Sorry, I’m Cheating Chapter 1885


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“It turned out to be Senior, the sacred monarch of Qingyun, I have been admiring for a long time!”

Ye Qing said in deadly earnest, the other party is the big brother of Emperor Xuandi realm, although only a Remnant Soul stayed, but he must have treasure.

Ye Qing thought, if you can get a few treasures from the hands of the Qingyun holy monarch, wouldn’t it be a big profit?

The treasure that can be used by a realm powerhouse of a profound emperor, should be at least the seventh holy artifact, right?

When Ye Qing had a bad idea in his heart, Qingyun Shengjun slowly said: “youngster, you are very good, I will give you the inheritance of Master now!”

While Qingyun Shengjun spoke, Ye Qing felt a little expectation in his heart.

In an instant, in Qingyun Shengjun’s hand, a golden crown appeared, shining with brilliant golden light, dazzling people, and at first glance it was the top treasure.

Ye Qing eyes shined, if you roughly estimate it, it is at least a Seventh-Rank Holy Artifact, and it contains a very mysterious power. If you can control it, you will definitely be able to exert a terrifying power !

“youngster, you must be very curious, what treasure is this? I will tell you now, it is the former personal sacred artifact of the Master, called the Emperor’s Crown. The theoretical grade is the nine-turned sacred artifact. However, after a long period of time, the emperor’s crown was damaged, and probably only able to exert the power of the seventh-ranked holy artifact.”

Qingyun Shengjun explained.

Ye Qing’s eyes became brighter and brighter.

It means that for the time being, it is the Seventh-turned Holy Artifact, but there are endless possibilities in the future.

Even, it is possible to restore to the level of the Nineth Rank Saint Artifact, that is truly peerless horror!

“Senior, this emperor crown, give it to me directly?”

Ye Qing was slightly surprised, this is not in line with common sense.

According to the routine, shouldn’t the other party ask him to help accomplish something, or pass some difficult test, and then give him the treasure?

Give a heavy treasure directly to Ye Qing, and Ye Qing was stunned. It’s totally unreasonable!

Unreasonable, very unreasonable!

“Yes, youngster, you have passed the test of the 12-layer Emperor Road. You are not tempted by the treasure of the Emperor Tomb. You have a Pure Heart!”

“The point is, you are still handsome, you are even more handsome than me!”

“My Master once said that handsome men are generally not bad guys, you can believe it!”

Qingyun Shengjun gave the reason for Chase. In short, the emperor’s crown, he has given Ye Qing.

Ye Qing listened to Qingyun Shengjun’s reason, very speechless.

How do you feel that it is a bit unreliable?

According to Qingyun Shengjun, the most important reason for choosing Ye Qing is that Ye Qing is handsome.

Of course, Ye Qing’s ability to come to the Emperor Tomb is also an important reason.

After all, Qingyun Shengjun didn’t know that Ye Qing simply didn’t fight all the way, but the unfathomable mystery came in.


Sage Monarch Qingyun stated his reasons and threw the golden-yellow imperial crown.

Ye Qing caught the emperor’s crown, only feeling extremely heavy.

It is much heavier than the normal Seventh Rank Hallows.

Ye Qing has an Eternal Blood Essence Stone of the Seventh Rank Saint Artifact, which is already very heavy.

But the weight of the emperor’s crown is even more terrifying.

“youngster, you have to remember that when you wear a crown, you must bear its weight!”

Qingyun Shengjun spoke again as a kind reminder.

Ye Qing slightly nodded, and then, in the gaze of the holy monarch Qingyun, he put the emperor crown on his head.


In an instant, a splendid golden light shone away, and Ye Qing’s whole person was bathed in the sunlight, extremely dazzling.

“You…successfully succeeded all at once?”

Qingyun Shengjun was stunned, saying that he could not understand at all.

He has been guarded in the Imperial Tomb for millions of years, just to find a suitable genius to complete the task Ling Taixu entrusted to him.

For millions of years, I haven’t encountered some outstanding geniuses.

Among them, there are even some geniuses, geniuses shocking the world, they are all great peerless monsters.

However, those peerless monsters were unable to successfully wear the crown of God after they came to the Imperial Tomb.

“Why? It seems to wear a crown, there is no difficulty, but it is very heavy to start?” Ye Qing said strangely.

“Wearing the crown must bear its weight! Unless the real Child of Destiny, otherwise, no one can wear the crown! Youngster, you are the future Human Sovereign of Xuanzhen Continent! Please be respected by me!”

Qingyun Shengjun is extremely excited, and he knows what it means to wear the crown of God.

Who can wear the crown is the future leader of Human Race. This sentence was what the Emperor Ling Taixu of Human Race said to him back then!


Ye Qing has a solemn face, didn’t expect, is there so much attention to wearing a crown?

I, unfathomable mystery has become a Human Sovereign?

“Qingyun, pay respects to Human Sovereign!”

Qingyun Shengjun knelt on the ground. Although he was only a residual Divine Soul illusory shadow, he had to be respectful in front of Human Sovereign.

“What’s the situation?”

Ye Qing was stunned and became a Human Sovereign. Will he lead the Human Race in the future?

Towards glory, create a foundation and so on?

According to the routine, it is really possible.

But the problem is, Ye Qing doesn’t want to be the emperor of who, and doesn’t want to lead the Human Race!

Human Race, too big, the Human Race on Xuanzhen Continent is more than hundreds of millions!

Leading hundreds of millions of Human Races every day, Ye Qing feels exhausted even thinking about it.

Ye Qing will never do this kind of hard work.

Trying to remove the crown on the top of his head, Ye Qing asked tentatively: “Senior Yun, can I not have the crown?”

Qingyun Shengjun was stunned for a moment, and then suddenly realized: “Good, good! It really is the future of Human Sovereign, with the style of Human Sovereign! The real Human Sovereign, in fact, is simply not reflected by the imperial crown, but is born with Human Sovereign. The majesty and magnanimity!”

“You are the born Human Sovereign, you can’t go wrong!”

“The existence of the imperial crown is just the icing on the cake for you that’s all.”

Ye Qing was stunned when he said something.

I have the demeanor of Human Sovereign, how is Human Sovereign? What a joke! Why didn’t I know?

Human Sovereign, who is still born, Ye Qing highly suspects that the Qingyun holy monarch is talking about him. After Ye Qing accepts the emperor’s crown, he must have various tasks assigned to him.

After all, there is no free lunch in the world. Ye Qing took a Seventh-Rank Sacred Vessel Imperial Crown for nothing. It is estimated that the other party will make some requests.

“Senior Yun, don’t crack a joke, I’m really not a Human Sovereign! This emperor crown, don’t worry about it! If there is any task or mission, you should find someone else, I’m very busy! “

Ye Qing finished speaking, threw the emperor crown on the ground, turned around and left.

The responsibility is too heavy, Ye Qing can’t bear it. What if Human Race is on the verge of extinction in the future, let Ye Qing come out to save the world?

Ye Qing is free and easy by nature, but he doesn’t want to be restricted by the name of Emperor Who.

If one day Ye Qing really needs to save the world, Ye Qing will stand up, but not in the name of Human Sovereign.

“youngster, what do you want? There is no mission, let alone mission. The Emperor Crown has already recognized you as the master, even if you want to lose it, it won’t work!”

Qingyun Shengjun finished speaking, the emperor’s crown, as expected, floated and followed Ye Qing’s side.