Sorry, I’m Cheating Chapter 2032

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kills the two Spirit SECT seven majority, no treasure chest explodes, ye why is speechless.

It is not easy to pit a wave of the West Feng Magu, and the result has not killed him.

looks like, the Westfeng Magic is an ancient Era’s overlord, as a group of PEAK in Heavenly Demon, I want to kill him, but it is not easy.

However, the Westfeng Magu is chopped by Ye Qing’s Demon GOD, afraid that it takes a period of time to cultivate.

Monster Race’s four Old Annestor, the two Heavenly Demon’s corpse is handled, and the Treasure on him is searched.

However, the two Heavenly Demon clanles, simply with BeGgar, poorly awkward, and the body is not worth Treasure.

Anyway, with Ye Qing’s eyes, you can’t see it.

I thought that the Heavenly Demon family of vertical ancient era, lived for hundreds of thousands of years, and there were always a value of Treasure.

, but unfortunately, there is no hair, it is some garbage.

“we are going!”

ye qing puts a swing, indicating four Monster Race Annestor, continuing to hurry.

This is to save the demon, can not delay too long.

Over time, Ye Qing Entire Group came to a desert.

Barren here, there are winds sand, a broken sight, desolate, decline, and there is no existence of Life Aura.

The crowd walked for a long time, but it was still unable to get out of the desert.

is walking, in fact, every place is a big energy of Cultivation Base Heavenspan, of course, Walking In The Sky.

is only, even if people walk in the sky with very fast speed, it is still not able to fill this desert.

seems that this desert is not at his end.

The two days have passed.

Ye why is still in the desert, could not help but afford it.

“What is going on? shouldn’t you!”

Ye why is solemn, and the four Monster Race Old Ancestor have also stopped.


Walk for a long time in the desert, according to their speed, theoretically, you should go out of desert!

But in fact, they have always been in the desert, seem to have fallen into some formation!

ye qing eyes a bright, continuous spatial flight for a long time, is not able to get out of desert, and naturally feel strange.


A extremely strong Stregth of Divine Soul is released, ye why is noticeable, in their surroundings, there is a powerful Array Restriction!

“Not wonderful, we broke into the formation!”

ye qing speech reminds, several MONSTER RACE OLD ANCESTORs present in the field, also perceive the existence of Array Restriction.

At first, their simply did not notice that if the Formation also had a hidden breath, if not carefully induced, the simply did not understand.

I have been trapped in the in Formation, which is in touch with the existence of Array Restriction.

“Yes, this is going to be an ancient big array. If this is not the case, we will never be affected by the form, not self-knowledge!”

The noodles of the ancient Azure Snake demon are extremely dignified, which makes him completely Didn’t Expect, and the Life Essence Qi of ourselves is started!

This has been affected by the formation, otherwise, in an ancient Azure Snake demon, the Life Essence QI of the WITHIN THE BODY, which can be kept in extremely strong.

“Shiny Fuwan demon, you are more familiar with far ancient formation, look, what is Array Restriction, will we trap it?”

Ancient Azure Snake Separates, Monster Race’s big giants stopped foot, stop to see the situation of Array Restriction.

In the four Monster Race Old Ancestor, the most good at Dao of Array is the silent vine demon.

looks at it, the silence rattan released powerful Stregth of Divine Soul and started searching for the Formation.

Nothing, the face of the fat rattan is extremely docward, and it is more difficult than black iron.

Listen to the silent rat lame: “If I have a good thing, I trapped us Array, it is ancient Era’s Heaven Defying Big Array, life is a big battle! In the formation, our life is Will will slowly, and finally become a corpse! “

The slightest words, shocking people, in Ancient Era, there is indeed the existence of life, people know, it is a absolute horrible big array, if it is sleepy, it is like a silence rattan In the case, you can only bear the pain of pain, and slowly deplete vitality and die.

“Is it a life-witty? So, we are afraid that it will not go …” Golden Marks ant memark slowly said that there is a look of a desperate look.

He is very clear about the horror of life, and is now falling in the chance of life, and it is very small.

If someone can go out, it will definitely pay the tremendous cost, not so easy.

According to the estimated Golden Marks ant demon, in the Monster Race Elder in the field, it will eventually escape from the people of life, and they are afraid that they will not exceed ten!

“What should I do, don’t we sit still?” The ancient Phoenix demon said.

“Of course, now we have a Glimmer of Survival, as long as we can unite all the power of everyone, we have the possibility of escaping!” Ancient Azure Snake monster, stunned.

is trapped in formation, Ye why The expression on your face is always calm, can’t see any emotional fluctuations.

In fact, what is the life of the life, Ye Qing Simply does not take it to Taking Seriously.

If there is any other ancient large array, ye why maybe there is a bit avoided.

but life is a big array, Simply Not Worth Menting, you know, in ye qteen eternal treasure tower, the least lack of life is Life Essence Qi.

As long as Ye why is willing to put the Life Essence Qi in the Eternal Tower, the Monster Race of Monster Race is not exhausted by the vitality of the whisk of WITHIN THE BODY, and there is a greater chance to be able to Escape Alive!

“MONSTER SOVEREIGN”, I don’t think now, what do we do now? “asked ancient azure snake.

ye qing as Monster Race’s MONSTER SOVEREIGN, is the main heart, now there is a change, everyone’s eyes are concentrated on him.

“Don’t worry, wait, we still have an Old Friend.”

ye qing slightly smiled, the face revealed a sinister smile, under his STRENGTH OF Divine Soul induced, found the breath of the West Wind, and several other Heavenly Demon family Powerhouse.

is not long ago, Ye qing hurts the West Feng Magu ,ads its body.

With the help of Heavenly Demon a patriarch, the Westfeng Magic will succeed, but the injury is not light.

As the hegens of the Heavenly Demon family, the Westfeng Maguer took a big loss under ye whped, and after the injury recovered, he immediately came to YE Qing avenge.

In addition to the revenge, the West Wind Magu is still remembered Ye Qing’s Demon GOD war.

At this moment, the West Wind is not far from Ye Qing, has been induced by Ye Qing.

is around the west wind magic, surrounded by 15 Heavenly Demon, each of the spirit sect seven major revenues, very badly dealt with.

compared with the last time, the powerhouse brought by the West Feng Magu has more, and it is necessary to convene his strengths.

According to the reason, there should be more PowerHouse in the Heavenly Demon family, but the Western Western Maguy does not want the news that the Demon GOD Waxa will leak out, in case the big energy of other Heavenly Demon family, then It is not wonderful.

The Heavenly Demon Clan Powerhouse brought by the West Feng Magu is a very deep generation, and it is his heart and trust.

Search for Ye Qing everywhere, and I feel that the existence of Ye Qing, and suddenly looks.

“The Brat is in the distance, Brothers, together, this time, I must get the Demon GOD Totto! Take the Houtian Memor’s world, it is our!” Western wind magic laughs, immediately Come.

The existence of life, the existence of the big array, the West Feng Magu is obviously not perceived!