Sorry, I’m Cheating Chapter 1806


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In Sword Sovereign, in the Imperial Palace, Ninth Prince learned the meaning of Ye Qing and was excited.

Ninth Prince is a wise man, knowing that Ye Qing said to meet him, it proves that there is hope!

Ninth Prince immediately contacted Guevara and set off together to Kaihang Mountain.

That is the former Pig Demon Mountain.

Ninth Prince did not bring any powerhouse out, just himself and Che Guevara.

Actually, Ninth Prince is a martial artist in the 2nd layer realm of Xuanwang.

Among the many princes of the Sword Sovereign dynasty, Ninth Prince’s own strength can be regarded as the first echelon.

It’s just that there are very few powerhouses around Ninth Prince. Compared with Third Prince and Seventh Prince, they are not of an order of magnitude.

As soon as Ninth Prince set off, in the Imperial Palace of Sword Sovereign, Third Prince and Seventh Prince both obtained relevant information at the same time.

Third Prince and Seventh Prince, each has a lot of eyeliners in the middle of Sword Sovereign.

Therefore, Ninth Prince’s every move is basically hidden from their eyes.

In the eyes of Seventh Prince, Ninth Prince is not threatening and not worthy of attention.

As for Ninth Prince who wants to go to the outskirts of imperial city, Seventh Prince basically guessed his idea.

I just want to go to the Pig Demon Mountain on the outskirts of imperial city and win Ye Qing that’s all.

Seventh Prince expression is indifferent and does not think that Ninth Prince can succeed.

Actually, in the judgment of Seventh Prince, it is unrealistic for any prince to win over Legion.

Looking at Legion’s behavior, it’s not like he would acknowledge allegiance to any prince!

Therefore, after Seventh Prince learned of Ninth Prince’s movements, he just smiled indifferently, and simply ignored it.

It’s the Third Prince, who is more concerned.

In the view of Third Prince, Ninth Prince succeeded in wooing Ye Qing’s probability, which is very low.

But Third Prince still cannot help but guard!

If Ninth Prince is really successful, it can pose a certain threat to Third Prince.

Be aware that the current opening Legion, like the sun at high noon, has seized the site of the Pig Demon Mountain and occupied the cultivation resources in the Earthquake Sect. It has already let the overall strength of the opening Legion rank among the Sword Sovereign The second-rate level towards the middle.

Moreover, that’s just the apparent strength of Legion. You must know that there is a heaven defying leader in Legion, Ye Qing!

Recently, there are various rumors about the Sword Sovereign dynasty. Ye Qing has basically become the influential figure in the Sword Sovereign dynasty.

Third Prince thought about it, and sent three experts from the mysterious realm world to follow Ninth Prince secretly, waiting for the opportunity to act.

There is no shortage of experts beside Third Prince, and many experts have hidden identities.

In the eyes of Third Prince, it would be good if you find an opportunity to kill Ninth Prince in the suburbs of Sword Sovereign.

In the Imperial Family, there are too many intrigues. Brother has done too many siblings for power.

Furthermore, Third Prince and Ninth Prince are not simply born of the same mother, and their relationship is very weak.

“Nine brothers, if you are obediently and honestly and don’t fight for the throne, I can still reward you as a prince, and guarantee your high position and great wealth! But now, if you still want to win over Legion, don’t blame it. Brother, I am vicious and merciless!”

Third Prince secretly said in one’s heart, a cold electricity burst into his eyes, moving his heart to death.

Third Prince is always cautious, even if he knows that the probability of Ninth Prince’s success is small, he still has to do it just in case!

The three experts of the mysterious king realm world are all secretly identities.

They were once famous powerhouses in the Sword Sovereign dynasty, but then they gradually lived in seclusion.

No one knows that they follow Third Prince’s side, it is Third Prince’s hole card.

Third Prince wants to deal with Ninth Prince, so he can’t be so blatant.

Otherwise, if it is known to others, with the identity and strength of Third Prince, it feels awkward.

Let’s talk about Ninth Prince and Thief Guevara, both of them are very fast, flying in the sky as if riding on a rocket.

