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In the interior of Zhentianzong, there are obviously many traps laid out, and anyone with a discerning eye can see it.

The Profound King Xiao Jian is extremely arrogant, and he actively invites Ye Qing in to save people, obviously he is confident!

Ye Qing’s eyes burst out with a cold electricity, there is brother in it, not to mention the ambush of Tianzongzong, even if it is dragon’s pool and tiger’s den, Ye Qing must break through!

Only hearing a whistle, Ye Qing turned into a phantom and slammed into the sect of the Heavenly Shaking Sect.

Beside Ye Qing, there are only four powerhouses, namely Zhu Gang, and three pig demon leaders!

Their cultivation base is in the realm of mysterious king realm, which is relatively powerful and can help Ye Qing to a certain extent.

As for the other brothers in Legion, Ye Qing not at all let them go together.

Open up Legion’s brothers, the overall cultivation base is still a little weaker, just stay outside and watch the game.

There is also a group of powerful pig monsters, all watching the battle outside, and the audience has a huge lineup.

Let’s say that Ye Qing rushed into the Tiantianzong first, and went straight to the Skeleton King hanging on the beam of the room.

Just when Ye Qing was approaching the Skeleton King, suddenly, the Skeleton King heard a wisp of Divine Sense.

“Boss, leave me alone, go! There is an ambush!”

While the Skeleton King spoke, his body suddenly banged and burst on the spot!

The Skeleton King obviously does not want to get Ye Qing involved, so I would rather take a Self-destruction myself!

Ye Qing’s face is gloomy, and he hates Tiantianzong very deeply.

During this period, many brothers who opened up Legion died forever in the hands of Zhentianzong.

Many brothers, Ye Qing can’t name them, but they fought together when they were on Great Desolate Continent!

Now, the Shaking Sect still dares to abuse the Skeleton King!

On the Skeleton King, Life Essence Qi is very rare.

Ye Qing can see that the status of the Skeleton King is very bad, after Self-destruction, it may not be able to come alive as before!

“Shen Tianzong, damn it!”

Ye Qing roar towards the sky, the fierce light flashes in the eyes, next moment, took out six turns of Holy Artifact, Slaughter Dragon Blade!

The blood-colored blade light spread to the audience. In the Shaking Sect, all Elders looked scared.

Including Sect Master Xujian Profound King, the eyes are clearly showing fear!

They all sensed the breath of Rank Six Holy Artifact. In the direction of Sword Sovereign, Rank Six Holy Artifact is the legendary existence, which can sweep the world!

Ye Qing took out the sixth-turn Holy Artifact, so that the Elders of the Shaking Sect were absolutely unexpected.

Although, there are many mysterious king realm Elders in the Zhentian Sect, the chance of winning is not high in the face of the terrifying Rank 6 Holy Artifact!

“Everyone, don’t waste time, do it together and kill Ye Qing as soon as possible!”

Xuan Wang Xiaojian’s face was gloomy, and he roared wildly, and also took out a handful of Rank 6 Holy Artifact, which was a long halberd.

However, there are obvious cracks on the long halberd. The sixth-rank Holy Artifact brought out by King Howard Sword is only a defective product. The power is at best better than the fifth-rank Holy Artifact Peak.

The long halberd that the Profound King Xiaojian took out, wanted to fight the real Rank 6 Holy Artifact, but it was impossible.

The background of Zhentianzong is very profound, inheritance hundreds of thousands, even the broken sixth-turn Holy Artifact.

At this moment, Xiaojian Profound King’s complexion became extremely dignified, knowing that the matter was tricky, Ye Qing must be killed in a short time.

Otherwise, if the delay continues, the Slaughter Dragon Blade in Ye Qing’s hands is enough to destroy the entire Sky Shocking Sect.

The long halberd in the hands of King Xiaojian Xuan, named Zhentian battle halberd, must be able to resist for a while, unable to compete with the real Rank 6 Holy Artifact Slaughter Dragon Blade!

The battle was on the verge, and the brothers who opened Legion shouted loudly outside, all in anger.

Looking at the skeleton Brother Wang Self-destruction, the brothers who opened Legion were out of anger and wanted to do it immediately.

However, under Ye Qing’s strict orders, brothers can only watch the battle from a distance.

