Sorry, I’m Cheating Chapter 1974


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In the True Spirit domain, I am afraid that there is no fourth-order Supreme Dragon Blood vein.

The third order is already Peak!

Bloodline Strength continues to grow. Ye Qing feels extremely refreshed. He couldn’t help but scream and let out an amazing Dragon’s roar, piercing the golden cracked stone and reaching beyond the topmost clouds!

On Ye Qing’s body, the majestic Dragon Qi is constantly released, covering the sky and the sun, grandiose!

Surrounded by Dragon Qi, Ye Qing’s battle strength has increased by at least 50%!

Moreover, the state of increase is almost never exhausted. With its strong bloodline, it can be maintained for a long time!

What’s more terrifying is that under the Dragon Qi coverage, not only will Ye Qing’s strength increase, but the enemy’s strength will also be weakened.

The effect is similar to the previous Dragon God town Prison World, but stronger.

“Are Supreme Dragon God mad? With the new innate talent Divine Ability, the overall battle strength will be at least doubled! Now if you fight against the Spirit Sect first stage, you can be sure without many Seventh Rank Holy Artifacts. Kill it!”

Ye Qing satisfied and nodded.

Supreme Dragon God Bloodline is awakened for the fourth time, and the new innate talent Divine Ability is born. Power really heaven defying!

Supreme Dragon God aura, gathering in oneself can increase battle strength, covering the enemy can weaken the battle strength, it is simply a peerless means of going back and forth!

So Divine Ability, once it is displayed, the effect must be heaven defying.

Ye Qing can’t wait to try the power of Supreme Dragon God.

However, in Xihai Dragon Palace, Ye Qing is not easy to do.

After all, the people in Xihai Dragon Palace are quite polite to Ye Qing, and there is no reason to do it.

Now that I got the Supreme Dragon Ball from Xihai Dragon Palace, Ye Qing thought about it, now it’s time to leave.

With the current strength, it is enough to protect the safety of the Profound Holy Realm, it is better to leave as soon as possible.

Just after Ye Qing completely refining the Supreme Dragon Ball, in the Xihai Dragon Palace where he was, someone sensed the powerful aura released by Ye Qing.

Simply don’t need Ye Qing to explain by himself, the powerhouses of Xihai Dragon Palace immediately sensed the abnormal situation and came out to investigate.

The Xihai Dragon Girl was the first to come, and she sensed the extremely powerful Bloodline Strength of Ye Qing within the body, and she was shocked to the heavens, and the beautiful eyes were full of shock.

Long Xixi, as a Heaven’s Proud Daughter of the Ancient Dragon clan, has a keen sense of dragon’s blood!

She just glanced at Ye Qing and she knew Ye Qing within the body dragon’s blood was extraordinary.

It must have far exceeded the quality of the Rank 2 Supreme Dragon Blood pulse, and reached the level of the third-order Supreme Dragon Blood pulse.

“The third-order Supreme Dragon Blood vein! God, you have awakened the third-order Supreme Dragon Blood vein! My son-in-law of the Dragon Palace in Xihai Dragon Palace is indeed a peerless Heaven’s Chosen!”

Xihai Dragon Girl was shocked, but she obviously thought too much, Ye Qing had no intention of becoming the son-in-law of Xihai Dragon Palace.

cracking a joke, being the son-in-law of Xihai Dragon Palace is no benefit at all. Ye Qing has now got the Supreme Dragon Ball, so I think it’s more important to run quickly.

Otherwise, continue to stay in Xihai Dragon Palace, maybe sometime, I really can’t go back in the future.

“Lady Long Xixi, many thanks for the Supreme Dragon Ball you gave away. However, I feel that you Xihai Dragon Palace is a little bored. If you want to go out and have a look, don’t you mind?”

Ye Qing’s voice fell, and the person had already arrived outside the hundred zhang and wanted to run away.

“Azure Emperor Young Master, you can’t go yet! You took my first kiss, at least, you need to give me an explanation!”

