Sorry, I’m Cheating Chapter 1973


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Long Xixi, the Dragon Girl of the West Sea, was anxious to spit out the Supreme Dragon Ball, presumably also afraid of backlash.

Long Xixi’s cultivation base is very strong, reaching the Spirit Sect realm, and within the body dragon’s blood is also Rank 2 Supreme dragon.

Long Xixi still can’t refining Supreme Dragon Ball, which shows its difficulty.

However, the success of refining Supreme Dragon Ball depends mainly on the quality of within the body dragon’s blood, which has little to do with the cultivation realm.

To say that in the entire Xihai Dragon Palace, the most promising person to refining Supreme Dragon Ball is Ye Qing.

The third-order Supreme Dragon Blood pulse is the crowning one in the world!

During the process of refining Supreme Dragon Ball, Ye Qing could clearly feel that his Bloodline Strength played a huge role.

Long Xixi still refuses to let it go after completing his intimate contact with Ye Qing.

Ye Qing is helpless, knowing that Supreme Dragon Ball has entered his body within the body, and if he comes in close contact with Long Xixi, there is simply no benefit.

Although Long Xixi looks good, Ye Qing is not such a superficial man.

Now it’s time for business, but there is no idle time to entangle Long Xixi.

“Long Xixi girl, please show respect!”

Ye Qing said with a serious face.

Long Xixi blushed, still unwilling to let it go.

Ye Qing really wants to push Long Xixi away, but unfortunately, he is not strong enough to fight Long Xixi of Spirit Sect realm.

“Azure Emperor Young Master, don’t worry! Supreme Dragon Ball has not completely entered your body yet!” Long Xixi said pitifully.

“Nonsense, do you think I am a three-year-old child? Go away right away, how can you be so shameless as a girl?”

Ye Qing said with a serious face.

Long Xixi’s face turned redder, and Ye Qing said that she was shameless, and she felt hot on her face.

If other men dare to be so impudent in front of Long Xixi, Long Xixi will definitely not let it go!

However, Ye Qing is different. As Yan Shen, he has completely conquered Long Xixi from in the depth of one’s soul.

No matter what Ye Qing said, Long Xixi would feel that it was completely correct.

Long Xixi blushed and let go of her mouth. Beautiful eyes stared at Ye Qing, and she seemed to have something to say.

“Azure Emperor Young Master, you are really an upright gentleman, the little woman admires it!”

Long Xixi said with a smile, blinking her beautiful big eyes, and she looked even more lovely.

“Okay, next, I’m going to start refining Supreme Dragon Ball. If nothing else, don’t bother me!” Ye Qing said solemnly.

“Dear Lord Yanshen, don’t worry, there will never be anyone in our Xihai Dragon Palace who dare to disturb your peace!”

Long Xixi said confidently, Xihai Dragon Palace is her territory.

In the True Spirit domain, the Xihai Dragon Palace is the Overlord Influence of the Far Ancient Dragon clan, and the other Far Ancient Dragon clan don’t dare provoke easily.

Ye Qing is refining Supreme Dragon Ball in Xihai Dragon Palace, it is absolutely safe.

Next, Xihai Dragon Girl arranged a secret room for Ye Qing, which is where Xihai Dragon Girl usually retreats by herself.

In the secret room, Ye Qing doesn’t have to worry about being disturbed by anyone, and can rest assured to refining Supreme Dragon Ball.

Ye Qing is quite satisfied. I have to say that Long Xixi’s service is very attentive.

In the secret room, Ye Qing mobilized his own Bloodline Strength and gradually refining Supreme Dragon Ball. In the process, he was resisted by Supreme Dragon Ball.

But, overall, the process is relatively smooth. Ye Qing estimates that given him a few days, he will be able to completely refining Supreme Dragon Ball.

When the time comes, what new innate talent Divine Ability can be awakened makes Ye Qing look forward to it very much.


Outside the Xihai Dragon Palace, in a secret void.

