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The appearance of Demon Sword and Symphony Dudou are both treasures that Ye Qing won in the sword rain forest before, and belong to the treasures of the fifth rank Holy Artifact.

If you want to upgrade Slaughter Dragon Blade, blood essence is not enough, you need more Holy Artifact five times to smelt it into it.

Ye Qing’s body has quite a few Rank 5 Holy Artifacts, but As-You-Will Golden Cudgel definitely cannot be used for smelting.

Soul Absorbing Banner has a huge effect. It can absorb Divine Soul and grow its power continuously. Ye Qing is reluctant to smelt it.

There is also a five-turn Holy Artifact Universe Flying Shuttle, but it is still useful before finding the Eternal Pagoda.

Therefore, the only five-turn Holy Artifact Ye Qing can use now are Demon Sword and Symphony Belly.

Fortunately, the quality of Demon Sword and Symphony Dudou is very high. Ye Qing smelted two 5-rank Holy Artifacts and the effect was very good.

Soon, Demon Sword and Symphony Dudou were smelted into the essence by Ye Qing’s prehistoric fire.

The essence of Holy Artifact is not something ordinary people can extract.

Ye Qing has mastered the flame of heaven defying, so he can do it in a short time.

Incorporating the essence of two five-revolution Holy Artifacts into the Slaughter Dragon Blade, the Slaughter Dragon Blade began to vibrate violently, resulting in a greater transformation, and the blade released a monstrous blood light, 30,000 li vertically and horizontally!

Ye Qing’s methods are shocking to the world, and the Demon Beasts who were present at the Pig Monster Mountain were extremely shocked.

They can really see Ye Qing’s heaven defying means, and the flames released have amazed the audience.

The scarlet Slaughter Dragon Blade, floating in the air, the breath that it releases continues to rise.

However, the quality of Slaughter Dragon Blade has never been able to go further, and it has been upgraded to Rank 6 Holy Artifact.

Ye Qing’s eyes are serious, knowing that some materials are still missing.

The current Slaughter Dragon Blade, at best, is at the same level as the power of As-You-Will Golden Cudgel, and still can’t really surpass the category of 5-rank Holy Artifact.

According to Ye Qing’s estimation, if there are one or two five-revolution Holy Artifacts, it is estimated to be successful.

Ye Qing, who was smelting Holy Artifact, looked towards the powerhouses on Pigmon Mountain.

In the huge Pig Demon Mountain, there should be the fifth rank Holy Artifact.

Ye Qing moved in his heart, staring at the pig in the crowd, and beckoned to him.

Piggy came over very cooperatively and awaited Ye Qing’s order.

“Pig Gang, you quickly give me two 5-fold Holy Artifacts, it’s numb!” Ye Qing urged.

“Boss, this…this is not good!”

Ye Qing secretly sighed, the secretly thought failed, a lot of blood essence was wasted, and there are four five-turn Holy Artifact.

Just when Ye Qing sighed, suddenly, behind Ye Qing, a beautiful silhouette rushed out, it was Huangfulan.

Before Ye Qing could react, Huang Fulan was vomiting blood!

“Pu chi!”

A big mouthful of blood, sprinkled on the Slaughter Dragon Blade, the Slaughter Dragon Blade, whose imposing manner has become weak, suddenly continues to climb!

next moment, Ye Qing’s eyes flashed light flashed, and his heart was ecstatic.

Finally, it’s done!

After absorbing the blood essence of Huangfulan, the Slaughter Dragon Blade instantly released blood light ten thousand zhang and released endless pressure!

The quality of Slaughter Dragon Blade has risen to the sixth rank Holy Artifact level!

The audience was shocked, everyone’s eyes widened, like clay sculptures and wood carvings!

Ye Qing, it really succeeded!

Refined the Sixth Rank Holy Artifact!

Be aware that the sixth rank Holy Artifact is enough to counter the existence of heaven defying in the mysterious king realm world.

With Rank 6 Holy Artifact in hand, Ye Qing’s strength will definitely bring it up a level.

However, Ye Qing is a little bit painful. In order to upgrade Slaughter Dragon Blade, Huang Fulan spit out his blood, and he felt a little sorry.

In Ye Qing’s heart, women, of course, are used to love and protect.

“Lan’er, in fact, you don’t have to make a move. Even if this fails, I can still upgrade Slaughter Dragon Blade in the future!” Ye Qing said solemnly.

“No, the future upgrade is of course completely different from the current upgrade, Husband, I know you want to protect me, but am I not?”

Huang Fulan faintly said, following Ye Qing for many years, until now, Ye Qing is outside to shelter her from wind and rain.

And she also wants to be the intimate little cotton jacket next to Ye Qing.

Just give some blood essence that’s all, and Huangfulan will certainly help as much as he can.

The Bloodline Strength of Huangfulan is also very strong, not weaker than Ye Qing.

Her Ancestral Dragon bloodline, which is also Rank 2 Supreme Dragon Bloodline, is of great help in improving the quality of Slaughter Dragon Blade.

So, as soon as Huangfulan took action, the Slaughter Dragon Blade was successfully upgraded, breaking through the last obstacle!

After the successful upgrade, Slaughter Dragon Blade released a monstrous coercion, sweeping Nine Heavens and Ten Earths!

Not only the Pig Demon Mountain, but also a wider area, even the Sword Sovereign faces the middle, can sense the birth of the sixth-turn Holy Artifact.

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