Sorry, I’m Cheating Chapter 1972


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“Hey, what are you talking about? What about Supreme Dragon Ball? Where is it?”

Ye Qing spread his hands helplessly. The mysterious and secretive appearance of Xihai Longzun and Xihai Dragon Girl made him feel a little uncomfortable, and he was eager to know what they wanted to do.

“Yan Shen Young Master, don’t worry, I don’t know your name yet!”

Xihai Dragon Girl walked over enthusiastically, with a lovely and charming look.

“The little girl’s name is Long Xixi, Young Master, what is your name, is it convenient to disclose?”

While Xihai Dragon Girl spoke, she blew a fragrant wind in Ye Qing’s ear, and her expression contained a sense of temptation.

“My name, Azure Emperor.”

Ye Qing’s tone is very calm, invisibly, but reveals a kind of majesty.

“Azure Emperor! Good name, where do you come from?” Long Xixi said again.

“Why? Supreme Dragon Ball hasn’t seen it yet, so start investigating me now?” Ye Qing said uncomfortably.

Isn’t it right, after completing the assessment, will you be able to see the legendary Supreme Dragon Ball?

How did you do it? Now it’s like going on a blind date. Let me ask.

The key point is that listening to Xihai Dragon Girl’s tone, it seems that Ye Qing has become her man, making Ye Qing’s body tremble.

“Azure Emperor Young Master, don’t be angry, be good, you will be fine soon, and you will be able to see Supreme Dragon Ball soon!”

Long Xixi said softly, completely different from her previous attitude towards Heaven’s Chosen from the ancient Dragon clan.

Not long ago, Long Xixi was just like a rough man, speaking and behaving roughly.

But now, Long Xixi has changed a lot, extremely gentle, just like Little Sweetheart, and the crooked voice is a bit unbearable.

Sure enough, it confirms the old saying that it’s not that the younger sister is not feminine, but that she didn’t meet the person she liked!

“What the hell? What are you doing dily-dallying? Can you hurry up!” Ye Qing became even more impatient.

I always feel that Xihai Dragon Girl has some conspiracy.

“Uh, Azure Emperor Young Master, don’t worry, the little girl has to prepare something, I can’t eat hot tofu in a hurry.” Long Xixi said slightly red.

“Brat, how dare you be rude to my daughter?”

Xihai Longzun was immediately angry. He was not willing to scold his daughter normally.

didn’t expect, Ye Qing, an outsider, actually yelled at his daughter!

“Father, what are you doing? Don’t scare Azure Emperor Young Master!”

Just when Xihai Longzun was angry, Long Xixi puffed up her little mouth, obviously dissatisfied with Xihai Longzun.

“Um…well, good girl, you can be happy.” Xihai Longzun immediately restrained his imposing manner.

“Azure Emperor, I’m sorry, I’m just violent, please don’t take offense.”

Xihai Longzun even apologized to Ye Qing.

With the strength and identity of Xihai Longzun, to apologize to a young junior, if the matter is spread, no one will believe it.

“It’s okay, it’s just that, can you quickly take out the Supreme Dragon Ball?” Ye Qing urged again.

“Okay, Azure Emperor Young Master, you go to my room and wait for a while, the little girl will take a bath first.”

Long Xixi blushed and rushed out of the great hall.

The beautiful shadow gradually disappeared before Ye Qing’s eyes.

Xihai Longzun asked a dísciple from the Dragon Palace to come and brought Ye Qing into a room.

The decoration of the room resembles the place where a girl lives, and all the furnishings inside are very elegant.

In the room, there is a tasseled Gold Jade bed, with a faint feminine fragrance, which is very charming.

“Fuck, it’s weird, what do you bring me here?” Ye Qing was speechless.

This is obviously the woman’s boudoir!

Could it be that?

This is Long Xixi’s boudoir?

Ye Qing thought of this, couldn’t help but sucked in a cold breath.

