Sorry, I’m Cheating Chapter 1883


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“Little Child Ye, you are so unkind! You let the brothers go so far as you ran away!”

A’Kun is foul-mouthed, and I think Ye Qing is simply disgusting, and he was still talking all kinds of sorrows a second, making it very awesome.

As a result, in the next second, it was completely gone.

The other brothers of the Azure Emperor Army were also in a state of confusion, unable to understand what had happened.

You must know that Ye Qing is the soul of the Azure Emperor Army. Without Ye Qing’s leadership, the Azure Emperor Army is afraid it will be difficult for the Azure Emperor Army to make a bloody road.

“Impossible, Husband will not leave us alone!”

Huangfulan stepped up in time and corrected A’Kun’s wrong remarks.

“Yes, A’Kun, don’t talk nonsense!”

Cai Xiaofang stood up and scolded.

A’Kun originally wanted to say something, but after hearing Cai Xiaofang’s opening, he immediately stopped speaking.

Cai Xiaofang is A’Kun’s mother, although she is not biological, but in A’Kun’s heart, her status is undoubtedly high.

“Husband, where did you go?” Hua Ruoying looked sad.

“It must be those from Blood Race who secretly used tricks and took the Husband away!”

“It may also be a holy light dynasty!”

“Brothers, kill! Kill the Blood Race and holy light dynasty, and retrieve our leader!”

“Dare to attack our leader Azure Emperor, you don’t want to live anymore!”

The Azure Emperor army was furious, and various powerful sacred artifacts were thrown out.

There are also irritable members of the Azure Emperor army, such as A’Kun and fuck your mother, who just threw out the Yama’s Pill.

After pouring profound energy, the power of Yama Dan will be reborn, which is real heaven-shaking, earth-shattering.

A group of Blood Races were immediately blown up and bloody, so terrible!

There are also powerhouses of the holy light dynasty, which became the target of the Azure Emperor’s army.

Soon, a large number of enemies of the Azure Emperor army died.

Blood dynasty and holy light dynasty’s bigwigs were all surprised, didn’t expect, the strength of the Azure Emperor army seems not strong on the surface, but throwing medicine pill out is simply terrifying.

A medicine pill can kill at least ten powerhouses of the realm of the profound king.

Together, the battle strength of Azure Emperor Army is truly terrifying.

Moreover, there is also a dark butterfly, all the light in swallowing the world is simply the natural nemesis of the holy light dynasty!

A terrifying battle broke out on the road to the emperor. The brothers of the Azure Emperor army are all extremely vigorous. Most people really don’t dare provoke them.

All kinds of reborn Yamadans, thrown out as if they don’t need money, make the emperor’s road, and there are amazing explosive rumbling sounds.

Above the Emperor Road, there are many powerful creatures that block people’s path.

However, now the various people on the road of Emperor are fighting so hard that people don’t have time to break through the barriers. The scene is too chaotic.

Saint Race, Elf Race and eternal Blood Race are also joined in the battle.

Their original intention was not to be an enemy of the Azure Emperor army. They were just fighting, and they were killed by Yama Dan somehow. They were uncomfortable.

A chaotic battle broke out, and Ye Qing, the fuse of the incident, did not know where he went.


In a dark Cave Mansion, Yin Qi is permeated everywhere, with a sense of horror.

In the air, it is chilly. Although Ye Qing has become the leader of the Profound King realm, but inexplicably, in this Cave Mansion, the whole body is cold, with a hint of coolness continuing to exist.

“Mother, what the hell is that place?”

Ye Qing was speechless, and cursed directly.

According to the progress of the plot, Ye Qing should now pretend to be on the road, do all kinds of amazing things, shock the audience, and become the focus of the audience.

But, obviously, the plot did not develop in the direction expected by moved towards Ye Qing.

Up to now, Ye Qing didn’t know what terrifying existence was and caught him.

Here, Yin Qi is very heavy, unlike a place where people live.

Ye Qing feels a little scared, not worried about himself, but the brothers on Emperor Road.

Without him, can the Azure Emperor Army be as vigorous as ever?

In the Cave Mansion, it’s pitch black.

Ye Qing releases his divine sense and moves forward step by step.

Gradually walked to the depths of Cave Mansion.

Suddenly, the darkness in front of me brightened.

Ye Qing expression congeals, found that there was a coffin in the Cave Mansion.

A pair of bronze ancient coffin!

It’s exactly the same as the bronze ancient coffins Ye Qing saw before.

When he was on the Great Desolate Continent, Ye Qing got many bronze ancient coffins.

The coffin in front of me is simply carved out of a mold!


Ye Qing took a breath, because he discovered that when he used divine sense to clean up just now, he didn’t notice the existence of the bronze ancient coffin in the Cave Mansion.

It’s not that Ye Qing’s strength of Divine Soul is not strong enough, but that besides the ancient bronze coffin, there is a powerful restraining force that isolates all divine sense investigations.

Only with naked eye can you see clearly.

“Could it be that there is a peerless beauty lying inside the bronze ancient coffin?”

Ye Qing frowned and thought, that must be the case.

According to the routine, there is probably a strange woman sleeping in the coffin, with a big identity, maybe it is the reincarnation of Saintess in the holy place of XX.

Then Ye Qing successfully awakened her and produced an interesting story with her, or an exciting story?

Ye Qing thought, very curious, and gradually walked into the bronze ancient coffin.

extend the hand, touch the bronze ancient coffin, and feel a hint of coolness.

Ye Qing frowned, with his current strength, a trifling bronze coffin can even affect him, making him feel a little cold.

This coffin is absolutely extraordinary.

“Mom, mommy, open for me!”

Ye Qing grabbed the coffin board with both hands, and then, with a sudden force, lifted the coffin board.

Unexpected by Ye Qing, the process went smoothly without any effort.

The coffin board is not heavy.

After opening the coffin board, Ye Qing saw the scene inside, and immediately took a breath.

“Unexpectedly, there are no beauties?”

Ye Qing is speechless, and is completely incompatible with his own guess, the plot seems to be a bit wrong!

However, although there are no beauties, there are many treasures in the bronze ancient coffin.

Two hundred thousand years of holy medicine, plentiful and easily available!

There are three holy artifacts of Rank Six.

There are also various precious rank 5 holy artifacts, all of which are good materials, and can be used as embryos for refining rank 6 holy artifacts.

There are also a lot of spirit pill and marvelous medicine, among which there is the existence of the third-order profound pill.

Ye Qing glanced at the treasures in the bronze ancient coffin, and soon lost interest.

The treasure quality inside is pretty good.

But, is Ye Qing someone who lacks treasure?

General treasure, he simply doesn’t look good, and he doesn’t bother to take it.

Only the bronze coffin still makes Ye Qing a little interested.

After all, I have three bronze coffins in my hands. If I collect all nine, what if I can summon Divine Dragon?

“Let’s take a look here first, what good things are there? At least it is a Cave Mansion. Is there really nothing I can see? At least, let’s take a dozen of the Seventh-turned Hallows!” /p>

Ye Qing secretly thought in his heart, holding this thought, continue to search in Cave Mansion.

At this moment, in the dark void, a mysterious silhouette appeared quietly, staring at Ye Qing in the Cave Mansion, his eyes full of appreciation!