Not long after, Ninth Prince and Che Guevara came to the Kaihang Mountain where Ye Qing is.

Ninth Prince came, and in the open mountain, no one came out to meet him.

In fact, Ye Qing certainly knew that Ninth Prince was coming.

But Ye Qing just didn’t come out to greet him. Obviously, he wanted to give Ninth Prince a chance.

Let Ninth Prince know that it is not him Ye Qing begging to cooperate.

Instead, Ninth Prince wanted to cooperate with Ye Qing.

Not long after, under the leadership of Guevara, Ninth Prince successfully ascended the Pigmon Mountain.

There is a thief of Che Guevara, the brothers who opened the Legion are still considered face, and there is no embarrassment to Ninth Prince.

Let Ninth Prince successfully boarded the Kaihua Mountain and met Ye Qing.

On the top of Kaihang Mountain, Ye Qing and Ninth Prince stand opposite each other.

Ye Qing’s face was indifferent, looking at the distant sky, dazed, did not speak, as if he did not feel the arrival of Ninth Prince at all.

Ninth Prince was the first to break the silence.

Just listen to Ninth Prince speak slowly: “brother Ye, under Sword Sovereign towards Ninth Prince, the sword is shocking!”

Ninth Prince bowed to cup one fist in the other hand with a polite manner.

Ninth Prince knows very well that he really has no arrogant capital!

In front of Ye Qing, Ninth Prince can only be as humble as possible.

Ye Qing smiled indifferently, his attitude towards Ninth Prince was unexpected.

Ninth Prince’s ability to come in person proves his sincerity.

You know, the Third Prince threw an olive branch to Ye Qing, but he didn’t even want to come here in person.

“Your Highness Ninth Prince, you are coming to me, but what is important?”

Ye Qing slowly said, a ray of fine light appeared in the eyes.

Ninth Prince bowed and saluted, and slowly said: “Brother Ye, don’t call me your highness, you will shame me, just call me Xiao Jiu.”

Ninth Prince is extremely humble in his words, he is not like a prince, he is too humble.

Ye Qing smiled calmly: “Xiao Jiu? It’s Interesting, I heard you want to cooperate with me?”

Ye Qing hands behind ones back, looks like endowed with extraordinary intelligence.

“Yes, brother Ye, with your strength, as long as you are willing to help, I will definitely win the throne. When the time comes, Legion will become the state religion of the Sword Sovereign dynasty, respected and loved by everyone .”

Ninth Prince straight to the point, directly explaining his intention.

Ye Qing faintly muttered to oneself, immediately, a ray of sharpness bloomed in his eyes, staring at Ninth Prince, and said word by word: “Dare you take the Martial Dao vow?”

Ninth Prince gritted his teeth and determined his inner thoughts. In fact, he was willing to personally invite Ye Qing to cooperate, but he did not intend to go back.

Because, Ninth Prince knows very well that if he really dares to repent after things are done, Ye Qing will definitely not spare him easily.

“My sword shocked the clouds, and I am willing to take the Martial Dao vow, hoping Ye Qing can help me to seize the country! After this is done, my sword shocked the cloud will definitely enshrine Legion as the state religion. If this oath is violated, my sword Jingyun has been on the path of martial arts from now on, no further progress!”

Ninth Prince Sword Jingyun solemnly swears and hangs on the mountain. Many brothers have heard it.

The oath made by Ninth Prince is very solemn.

A person, if he can no longer make progress in the path of martial arts, his life is basically over.

Ye Qing slowly nodded and recognized Ninth Prince.

body moved, Ye Qing walked to Ninth Prince’s side, patted Ninth Prince’s shoulder.

“Very well, Xiao Jiu, we will be allies in the future, and I will help you in the battle for prosecution.” Ye Qing said with a faint smile.

Ninth Prince was overjoyed and hurriedly bowed to salute: “Many thanks brother Ye, with Brother Ye for help, why not worry about the major event?!”

Ye Qing laughed: “speaking of which, Xiao Jiu, you should really thank me, you will be in trouble soon, you know?”