If you really rushed in, the powerhouses of the mysterious king realm world of the Zhentianzong, but not to be trifled with.

In the interior of the Shaking Sect, Ye Qing roared wildly, took out the Slaughter Dragon Blade, and used 36 sword styles, which was brave.

In the interior of Zhentianzong, there are eight experts in the mysterious king realm ambush.

Among them, most of them are in the first layer of the Profound King, and the rest, only the Profound King Howling Sword, is in the second layer of the Profound King.

The battle broke out, and the Profound King Howling Sword took the initiative to meet Ye Qing. As for the other Profound Kings of the Earthquake Sect, they were the four Profound Kings who surrounded the Pig Demon Mountain.

As for the number of Profound Kings, on the whole, of course, the Tiantian Sect has the upper hand.

The three Profound Kings of the Pig Demon Mountain were just newcomers to the Profound King Realm world, and faced the siege of the Powerhouse of the Earthquake Sect, they were somewhat unable to support them.

However, the presence of the pig Gang was able to suppress the scene.

The strength of Zhu Gang Hyena can be called heaven defying, and it can even be compared with the Profound King Xiaojian.

Don’t think that Zhu Gang is only the first level of the Profound King, but the various methods used by Zhu Gang are amazing.

Especially, Zhu Gang also has a Rank 6 Holy Artifact Nine-toothed Rake, and the burst of strength is even more terrifying.

In the Earthquake Sect, Zhu Gang was greatly showing divine might. The Elders of the Earthquake Sect were defeated and simply couldn’t support it!

The power of Nine-toothed Rake is too vigorous. Of the entire Earthquake Sect, perhaps only Sect Master, the Profound King of the Howling Sword, can resist the offensive of Zhu Gang.

However, today’s Xiaojian Profound King is fighting Ye Qing fiercely, and simply can’t get away.

Ye Qing’s Slaughter Dragon Blade, blood light illuminates 30000 li, it is unparalleled in all directions.

Under the cover of the blood light of the Slaughter Dragon Blade, the opponent’s sixth-round Holy Artifact shook the sky and battle halberd, shaking constantly and was about to collapse.

The Profound King Xiaojian realized that it was not good, and displayed all his hole cards, hoping to end the battle in the shortest time.

“Great shock, the true meaning of the sword!”

Suddenly, Profound King Xiaojian roared wildly, and condense a huge long sword, Tearing the Void.

The Profound King Xiaojian is actually a Sword Way expert. The true meaning of the sword he has mastered, has the power of heaven defying, and already has the charm of Sword Way!

“It turns out that you are still good at Sword Way, just so, try the 36-style sword!”

In Ye Qing’s eyes, a cold electricity burst out. Suddenly, he waved the sword of Zhu Tian to attack and kill.

The sword energy whistling, 3000 li vertically and horizontally, and the 36-style power of the sword burst out. At the next moment, the King Howl Sword made a mournful scream!

When facing Ye Qing, the true meaning of the so-called “Great Shocking Sword” by the Profound King Howling Sword is simply an existence like rubbish.

On Sword Way accomplishments, Xujian Profound King is far from Ye Qing’s opponent.

In just a moment when the two played against each other, the winner was already determined.

Ye Qing’s methods are horrifying, and it has taken an absolute advantage in a short time.

At the same time, the sky-shaking battle halberd in the void finally burst into pieces on the spot!

Fighting against Rank Six Holy Artifact Slaughter Dragon Blade, the battle halberd simply has no chance.

Under Ye Qing’s violent attack, Xujian Profound King dashed in all directions, far from being an opponent.

In the Heavenly Shocking Sect, all Elders were in horror. Didn’t expect Ye Qing to be so powerful that he defeated Profound King Xiaojian strongly as soon as he came up.


At the moment when Ye Qing fought with King Xiaojian Profound King to decide the victory or defeat, in the void, a silhouette flashed by, erratic, like a ghost.

Ye Qing’s pupils shrank violently and felt a fatal threat.

Although he didn’t sense the enemy’s breath directly, Ye Qing knew very well that someone secretly acted.

“Slaughter Dragon Blade, body protection!”

Ye Qing loudly shouts, the Slaughter Dragon Blade in the sky, turning into a ball of blood light, guarding Ye Qing’s whole body.