Sorry, I’m Cheating Chapter 1804


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As long as Ye Qing is not affected by the Shaking Axe, in fact, it is only a matter of minutes to break the Spirit Gathering Array.

In the Spirit Gathering Array, Ye Qing’s silhouette is like a ghost, in an instant, which has come to the core of Formation.

The core of Spirit Gathering Array is the control of King Xiaojian.

While Ye Qing flickered, he condense a sword of punishing the sky, using a terrifying sword 36 styles!


Sword energy is vertical and horizontal, Ye Qing’s 36 sword styles burst out with the power of heaven defying, carrying the power of the charm of Sword Way.

Under the impact of sword energy, Spirit Gathering Array collapsed directly, and could not withstand Ye Qing’s sharp offensive.

The core of the Spirit Gathering Array was damaged, and the tomahawk from the condense in the sky also collapsed.

Xuan Wang Xiaojian’s eyes were full of horror, as if he had seen the scariest thing in the world.

Ye Qing eyes flash with a cold light, wave the Slaughter Dragon Blade, the monstrous blood light shrouded.

next moment, just listen to the sound of pu chi, the head of Xujian Xuanzang was cut off by Ye Qing directly, without any suspense.

With the strength of King Howling Sword Profound King, he is not at all Ye Qing’s opponent under the full burst.

The Profound King Howling Sword after the body collapsed, a Remnant Soul rushed out and wanted to escape.

Ye Qing took out Soul Absorbing Banner, sucking Divine Soul of King Howling Sword.

Not long after, Divine Soul of Profound King Howl Sword completely entered the Soul Absorbing Banner, becoming the dead soul among them, and enhancing the strength of Soul Absorbing Banner.

Among the Earthquake Sect, there are also many Elders from the mysterious king realm world, who have shot Ye Qing.

Ye Qing has very ruthless eyes, and simply didn’t plan to show mercy.

The sword of Zhu Tian sweeps through everything and contains the power of the charm of the Sword Way. In an instant, the Elder of the mysterious king realm in the Heavenly Shaking Sect was seriously injured and dying!

At first, they shot Ye Qing.

In the face of his own enemies, Ye Qing never shows mercy.

Just listen to the sound of pu chi, the Elder of the Heavenly Shaking Sect in the first realm of the Profound King, under Ye Qing’s sword 36 style, is like tofu, simply is not Ye Qing’s enemy!

A massacre began, blood flowing into a river in the Earthquake Sect, Elder of the mysterious king realm, like a pig and dog, was mercilessly beheaded!

The Elder of the mysterious king realm is the true foundation of the Heavenly Shaking Sect!

Ye Qing beheaded all the mysterious king realm realm of the Shaking Sect, and the future Shaking Sect, in the middle of Sword Sovereign, will leave the ranks of Great Sect.

The strength of Ye Qing shocked the audience. Among the dead Elder of the mysterious king realm, a small reincarnation treasure chest burst out.

Ye Qing’s eyes are light flashed, and the explosion rate of the reincarnation chest is very low and very low. It is a surprise that you can get the reincarnation chest by killing the Elder of the Heavenly Sect.

thoughts move, Ye Qing opened the small reincarnation treasure chest.

Next moment, Ye Qing’s eyes lit up. In the small reincarnation treasure box, there are 200,000 Rank 2 high grade Xuan Dan!

The price of Rank 2 high grade Xuan Dan is very precious.

A full 200,000 is considered a huge wealth.

Furthermore, Ye Qing now has the cultivation base of the Xuantian realm. If the refining absorbs Rank 2 Xuandan, the utilization rate is still quite high.

Income 200,000 Rank 2 profound pills into the system space.

Ye Qing looked around and found that there were many disciples of the Profound Sky Realm in the Sky Shocking Sect.

There are also some Elders of the Xuantian 9th layer, which can be regarded as the top level of the Earthquake Sect.

Some of the Elders of the Heavenly Shaking Sect in the half-step mysterious king realm world are all dumbfounded, looking stupidly at Ye Qing, speechless.

The martial artists of Zhentianzong have fallen into deep shock and cannot calm down.

Ye Qing glanced lightly at the rest of the people in the Heavenly Shaking Sect, not at all, continue to do it.

Ye Qing’s main goal is the Profound King Xiaojian.

Without the Sect Master, the Profound King Howling Sword, and the Elder of the Profound King Realm Realm, today’s Shaking Sect has become a mess of sand.

Ye Qing didn’t need to kill him, but killed the Elder of the mysterious king realm who had shot him.


Inside the Earthquake Sect, outside a palace, a familiar silhouette suddenly appeared in the void, and the whole body was full of skeletons.

Ye Qing was overjoyed, the ability of the secretly thought Skeleton King is still good, presumably from the Great Desolate Continent to the Xuanzhen Continent, it has been greatly improved.

Under the severe consumption of Life Essence Qi, Skeleton King, it can be reborn!

The Skeleton King returned to the camp that opened Legion, and the brothers were very happy.

Ye Qing laughed, the battle of the Zhentianzong has ended.

However, now is not the time to leave.

In Zhentian Sect, there are many treasures and various cultivation resources!

Inheritance of the Zhentian School for many years, in terms of its background, it can be regarded as a leader among the second-rate sects of the Sword Sovereign Dynasty.

Now, Ye Qing has destroyed the Sect Master and many Elders of the Heavenly Shocking Sect. Before leaving, of course he has to search for a wave of loot.

With a whoosh, Ye Qing took the brothers who opened Legion and went straight to the warehouse of Zhentianzong.

Various materials of Zhentianzong are hidden in warehouses.

Under the leadership of Ye Qing, the brothers who opened the Legion looked like locusts, raging in the warehouse, looting treasures.

The remaining powerhouses of the Earthquake Sect, knowing Ye Qing’s power, simply did not dare to stop them, and could only watch the resources that the Earthquake Sect had collected for many years fall into the hands of Kaihang Legion.

Now is the time for Legion to lay the foundation in Xuanzhen Continent, so all resources are very important.

Ye Qing robbed directly, intending to empty the resources of the entire Earthquake Sect, and leave no stitches to the Earthquake Sect!

Many brothers who open and hang Legion are raging in the warehouse.

However, only Zhu Gang did not act.

Now Zhu Ganglu is a little skeptical of the purpose of opening Legion.

“Boss, isn’t our purpose of opening Legion to maintain world peace? How come it has become a robbery now? I thought coming to Zhentianzong was just to save brother!”

Pig Gang is a little dissatisfied, and feels that he has no place to display his ambition to maintain world peace.

Ye Qing corner of mouth twitching, rolled his eyes, and said, “What do you know, we are grabbing resources now, the ultimate goal or for maintaining world peace, I ask you, if you open Legion If there is no strength, what will be used to maintain world peace?”

Ye Qing said something, and Zhu Gang was silent.

Indeed, according to Ye Qing, if you want to maintain world peace without resources and strength, it is fundamentally impossible!

Of course, as to whether Legion will really maintain world peace after opening up Legion, it is unknown.

In the warehouse of Zhentianzong, a group of locusts raged, and soon the warehouse was completely emptied.

The brothers who opened Legion are full of pours.

Brothers felt elated, swaggering, ready to leave.

Ye Qing is also in a very good mood.

However, before Ye Qing left, he glanced at the empty Zhentianzong warehouse, and felt a bit sorry.

If something goes out, saying that opening Legion has emptied the warehouse of other people’s Zhentianzong, doesn’t it appear that opening Legion has no quality?

Ye Qing thought about it, and finally found a way, eyes shined, in the system space, he took out a thread ball and a needle!