Two Heaven’s Chosen from the Ancient Dragon clan gathered together, very unwilling.

After they completed Long Xixi’s test, they were kicked out.

However, they didn’t leave immediately, instead they kept guarding not far from the Xihai Dragon Palace, waiting for an opportunity.

“My mother, I didn’t expect that my prince of the South China Sea, Ao Qi, had a day of being disgusted! With my Spirit Sect’s Peak cultivation base and Rank 2 Supreme Dragon Blood vein, which one is not worthy of Long Xixi ?”

“Brother Ao Qi, my heart is also very frustrated. In terms of face value, I am Yan Zong. In terms of strength and bloodline, I am not bad! But in Long Xixi’s eyes, it is not as good as the profound emperor. The waste brat of the environment!”

Another Heaven’s Chosen from the Far Ancient Dragon clan speaks. His name is Long Zheyan, who belongs to the Far Ancient Dragon clan in Tianshou Mountain.

Ao Qi and Long Zheyan are well-known figures and innate talent monsters of their respective ethnic groups, with outstanding strength.

Among the three hundred Heaven’s Chosen who accepted the assessment, they had a great chance, but because Ye Qing’s appearance was too heaven defying, they lost the election.

Therefore, Ao Qi and Long Zheyan hated Ye Qing.

The two are guarding here, just waiting for Ye Qing to leave the Xihai Dragon Palace, directly murdering to seize the treasures.

With their strength, of course they dare not do anything inside the Xihai Dragon Palace, they can only wait outside.

“Hope that brat can successfully obtain Supreme Dragon Ball, otherwise, we will wait for nothing!” Long Zheyan sighed.

“If we don’t wait, we won’t have a chance at all! Wait, maybe brat really gets Supreme Dragon Ball? When the time comes, Supreme Dragon Ball belongs to our two brothers!” Ao Qi said with a malicious smile.

The two belong to different camps of the Ancient Dragon clan. However, they met during an experience in the early years, the birds of a feather, and they worshipped the handle, and they were considered brothers.

“The details of the brat, I have already inquired clearly, it should not belong to the Far Ancient Dragon clan power in the mainstream of the True Spirit domain, but a wild Dragon Race!”

“Yes, when the time comes, we can safely kill him without any worries!”

The two discussed, and gradually became a little excited, and they were extremely eager for Supreme Dragon Ball.

In their vicinity, various terrifying prohibitions have been arranged, and when Ye Qing appears, he will give a thunder blow.


Xihai Dragon Palace, in the secret room, Ye Qing is still refining Supreme Dragon Ball.

The process of refining Supreme Dragon Ball is fairly smooth. Although Supreme Dragon Ball has been restless, Ye Qing has suppressed it by virtue of its powerful Bloodline Strength.

Moreover, the third-order Supreme Dragon Blood of Ye Qing within the body is obviously strengthened, and Bloodline Strength is nourished by Supreme Dragon Ball, and there is already a sign of breakthrough limit!

Ye Qing was overjoyed, the feeling of enthusiasm made him want to scream loudly, it was too comfortable.

A few hours have passed, Ye Qing has completely refining Supreme Dragon Ball!

The current Supreme Dragon Ball is completely integrated with him!

Supreme Dragon Ball is different from Holy Artifact, but Supreme Treasure which contains the power of ancient Dragon Race Bloodline.

Supreme Dragon Ball cannot be used to kill enemies like Holy Artifact, but it is a real super tonic.

Ye Qing absorbed the refining, and within the body, there was no trace of Supreme Dragon Ball, but it became a part of his body and integrated into the bloodline.


A heaven-shaking, earth-shattering bloodline breath bursts out. Ye Qing’s Bloodline Strength and breakthrough sky are beyond the scope of the third-order bloodline!

“bang bang bang!”

The rumbling sound sounded like an overwhelming mountain.

Ye Qing’s Supreme Dragon God Bloodline, the fourth awakening!

The current bloodline level has reached the fourth-order Supreme dragon level, which is extremely terrifying!