Sorry, I’m Cheating Chapter 1803


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In a critical moment, Ye Qing relied on the power of the sixth-rank Holy Artifact Slaughter Dragon Blade, coupled with his own super defensive ability, which is simply worthwhile.

Next moment, just when the blood light of Slaughter Dragon Blade shrouded Ye Qing’s body, a group of black shadows emerged from the void and collided with Ye Qing’s body.

The terrifying profound energy emerged from the shadows, he was like a ghost, unpredictable.

What’s even more terrifying is that among the shadows, it carries an extremely violent tearing force, as if to tear the world apart.

The cultivation base breath of the black shadow powerhouse has reached the level of the mysterious king’s 2nd layer, and the instantaneous explosive power is far above the mysterious king Xiaojian!


The defensive barrier formed by the sixth-turn Holy Artifact Slaughter Dragon Blade trembled violently and then collapsed.

However, most of the power of Sombra’s blow was used to break the defense formed by the Slaughter Dragon Blade.

Even if the blood light crashes, the shadow still cannot harm Ye Qing.

With the powerful body of Ye Qing Supreme Dragon God Bloodline, it will not be so easily injured.

Fortunately, Ye Qing reacted quickly and used the Slaughter Dragon Blade to defend in time. Otherwise, he might be seriously injured!

The strength of the black shadow powerhouse cannot be underestimated.

The shadow missed a hit, and the silhouette suddenly disappeared again, as if fuse together with the void, unable to sense any of his breath.

However, Ye Qing understands in his heart that the opponent’s sneak attack is unsuccessful. If he wants to fight head-on, Ye Qing is not afraid!

After waiting for a while, the shadow did not reappears. According to Ye Qing’s guess, the opponent must have escaped.

The black shadow powerhouse is obviously an assassin. Since it missed a hit, it would be very difficult to succeed.

Assassins are never good at head-on battles, but sneak attacks.

Actually, Ye Qing expected it well. The black shadow powerhouse integrated into the void is the Shadow Profound King!

The King Shadow Profound missed a hit, and he has lost the idea of ​​continuing to do it, because he knows that the best time has been missed, and there is no possibility of success.

The principle of King Shadow King’s action has always been a killer move!

If you can’t kill the target in one move, King Shadow will give up immediately.

The Way of the Assassin, that’s it!

The shadow king in the void, facial expression grave, secretly said in one’s heart Ye Qing, terrifying in strength.

At that moment, the Shadow Profound King had actually made a full shot, leaving no room for it!

The shadow king broke through the defense formed by the Slaughter Dragon Blade, but in fact, he himself was injured.

“didn’t expect, in the Sword Sovereign, there is such a heaven defying character, this time the task is not completed, Seventh Prince will definitely punish him.”

The King of Shadow Profound sighed secretly, feeling helpless, and can only go to Seventh Prince to return to life.

As for the situation of the Heavenly Shaking Sect, King Shadow Profound cannot control it. He simply does not care about the life and death of the Heavenly Shaking Sect.

In the Heavenly Shaking Sect, the battle is still going on, and the Profound King Final Struggle of the Howling Sword begins to counterattack.

After all, the Heavenly Shaking Sect has a deep background. After the Shadow Profound King delayed for a while, the Xiaojian Profound King managed to escape from Ye Qing’s hands.

Under the organization of King Xiaojian, the Sect Protection Great Array of the Zhentianzong was successfully launched.

Gathering the power of many Elders from the Heavenly Shaking Sect, opened the Spirit Gathering Array!

The trump card of the Earthquake Sect is the Spirit Gathering Array. According to legend, it is the array left by the Old Ancestor of the Earthquake Sect.

After the Spirit Gathering Array is opened, it can not only gather the profound energy of all the martial artists of the Earthquake Sect, but also accelerate the absorption of the profound energy between Heaven and Earth, enabling Formation to operate for a long time.

Moreover, as time goes by, the power of the Spirit Gathering Array will continue to increase.

