legion.

Recently, Profound King Xiao Jian caught the Skeleton King who had opened Legion and planned to execute him in public.

The time is set to be executed in the Zhentianzong three days later.

Xiao Jian Xuan Wang deliberately spread the information out, undoubtedly he wanted to attract Ye Qing’s attention, and then, using the power of the entire Shaking Sect, Ye Qing was eliminated!

With the information currently available to Legion, of course know what happened to the Earthquake Sect.

The skeleton Brother Wang was still in the sword rain forest some time ago. Ye Qing sensed the breath of the skeleton king at that time.

It’s just that, later on, Skeleton King disappeared without a trace.

Ye Qing was worried about the safety of the Skeleton King, and his eyes flashed with cold glow.

What is the so-called Sect Master of the Shaking Sect? I still want to do something!

When Ye Qing was on Great Desolate Continent before, Tian Zhenzong kept doing things.

Ye Qing has killed many powerhouses of the Shaking Sect and has already forged a life and death feud with the Shaking Sect.

Ye Qing knows in his heart that one day, the enmity he has with Zhentianzong must be completely liquidated.

The Skeleton King, trapped in the Shaking Sect, Ye Qing certainly looks for an opportunity to rescue the Skeleton King.

However, powerhouse like forests in the Sky Shocking Sect, with Ye Qing’s current strength, may not be enough to directly attack the root of the problem!

You must know that the Zhentianzong has been inherited for many years and has a profound background.

In Zhentianzong’s own territory, many ambushes must have been laid out. If Ye Qing went rashly, he might not be able to retreat.

However, with three days left, Ye Qing can prepare and increase his strength again.

In three days, Ye Qing wants to increase cultivation base, it is not easy.

In a short period of time, Ye Qing’s method of improving battle strength fell on the fifth rank Holy Artifact!

Ye Qing’s two best five-turn Holy Artifacts are As-You-Will Golden Cudgel and Slaughter Dragon Blade.

As-You-Will Golden Cudgel itself is the existence of heaven defying, there is no need to upgrade, only undo seal.

To unlock the seal on As-You-Will Golden Cudgel, it is as difficult as heavenly ascension, and within a short time, it is impossible to do it.

Another option is to upgrade the fifth rank Holy Artifact Slaughter Dragon Blade.

If Slaughter Dragon Blade is upgraded to Rank 6 Holy Artifact, the burst of strength will definitely be more heavenly defying!

Ye Qing’s heart moved and took out a Slaughter Dragon Blade, an amazing ferocious might, released from the Slaughter Dragon Blade.

On the Slaughter Dragon Blade, there was a scarlet luster, Ye Qing thoughts move, cut his fingers, and blood spurted out, all sprayed on the Slaughter Dragon Blade.

After Slaughter Dragon Blade has absorbed Ye Qing’s blood essence, the imposing manner released becomes even stronger!

Slaughter Dragon Blade absorbs Supreme Dragon Blood and can be upgraded.

Ye Qing’s within the body, with Rank 2 Supreme Dragon Blood, wants to improve the quality of Slaughter Dragon Blade, there is still a certain chance!

Rank 2 Supreme Dragon Blood vein, in Dragon Race, has stood at the top of the pyramid, it is unimaginable.

Not only the blood of Ye Qing, but also the blood essence, the blood of the heart, are all released and watered the Slaughter Dragon Blade.

In order to improve the quality of Slaughter Dragon Blade, Ye Qing has paid a lot of money!

Ye Qing’s blood essence is very precious, but in order to improve the quality of Slaughter Dragon Blade as soon as possible, Ye Qing can only do so.

After absorbing the blood essence of the Rank 2 Supreme dragon, the Slaughter Dragon Blade exploded into a monster of rays of light, which looked even more weird and terrifying.

“Five turn Holy Artifact, out!”

Ye Qing’s eyes condensed slightly, loudly shouts, and in the system space, two five-turn Holy Artifacts flew out again.

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