Sorry, I’m Cheating Chapter 1882


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“Yes, whoever is Huan, we will kill whoever!”

“Brothers, shout out the slogan, bearish life and death, do it if you don’t accept it!”

“Life and death are indifferent, just do it if you don’t agree! Kill them!”

“Sorry, our Azure Emperor army is on the go!”

The brothers of the Azure Emperor army yelled all kinds of sorrows.

Especially A’Kun, called the happiest, it’s a series of poems.

“Trash, please listen to me. I am the deputy leader of the Azure Emperor army. I advise you to do it yourself and don’t talk about martial arts!”

“If I, A’Kun, can destroy three thousand Great World.”

“In the past, this King fought with the Emperor Beiming, and the blood flowing into a river, sealed him in Maokeng for 1 million years!”

“This King Ancient Divine Beast Kunpeng, one person suppresses the dark turmoil!”

“When this King was in the past, you were still playing in the mud!”

A’Kun’s witty remarks, and such things, keep talking.

Ye Qing not far away, his face turned black.

What kind of mess, it’s dark and chaotic, it’s just nonsense.

Even Ye Qing is a little admired, A’Kun has the ability to compose stories.

“This King Kunpeng, dominate forever!”

“Don’t provoke this King, otherwise, Lin Boy, the younger brother of this King, fuck you guys!”

A’Kun gets more and more ridiculous, not big or small.

In the Azure Emperor army, many brothers looked at A’Kun with regret.

Dare to be in front of Ye Qing, so impudent, it is simply an act of death.

“A’Kun, you shit, don’t speak, no one treats you as dumb!”

Ye Qing complexion sank, slapped A’Kun away with a slap.

However, Ye Qing changed his mind. The brothers said all kinds of shameless words. If he didn’t say a few words, it seemed a bit wrong.

After all, the slogan has been chanted.

The other ethnic groups present were all speaking harsh words or shouting slogans.

Ye Qing’s eyes scanned the crowd of Azure Emperor Army.

Then, condense a terrifying long sword, which is his own sword of heaven slaying!

In the void, the sword of Zhu Tian released a terrifying sword energy, containing the extremely powerful power of Sword Way.

After tens of thousands of years of retreat, the charm of the Sword Way that Ye Qing has comprehended has been infinitely close to Heavenly Dao, with a terrifying power.

So, at the moment Ye Qing condense a long sword, Dilu First Layer, the air instantly became quiet.

Everyone looked at a terrifying long sword in the sky with shocking eyes.

The long sword is semi-material, but it has an amazing oppression.

At the moment Ye Qing released the long sword, all the sword-like artifacts on everyone became restless.

There are many sword repairs, and the eyes looking towards Ye Qing are full of worship.

In the void, ten thousand sword energy, constantly moved towards the converging sword of Heaven Slaying.

It seems to have formed the terrifying natural phenomenon of Myriad Swords Return To One!

Not only that, in the sky, there are countless illusory shadows of swords, and all the swords of Zhutian moved towards Ye Qing gather, like worshiping one’s own monarch, the stars are arching over the moon!


“My God, how can there be such a terrifying natural phenomenon in the world!”

“Does he use his sword to prove the great road?!”

“He is just a newcomer to the Profound King realm, and his strength in Sword Way is so terrifying!”

“The emperor of the sword, he is definitely the emperor of the legendary sword! With him, no one in the world can prove the way with the sword!”

“God, he cut off the hope of Sword Way and enjoy the luck of Sword Way Supreme! Except for him, no one in the world can prove the way of sword!”

Various exclamations sounded at First Layer of Emperor Road.

The all influence who were talking about sorrows are all dumbfounded.

They are not optimistic about the Azure Emperor Army. Its leader is a master of Sword Way, who proves Heaven’s Chosen Child on the Avenue with the sword!

Ye Qing stands proudly, the whole person seems to merge with Heavenly Dao.

All tangible swords and invisible swords, all centered on Ye Qing, worship!

“Heaven does not give birth to me Ye Qing, Sword Way is like a long night!”

Ye Qing suddenly said something more poignant.

Single words, shocking the crowd!




At this moment, at the First Layer of Emperor Road, everyone took a breath, and the horror in their hearts was indescribable.

The natural phenomenon in the sky is vibrating, which is shocked by Ye Qing’s words.

“Sigh! Ye Qing does not give birth to me, Sword Way is like a long night! This is Sword Way, a peerless monster!”

“Supreme Jianxin, Ye Qing condenses a Supreme Jianxin!”

“The sword is one way, who else can compete with Ye Qing?!”

“The horror is like this, really horrible!”

All the people on Emperor Road were shocked and dull.

A burst of cheers broke out among the Azure Emperor army.

“Little Child Ye, awesome! You are the king of the league show!”

“Azure Emperor, mighty!”

“Sword Way is forever like a long night, a good sentence Sword Way is forever like a long night, Husband, domineering!”

“As expected of our Husband, there is an imposing manner! Suppress the eternal world-class arrogant!”

“Azure Emperor, awesome!”

There was a cheer.

Ye Qing, on the other hand, was not surprised, and said slowly.

“The sword is coming!”

With a sword coming, Ye Qing pushed the atmosphere of the scene to Peak!

In the void, the sword of slaying the sky fell into Ye Qing’s hands, and in an instant, the sword energy was overwhelming, covering the sky.

sword energy three ten thousand li vertically and horizontally.

Myriad Swords Return To One!

The Emperor of the Sword is here!

On Emperor Road, all dynasties and all ethnic groups have fallen into deathly silence.


In the void, a big black hand suddenly appeared, punching through countless layers of void, and moved towards Ye Qing was enveloped.

Ye Qing finished speaking two sorrowful words, and planned to say all the irritable words in the novels read in the previous life, completely crushing the enemy in an imposing manner.

As a result, before Ye Qing uttered the next sorrow, the big black hand that suddenly appeared in the void captured Ye Qing.

Ye Qing is stunned, simply don’t know what the big black hand is.

The point is that with Ye Qing’s strength, it is still impossible to defeat that big hand.

Be aware that after Ye Qing breakthrough reaches the first stage of the Xuanwang, the battle strength is a powerful one.

Unless the opponent is the power of Emperor Profound Realm, who can take him away forcibly?

In that pitch-black palm, Ye Qing struggled violently, within the body burst out terrifying profound energy, and all kinds of fierce moves were released.

Even the Super Lightning Five Strikes were released.

Unfortunately, Ye Qing still couldn’t escape the control of that dark big hand.

Shooting through layers of void, inexplicably, Ye Qing went to a strange place, completely separated from the road.


“Boss! What are you doing?”

“Crossly, Little Child Ye, aren’t you? Why did you run away at a critical moment?”

The brothers of the Azure Emperor army were shocked and inexplicable, and didn’t know what happened.

Among them, A’Kun boldly guessed that Ye Qing must have deliberately cheated them!