“Azure Emperor Young Master, don’t be impatient, congratulations to you, my younger brother, I am so envious of others for being favored by Dragon Girl!” The Xihai Dragon Palace dísciple, who led the way, looked envious.

Ye Qing is even more speechless, looking at what he means, it seems that this is really the boudoir of Xihai Dragon Girl!

“Azure Emperor Young Master, you wait here first, I’ll go now, little brother!”

The Heaven’s Chosen from the ancient Dragon clan, after completing the task of leading the way, left.

After all, he can already guess what will happen next.

The things in the boudoir can’t be known to outsiders, so the boy in Xihai Dragon Palace hurriedly left.

Ye Qing stood in the boudoir, feeling a bit dry in his throat.

However, Ye Qing doesn’t want to have a close relationship with Long Xixi, you know, he just came to Supreme Dragon Ball!

Now that the Dragon Race hasn’t gotten it yet, instead, a bunch of things have happened, making Ye Qing very helpless.


In a short time, Long Xixi came to the boudoir.

After she finished the bath, she changed into her clothes, looking more beautiful and radiant.

A short pink skirt can’t hide her hot figure, the posture she just came out of the shower, it is simply infinite reverie.

With Long Xixi’s beautiful face, I think any man will be moved by it!

“Azure Emperor little brother, you must be waiting in a hurry! I’m here!”

Long Xixi’s voice is very sweet, it sounds like a little kitty, a bit crooked.

In front of Yan Shen, Long Xixi really has no resistance.

“What are you doing here? Don’t you want to give me Supreme Dragon Ball?” Ye Qing rolled his eyes.

“Azure Emperor little brother, don’t worry, you kiss me and you will get Supreme Dragon Ball! I hope you can refining Supreme Dragon Ball. From now on, you will be our son-in-law of Xihai Dragon Palace.”

Long Xixi said with a look of longing, and kept winking at Ye Qing.

“Just kiss and you will have it? What do you drive…”

Ye Qing was forcibly interrupted before he finished speaking.

Because Long Xixi has already taken action.

The next scene cannot be described.

Sure enough, as Long Xixi said, when Ye Qing came in close contact with him, he sensed the breath of Supreme Dragon Ball.

Didn’t expect, Supreme Dragon Ball is within the body of Long Xixi.

Ye Qing suddenly realized, and finally understood why Long Xixi evaluated Heaven’s Chosen from the ancient Dragon clan, not innate talent and strength, but only the appearance.

After all, I want to take the Supreme Dragon Ball out, but through intimate contact, the ugly man, Long Xixi will not do it!


Ye Qing would like to say something, such as asking about the danger level of Supreme Dragon Ball, and power and so on.

However, Long Xixi refused to give Ye Qing a chance and stopped Ye Qing from speaking.

The process of passing Supreme Dragon Ball lasted two hours.

Supreme Dragon Race From Long Xixi’s mouth to Ye Qing’s belly.

Ye Qing estimates that if you want to refining the Supreme Dragon Ball, you must put it within the body, otherwise you cannot refining.

And Long Xixi must have failed in refining and cannot take it out, only through this intimate method.

“My mother, this way of absorbing Supreme Dragon Ball is really special! My bloodline within the body seems to be agitated, Supreme Dragon Ball is really powerful, and my dragon’s blood may be able to awaken further!”

Ye Qing is excited. At present, Supreme Dragon Blood has awakened for the third time, and the innate talent Divine Ability is enough for heaven defying.

If he comes to the fourth awakening, his Bloodline Strength bring it up a level, innate talent Divine Ability will definitely be more heaven defying!

However, it is not easy to refining the Supreme Dragon Ball within the body. If the power within the body dragon’s blood is not enough, you will definitely encounter the backlash of Supreme Dragon Ball.

By then, let alone refining Supreme Dragon Ball, maybe the blood essence will be backlashed by Supreme Dragon Ball.