Long Xixi’s words almost didn’t make Ye Qing spew out a mouthful of old blood.

What a joke.

The first kiss!

Long Xixi is the peerless powerhouse of Spirit Sect realm. No matter how innate talent is the monster, it will take at least 100,000 years of cultivation!

In other words, Long Xixi is at least one hundred thousand years old, and is he still kissing for the first time? The ghost will believe it!

“What do you want to explain? And, it’s just a first kiss. There seems to be nothing at worst. I don’t at all what do you do with you!”

Ye Qing said righteously.

“Besides, to say something bad, it was you who came here by yourself. What does it have to do with me?”

Ye Qing’s words left the Xihong Dragon Girl completely speechless.

Strictly speaking of which, Ye Qing really has no responsibility. After all, Xihai Dragon Girl is wishful thinking.

At that time, Xihai Dragon Girl wanted to give her Supreme Dragon Ball within the body to Ye Qing, but she simply didn’t ask Ye Qing what she meant. Instead, she was a little bit like the overlord would force her bow.

“Azure Emperor Young Master, if you must go, I won’t stop you, but if my father is there, I don’t think it is necessarily!” Xihai Dragon Girl suddenly said pitifully.

“Are you threatening me?”

Ye Qing’s eyes suddenly burst into a cold glow.

To be honest, with Ye Qing’s current strength, if the Supreme Dragon God aura is released, coupled with his own heaven defying methods, there are really few people who can stop Ye Qing’s footsteps.

“No, no, Sir Azure Emperor, you have misunderstood, I just want to ask the father’s opinion.” Long Xixi was so scared that Huarong turned pale, feeling Ye Qing’s domineering, and admiring it even more in her heart.

“Okay, I’ll go with you to see Xihai Longzun!” Ye Qing laughed.

I have to see what Xihai Longzun means.

If Xihai Longzun really blocks Ye Qing, then when the time comes, Ye Qing will just give it a try, how amazing power can he explode with his Supreme Dragon God aura.

Led by Long Xixi, Ye Qing came to the palace of Xihai Longzun.

The place where Xihai Longzun lives is magnificent and magnificent, with carved beams and painted buildings, and its inner fairy sounds are pleasing to the ear, which is almost the same as Immortal Realm.

“Daughter, how about you, Supreme Dragon Ball within the body?”

Xihai Longzun saw his daughter coming, with a caring look on his face.

Obviously, if Supreme Dragon Ball stays in Long Xixi within the body, it will do a lot of harm to Long Xixi.

However, Long Xixi hadn’t spoken yet. When Xihai Longzun sensed the powerful aura released by Ye Qing within the body, he immediately stayed in place!

Ye Qing within the body’s dragon’s blood breath, although it has been suppressed a lot, it is still extremely surprising.

Yixihai Longzun’s eyesight, of course, can be seen at a glance, that is the terrifying third-order Supreme Dragon Blood vein.

Even, it may be much stronger than the general third-order Supreme Dragon Blood vein.

“Oh my god, did you refining Supreme Dragon Ball?”

Xihai Longzun’s face was full of incredible expressions.

Ye Qing’s within the body can possess the third-order Supreme Dragon Blood vein, which undoubtedly proves one thing, that is, Ye Qing has successfully refining Supreme Dragon Ball!

“Yes, I have already refining Supreme Dragon Ball, now I come here to say goodbye!”

Ye Qing finished speaking, turned around and left, leaving no room.

“Don’t! Young man, don’t rush away! Now that you have refined Supreme Dragon Ball and have intimate contact with my daughter, you will stay and be my son-in-law of Xihai Dragon Palace and inherit Xihai Dragon Palace in the future. !”

Xihai Longzun said straight to the point.

After seeing Ye Qing’s superb bloodline, Xihai Longzun certainly refused to let go.

In the eyes of Xihai Longzun, Ye Qing took his Supreme Dragon Ball and got huge benefits, so he should be his person!

Furthermore, Xihai Longzun values ​​Ye Qing’s innate talent and deliberately wins over him to make him a person on a boat.