Sorry, I’m Cheating Chapter 1805


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Ye Qing, as the leader of Legion, still pays more attention to the reputation of Legion.

If the incident spreads, it will damage Legion’s reputation.

So Ye Qing took out the needle and thread in the system space.

“Come here, always take something, always leave something for you, don’t thank me, goodbye!”

Ye Qing laughed and put the needle and thread in the warehouse.

Some Elders of Zhentianzong were onlookers outside. When they saw the situation in the warehouse, they burst into tears instantly!

I have to say that Ye Qing is a fierce person. When he emptied his warehouse, he did not forget to leave something.

body moved, Ye Qing rushed out of the warehouse, took the brothers who opened Legion, and returned to the Pig Demon Mountain.

Today’s opening of Legion is equivalent to having the cultivation resources in the entire Zhentianzong. Ye Qing is of course very satisfied.

Presumably, in a short period of time, the strength of the Legion brothers can be improved.

When the time comes, Ye Qing is a little expectant, with the excitement of brothers sweeps away the whole world. Love years.

On the Pig Demon Mountain, Ye Qing started secluded cultivation.

To be precise, it is more appropriate to call it Kaikoushan now.

Since the result of the battle between Legion and Zhentianzong was opened and spread, Sword Sovereign went to the center and it was completely boiling.

Seventh Prince’s heart is more jealous of Ye Qing.

Soon, there will be a martial arts meeting in the imperial city of Sword Sovereign, which is a competition between the Eldest Princes.

Seventh Prince’s men suffered heavy losses. The Muyu Xuanwang courtyard, as well as the Xiaojian Xuanwang and Zhong Zhentian of the Zhentianzong, all died in the hands of Ye Qing.

In the upcoming imperial city meeting in Wudang, the situation of Seventh Prince is somewhat unfavorable.

Imperial City Huiwu, called Yijian Conference, each prince will choose some of his powerhouses to play in the battle to become famous and steal the limelight.

The Yijian Conference is extremely important to the battle for the Sword Sovereign Dynasty.

Any prince who shows tyrannical strength at the Yijian Conference can win the support of more civil and military officials and strengthen his camp.

Seventh Prince is afraid of Ye Qing, but the Yijian Conference is about to begin soon, Seventh Prince dare not take the risk to deal with Ye Qing again.

Otherwise, if it is unsuccessful, the Seventh Prince will lose his troops again, and at the Yijian Conference, he will be no match for the powerful Third Prince.

It was the Third Prince who was very interested in Ye Qing after hearing about the situation of the Zhentianzong battle.

Third Prince and Seventh Prince are rivals, and the two are the most advantageous contenders in the contender.

Now, the Third Prince knows that Ye Qing and Seventh Prince are avenging each other. The so-called enemy’s enemy is a friend, but he wants to draw Ye Qing into his camp.

Third Prince has already taken action. A powerhouse from the mysterious king realm world has been dispatched to invite him in person under the banner of Third Prince.

On the Pig Demon Mountain, everything is calm and tranquil.

Ye Qing has heard about the Sword Sovereign City Game Sword Conference.

However, Ye Qing doesn’t want to join in the fun for the time being. If you have time, you might as well raise the cultivation base.

On Pig Demon Mountain, Ye Qing found a secluded place and started cultivation.

All kinds of precious Rank 2 high grade Xuan Dan, as if they don’t need money, were taken out by Ye Qing.

Before in the sword rain forest, Ye Qing had obtained many Rank 2 high grade Xuan Dan, all of which were treasures opened in the reincarnation treasure chest.

Taking the cultivation base of Xuantian realm and absorbing Rank 2 high grade Xuan Dan, the effect is the best for Ye Qing today.

Time passed. On the Pig Demon Mountain, Ye Qing was sitting cross-legged, and the cultivation base aura released from his body became more and more powerful.

About a month later, Ye Qing absorbed a lot of Rank 2 high grade profound pills, and the profound strength within the body was more powerful. The cultivation base advanced by leaps and bounds reached the 3rd-layer stage of Xuantian!

In the middle of the huge Sword Sovereign, Xuantian 3rd-layer realm, maybe it’s nothing.

However, Ye Qing has the ability to skip grades to challenge. The cultivation base of Xuantian 3rd-layer can actually sweep most of the experts below the 2nd layer of Xuantian.

At the time of Ye Qing cultivation base breakthrough, an uninvited guest was attracted on the mountain.

It was a powerhouse in the 2nd layer of the Profound King, and it was not weak in the Sword Sovereign phase.

The great character of Xuanwang 2nd layer realm. After arriving at the Pig Demon Mountain, he was quite polite, conveying the meaning of Third Prince, and wanted to win Ye Qing, join the Third Prince camp, and help Third Prince win the throne.

Ye Qing didn’t say a few words to the messenger of the Third Prince, so he refused.

Third Prince wants to fight for the throne and has nothing to do with Ye Qing’s half a dime.

Ye Qing’s ambition is far from being in the middle of Sword Sovereign, but a broader world.

The so-called controversy for the conquest, even if Ye Qing helps a prince successfully win the throne, it is basically of no benefit to Ye Qing.

It’s nothing more than getting some rewards from the prince that’s all.

Ye Qing simply is someone who does not lack treasure and cultivation resources.

Therefore, the messenger sent by the Third Prince broke up unhappy.

After the Third Prince learned of the situation, he was naturally unhappy.

However, if the Legion can be legitimately become the national religion, the strength of Faith that Ye Qing will enjoy will be directly upgraded to a new level!

There is also the foundation for opening Legion, which is basically stable under Sword Sovereign.

Ye Qing is thinking in his heart, and if he wants to intervene, help Seventh Prince is absolutely impossible.

To help Third Prince, it is better to choose to cooperate with Ninth Prince.

Because, what Ninth Prince can give Ye Qing, Third Prince must not be able to give.

Be aware that Ninth Prince is now thirsty for talents, and the Third Prince is surrounded by expert as clouds. He will definitely not promise the benefits of the state religion for a Legion!

“A’Kun, you go to contact Thief Guevara, and you say let Ninth Prince come to Kaihang Mountain to see how Ninth Prince’s attitude is? Is it true?” Ye Qing slowly said.