Sorry, I’m Cheating Chapter 1807


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Ninth Prince Jian Jingyun complexion changed, I don’t know what Ye Qing means.

“Brother Ye, I don’t know what you mean, what can I do?”

Jian Jingyun was uncertain, released a powerful strength of Divine Soul, in the vicinity of induction, but found nothing unusual.

“Brother Ye, what the hell is going on? Could it be that a powerhouse is secretly spying?”

Ninth Prince is very clever, watching his words and expressions, and looking at Ye Qing’s face, he knew that something was wrong.

Ye Qing slowly nodded: “There are three powerhouses who have already watched you. It seems that they won’t let you return to imperial city smoothly!”

Ye Qing said a dangerous smile at the corner of his mouth.

“Brother Ye, what should I do now? It must be the other prince secretly doing it, and I don’t want to make an alliance with Brother Ye!”

Ninth Prince facial expression grave, even he can’t sense the breath of the enemy, only one thing can be proved, his enemy is very strong.

Moreover, his enemies have been hiding in the dark!

“It’s okay, Xiao Jiu, don’t worry, now we work together, you will be your own.”

Ye Qing spoke indifferently, and then the conversation turned around.

“However, we are only a partnership after all, and I don’t seem to have a reason to act!”

Ye Qing has a smile on his face, which makes Ninth Prince a little bit unable to understand.

“Brother Ye, what do you mean?”

Ye Qing showed a mysterious smile on his face: “There is no other meaning. If you join Open Legion, you will be your real self. With your strength, although you still can’t reach the standard of joining Open Legion. , But, for the sake of your good attitude, you can barely do.”

Ye Qing said something, and the corners of Ninth Prince’s mouth twitched and he was speechless.

With the strength of the Ninth Prince 2nd layer realm, if you join the opening Legion, in terms of cultivation base, it is definitely the top existence.

Ye Qing also said that he was barely qualified to join, and of course he was playing with Ninth Prince.

With the strength of Ninth Prince, if you really join the opening Legion, then opening Legion will also have great benefits.

Ninth Prince understands what Ye Qing means. If Ye Qing wants to help him, Ninth Prince must join Legion to become his own brother.

Ninth Prince became a member of Legion, that is, he is the real one, so he can do things later.

After thinking for a while, Ninth Prince solemnly nodded and agreed.

Anyway, the current Ninth Prince and Ye Qing are tied to the same boat. It would be better to add Legion. Ninth Prince doesn’t have to worry about Ye Qing’s backlash.

“Brother Ye, thank you for your consideration. I am shocked. Please join the opening Legion and play for Legion in the future!”

Ninth Prince cup one fist in the other hand and said solemnly.

Ye Qing is nodded with a smile, and now in Legion, there are two powerhouses of the mysterious king realm world. Compared with before, there is a change of Heaven and Earth turning upside down!

Ninth Prince Jian Jingyun has the identity of a member of Legion. Next, it is logical to look for the asylum of leader Ye Qing.


The silhouette of Ninth Prince’s sword frightened clouds soaring into the sky, gliding in the sky.

Ye Qing’s face was calm and did not leave immediately. Instead, she stood on the mountain and released a powerful divine sense to monitor what happened to Ninth Prince.

Stealing Che Guevara, temporarily staying in the opening Legion, in fact, he used to be a think tank beside Ninth Prince.

Now that Ninth Prince has Ye Qing’s help, there is basically no need for a think tank.

Ye Qing’s acting style has always been a life-or-death look, just do it!

Is there anything you need to do crafty plots and machinations? nonexistent.

The silhouette of Ninth Prince, flying over the mountains.

Not long after, Ninth Prince sensed a fatal crisis. In the void, three silhouettes suddenly appeared, all of which are terrifying existence in the realm of mysterious kings.

At first, Ninth Prince simply couldn’t sense the breath released by the three profound kings.

It wasn’t until Ninth Prince passed by, that the three top experts hiding in the void showed their fangs.

Ninth Prince expression is calm, thinking Ye Qing is really amazing.

With the cultivation base of the Xuantian 3rd-layer realm, when you are still in the Pig Demon Mountain, you can sense the existence of three mysterious king realm experts in the dark.

This proves that Ye Qing’s strength of Divine Soul is very strong, even above the experts of the three mysterious king realm circles!

Otherwise, Ye Qing would not be able to immediately discover the danger.

Ninth Prince’s face was indifferent, showing his strength and fighting the three profound kings.

The breaths released by the three profound kings are all good, reaching the level of the 2nd layer of the profound kings.

In the Sword Sovereign dynasty, there were definitely not many experts in the Xuanwang 2nd layer realm.

Can mobilize three powerhouses of the mysterious king realm world at the same time to come and kill Ninth Prince. Among the many princes, not many princes have this kind of strength.

“Say, did the third brother or the seventh brother let you over?”

The cold glow in Ninth Prince’s eyes flickered, and it was natural to guess that they were on Third Prince and Seventh Prince.

Because Sword Sovereign is facing the other princes in the middle, it is really impossible to do anything.

“Ninth Prince, you are all about to die, go down and ask Lord Yama!”

“Your Highness Ninth Prince, you don’t need Final Struggle, it’s useless, you will die in our hands after all.”

The existence of the three profound kings in the 2nd layer realm, working together, is huge.

Ninth Prince mobilizes the profound power of within the body to fight strongly.

With one against three, Ninth Prince has no chance of winning.

However, Ninth Prince didn’t panic at all, his face was filled with confidence.

Ninth Prince knew that as long as Ye Qing, the leader of Legion, was there, everything would be fine.

You know, Ye Qing is pregnant with the Holy Artifact of Rank 6, and once killed Profound King Muyu and ruined the Heavenly Shaking Sect!

Such a brilliant record, definitely one hand shrouding the heavens.

Ninth Prince has some expectations in his heart, and wants to see Ye Qing’s methods.

Shortly after the battle broke out, Ninth Prince had just made a move with three powerhouses. In the distant sky, a stream of light burst out!

It is Ye Qing!

Qingyun Shenfengbu and Supreme Tyrant Tianlong’s wings are on display, Ye Qing’s speed is incredible.

Only for a moment, Ye Qing’s silhouette appeared beside Ninth Prince Jian Jingyun.

Jian Jingyun was finally sighed in relief, and Ye Qing was secretly thought to be present. The rest of the matter can basically be solved by Ye Qing.

It’s ridiculous, I don’t know which prince, but also sent three powerhouses from the mysterious king realm world to deal with Jian Jingyun.

According to Jian Jingyun’s estimation, the prince who tried on him will probably cry soon!

The experts of the three black kings 2nd layer realm are not rubbish. Among the Eldest Prince camps, the black king 2nd layer realm is the absolute backbone.

When the three profound kings saw Ye Qing, a cold electricity burst into their eyes.

Third Prince once ordered that Ninth Prince must be killed. If Ye Qing, who opened Legion, dared to stop it, then even Ye Qing would kill it.

Third Prince has confidence in his three men.

Third Prince has heard some rumors, and knows that Ye Qing has a Rank 6 Holy Artifact on his body.

However, in the eyes of Third Prince, Rank 6 Holy Artifact is great, but in the hands of Ye Qing, it may not be able to use its power!

“Hang up Ye Qing, the leader of Legion? Are you sure you want to intervene in our affairs? You should know, what will happen if you offend our master?”

One of the martial artist in the 2nd layer of the Profound King spoke indifferently, a fierce light burst into his eyes, and he would act if he didn’t agree with him.