In the blink of an eye, Spirit Gathering Array was successfully set up. Several mysterious king realm Elders of the Heavenly Shocking Sect, under the protection of Emperor Xiaojian, successfully escaped and came to Formation.

Pig Gang roared and fought for a long time. He didn’t kill a Shaking Sect Elder, but injured a few people, making his heart very aggrieved.

Now, the Elder of the Shaking Sect is hiding in the gathering spirit formation, and Zhu Gang is even more unable to succeed.

Ye Qing’s cold eyes, glanced at the gathering spirit formation in front, the killing intent in his heart was steep.

“Even if you have Formation, Ye Qing wants to destroy you, you still have to die!”

Ye Qing killing intent has been settled. Today, the grievances with Zhentianzong must be completely resolved.

While speaking, Ye Qing rushed out like a phantom, waved the scarlet Slaughter Dragon Blade in his hand, moved towards the spirit gathering formation and attacked it.

Zhu Ganglu followed Ye Qing, and both of them broke out astonishing attacks.

As for the other powerhouses in the Pig Demon Mountain, they suspended their attacks and went outside the Earthquake Sect.

It is definitely not easy to fight the Spirit Gathering Array of the Heavenly Shaking Sect. According to the current situation, it can only be solved by Ye Qing and Zhu Gang.

Two Supreme powerhouses with sixth-tier Holy Artifacts, like tiger entering a flock of sheep, got into the Spirit Gathering Array.

Under the control of Profound King Xiaojian, in the Spirit Gathering Array, powerful profound energy is gathered, shaking the sky and the earth.

While the profound energy whizzed, a huge battle axe was condense in the Spirit Gathering Array, which was chopped down in the air.

The huge battle axe is transformed from the Heaven and Earth Profound Qi condensed in the Spirit Gathering Array, with amazing power.

The battle axe, called the battle axe of the shaking sky, can be described as a collection of all the power in the shaking sky sect.

A battle axe swept across the sky, and seeing that, the bodies of Ye Qing and Zhu Gang were about to be cut in half.

Fear appeared in Zhu Gang’s eyes, and the Nine-toothed Rake in his hand was shaking.

With Zhu Gang’s strength, facing the terrifying battle axe, he still couldn’t hold it.

The power of the sky-shaking battle axe is beyond Zhu Gang’s ability to bear.

next moment, just listen to the sound of mournful scream from the pig Gang, and the Nine-toothed Rake in his hand was blasted out. The body was like a cannonball, flying out of the scope of the Spirit Gathering Array.

The Demon Beasts on the Pigmon Mountain are full of fear in their eyes.

They didn’t expect, Zhentianzong array, so powerful!

Spirit Gathering Array is set up. I am afraid that it is the powerhouse of the Xuanwang 2nd layer. If you want to force the Formation, it will be choking.

In the Spirit Gathering Array, Ye Qing is the only one left.

There is also Elder among a group of Shaking Sect. At this moment, their faces are full of ferocious and mocking.

Xuan Wang’s face was cold, said solemnly: “Brat, I admit, your strength is very strong, but if you dare to break into the Spirit Gathering Array, it is courting death!”

In the eyes of Profound King Xiaojian, a terrifying killing intent was released.

Under the orders of the Profound King Xiaojian, the Elders in the Spirit Gathering Array continued to gather the sky-shaking battle axe.

In Formation, a more terrifying battle axe than before, tore through the sky, and moved towards Ye Qing’s head blasted down.

Ye Qing expression is indifferent, not panicking at all, took out Slaughter Dragon Blade, with the power of Slaughter Dragon Blade, against the sky-shaking battle axe.

Actually, Ye Qing’s Slaughter Dragon Blade power is still above the Nine-toothed Rake, and it resists the shaking battle axe for a period of time, simply not a problem.

Seeing, the sky-shaking battle axe that was slain in the void suddenly stopped moving.

Ye Qing’s murderous intention flashed, knowing that now is the best opportunity to break through the so-called Spirit Gathering Array of the other party in one fell swoop!