Sorry, I’m Cheating Chapter 1884


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“Good fellow, he must be a great character to come to Emperor Tomb, peerless genius!”

“Didn’t expect, I am an emperor, and I have been immersed in the Imperial Tomb for millions of years, and finally met a peerless genius!”

“breathtaking throughout the ages! Simply breathtaking throughout the ages!”

“Furthermore, this child didn’t even talk about the treasure in the bronze ancient coffin at all. It really has an expert style, amazing, amazing!”

“This King has decided, it is him!”

A black shadow in the void, talking to himself, he is just a phantom silhouette of Dao Void, existing in the state of Divine Soul.

Moreover, it’s just a Remnant Soul.

However, the breath released in Remnant Soul is extremely terrifying.

Ye Qing is in the Cave Mansion, but has not sensed the existence of the Remnant Soul at all, showing its power.

Just when Ye Qing was thinking about what treasure is there in this damn place.

Suddenly, in the void, a dark silhouette appeared in front of Ye Qing’s eyes.

Ye Qing was stunned. In an instant, he displayed a variety of defensive mysterious skills and various methods to protect the Divine Soul!

The mysterious dark shadow can approach Ye Qing silently, giving Ye Qing a feeling of extreme danger.

Furthermore, Ye Qing has never sensed his existence, which shows its horror.

“youngster, really vigilant, the temperament is great! To become a powerhouse in the future, what you need is your vigilant temperament, yes, very good, I admire you!”

The mysterious shadow, said a big deal, but didn’t do it.

Among the words, Ye Qing is extremely respected.

Ye Qing froze for a while, relaxed his defenses, thinking about it, the other party is just a Remnant Soul that’s all, and it won’t really cause a fatal threat to him.

Although Ye Qing admitted that the strength of Divine Soul of the other party is indeed very strong!

However, if the other party wants to do something, Ye Qing can also deal with it.

“Look, what a handsome youngster! Not only is he strong, he looks good, this King really likes you!”

Mysterious black shadow reveals its true appearance, it looks like a handsome handsome man, but compared with Ye Qing, it is still a bit worse.

Mysterious Dark Shadow has an inherent kingly temperament on his body, giving people an invisible oppression.

However, Ye Qing did not panic when facing the mysterious shadow.

“When you see this King, you can still stay calm, ok, very good! Youngster, you passed the 12-layer Emperor Road and came to the Emperor Tomb. You must have experienced a lot of fights, stepping on the sea of ​​blood and white bones. Come on!”

mysterious black shadow said in deadly earnest.

Ye Qing was speechless at once, thinking that it was the mysterious dark shadow who caught him.

didn’t expect, no!

And, wait!

Listen to mysterious black shadow, where you are, you must pass the test of the 12-layer Emperor Road before you can enter? !

Nani? !

Ye Qing took a breath, shocked.

“youngster, you really are a giant amongst men! This King has met you like a peerless genius for the first time in Emperor Tomb for millions of years!”

Mysterious shadows admire Ye Qing, and Ye Qing has a stubborn look.

“Wait, this is the end of Emperor Road? The treasure that people all want to come to?” Ye Qing asked.

“Yes, at the end of Emperor Road is Emperor Tomb, youngster. If you can pass all the way to Emperor Tomb, it proves that you are out of the ordinary!”

Mysterious Dark Shadow came out with divine sense, obviously misunderstanding something, thinking that Ye Qing came here step by step through his own ability.

“Emperor Tomb? At the end of the Emperor Road, it seems that there is simply no reward!” Ye Qing said helplessly.

“The end of the Emperor Road, of course, there are rewards. The treasure in the bronze ancient coffin is your reward! However, youngster, I think you are extraordinary natural talent. If you don’t like ordinary treasure, I will give it to you. What do you think of the ultimate treasure of an Emperor Tomb?”

mysterious illusory shadow slowly said.

Ye Qing was stunned for a moment. If it was only those of the bronze ancient coffin, Ye Qing really didn’t like it.

However, according to mysterious shadows, the ultimate treasure, It shouldn’t be bad, right? This is the treasure place for people yearn for something even in dreams!

12-layer On Emperor Road, the all influence of Xuanzhen Continent, fighting for life and death, is not to come to the treasure land at the end of Emperor Road and get the inheritance of Emperor Road?

“treasure and so on, or wait, I’ll rationalize and think first!”

Ye Qing said solemnly.

I always feel that something is a bit wrong, so I can come to the end of the road on my own.

Is it because you are handsome?

Although Ye Qing is really handsome, the end of Dilu will not be opened to him just because he is handsome.

Also, the dark palm of dropping from the sky brought Ye Qing to the mysterious existence of the Emperor Tomb. What the hell is that?

Ye Qing is puzzled.

Think about it, maybe, there is only one possibility.

Because Ye Qing has three ancient bronze coffins on his body!

The same existence as the bronze ancient coffin in the Imperial Tomb!

Perhaps, because Ye Qing had a bronze ancient coffin in his hand, he was recognized by the mysterious existence and came to the Imperial Tomb.

The dark shadow in the Imperial Tomb is obviously a Guardian or the like.

After clarifying his thoughts, Ye Qing glanced at the dark shadow in the void, and suddenly said: “Senior, what are you?”

Ye Qing speaks surprisingly, and the mysterious black shadow, not at all, thinks what is wrong with Ye Qing’s words like this.

“Okay! Very good! Worthy of being a peerless genius. Talking is a personality. I like it. Peerless genius will look like peerless genius!”

mysterious Dark Shadow looked excited, and then began to introduce his identity.

“youngster, I am the Emperor of Human Race, a follower of Ling Taixu. I am in the Imperial Tomb, waiting for a destined person on the order of Master Ling Taixu.”

Ye Qing’s body shook after hearing the words of the mysterious black shadow.

Human Race Emperor, that is the real Legendary character on the Xuanzhen Continent. It is said that his cultivation base, deep and unmeasurable, has surpassed the Xuandi realm.

Ling Taixu’s name, Ye Qing has seen relevant records in some ancient books.

In the legend, Ling Taixu is the eternal emperor of Human Race, with extremely terrifying strength.

The name of the Human Race Emperor, represents that Ling Taixu was once one of the strongest humans on the Xuanzhen Continent!

Since Ling Taixu is looking for a destined person, he must have left his inheritance in the Imperial Tomb.

Ye Qing is in a very good mood. If he can get the treasure left by Ling Taixu, it will be too comfortable.

The followers of Ling Taixu in front of him should be the key to inheritance.

Ling Taixu’s followers have a very good impression of Ye Qing.

“It turns out that Senior is a follower of the Human Race Emperor. I have been admiring it for a long time. May I ask the Senior Honor?” Ye Qing said seriously.

The current Ye Qing, uncharacteristically, has become polite.

“Very good! Very nice youngster, polite, although the innate talent is superb, but not proud, this King just likes you so much!”

“this King, named Qingyun Shengjun, just call me Qingyun, you are welcome.”

Mysterious shadow self-registration number.

Ye Qing is startled, the name of Qingyun Shengjun. When I was reading the ancient book, I had a little impression that it was also the supreme existence of a famous character on the Xuanzhen Continent, Xuandi realm.