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This ancient big array is this. If you are not close, the root is not induced, and when it is close, then it is so late.

“嗖 sou!”

Soon, the West Wind Maguer took the 15 Heavenly Demon around him, and the position of Moved Towards ye Qing, hurriedly rushed.

Nothing, the West Wind Magic is in the middle of the life, and the West Wind Magic is still not reacted, and simply does not know that he is in a conservation.

“MONSTER RACE’s stinky Brat, you better immediately hand over the Demon GOD war, so I can still raise your life, if it is stubborn, wait for you only dead!”

Western wind magic laugh, exploding Terrifying Killing Intent, there is 15 Heavenly Demon help around you, the West Shundu has absolute grasp, which can suppress Monster Race.

In fact, with the strength of the West Wind Magic, you can resist the four Old AnceStors of Monster Race.

The remaining MONSTER RACE ELDER is handed over to the Heavenly Demon family Elder, enough to cope with it.

“Western Shu Magu, you are not annoying, the lesson for you last time, is it not enough?”

Ye why blooms in the eyes of Ye why, there is a Murderous Aura.

“Brat, this Time, do you think there is a Sneak Attack I have a chance? Let me wait, your last day is coming soon!”

The West Wind Magic is released, and the rich in the eyes is the ultimate killing intent, which is not cold, and Desert has a windy wind, which is even more desolate.

“Western Western Maguer, before you start, I can’t help you, you have already caught the life of the life, if you have a hard time, you can only speed up your death!”

Ancient Azure Snake demon stands out, out A WISP of Divine Sense, the sound is full of Take Pleasure in Other People’s Misfortune.

The mood of the four MONSTER RACE OLD ANCESTOR is originally very bad, because it is caught in the big array of life, it can’t get it.

However, now there is a western wind magic, plus the HEAVENLY DEMON family, many Spirit SEVEN Realms Elder came to accompany, and Monster Race’s Old AncesTor is of course happy.

“Ancient Azure Snake demon, what is your joke, what is the ancient big array, is this king unrecognizable?”

Western Shujun Sneered, I don’t believe in the ancient Azure Snake demon, I thought that the other party was purely in delay.

“Western Semizo, if you don’t believe, you may wish to feel it carefully, look at your usein the body’s life essence qi, is it all lapse?”

Ancient Phoenix demon Coldly Said, he reminded that the West Wind Magic immediately complex greatly change, realized what, rumored, there is indeed an extreme mysterious formation, it is called life dying!

and in the life of the life, the Life Force of WITHIN THE BODY will be thousands of times faster than the passage of the outside world!

“Life is a big array? No, I don’t believe, how can form, how it might be encountered, Impossible is so clever!”

Western wind magic laughs, simply no matter what life witnessed, now there is only Demon God Tottoahawk, everything is emot, no one wants to block him to capture the Demon GOD.


Under the order of the Western Semizo, the 15 Heavenly Demon family Elder, jointly attacked, the breath out of the breath is particularly powerful, with the tacit understanding of each other, with the Monster Race, Elder, completely Rolling the situation.

“Western Shu Magu, it is rampant, let’s come for a while!”

Monster Race’s ancient Azure Snake demon, silent rat demon and the Others, killing directly, four Old Ancestor teamed up with Power, the Power broke out, reached an incredible level.

The West Wind Maguer is rolling the sky, and the four MONSTER RACE OLD ANCESTOR fierce combat is connected to the wind!

To know that their Cultivation Base is Spirit SECT 9th Layer Peak, which is the power of the West Shundu, and does not have Realm above the Spirit Sect.

Same Realm Battle, the West Wind Magic is in an enemy, which is stable and unbeaten, it is simply a miracle.

“Wind Demon GOD!”

Western Greek monks, running CultiVation Technique, the eternal Spirit Streg of Withnin The Body is crazy, a violent power, outbreak, shock world shacking.

However, in the face of the mad attack of the West Wind, the four Monster Race Elder is very cautious. Simply does not desperate with the West Feng Magu, but fully adopted a defensive gesture.

Western Western Maguer Attack for A Long Time without Any Success, even with the power of Demon God, it is impossible to win in a short period of time.

“You only defense?”

The West Wind Magic Jun is anger, the other person-keeping Not One Drop of Water Can Leak Out, now his simply can’t find any opportunities.

“Western Sky Jun, you don’t make your big move, you will be grandson!”

Golden Marks ant demon taunted.

Western Western Magic, suddenly, Complex Greatly Changed, complement greatly change, realized that it is not right, he is just a short while it’s all, within the body Life Essence Qi is much less, it is very likely, Really caught in the life of life!

“is not strong! There is a weird!”

The West Wind Magic has stopped the offensive. The four Monster Race Old Ancestors looked at him. Although the four old Ancestors didn’t go out, I didn’t know why, I saw the West Feng Magu, they are very Happy.

On the other side, Heavenly Demon elder, and Monster Race’s energy, no hand.

Of course, it is obvious that the scene is not right, and now there is a thoughts that continue to fight.

“leader, we seem really trapped in the life of life!” A Heavenly Demon reminded.

The face of the West Wind Magic is more and more and unsatched.

Also revealed that there is a much easier, perhaps because the new is back, so their mood is good.

ye q is more full of spring, it seems that there is no concern because it is trapped in the formation.

“Life Essence Qi is a little lack, but it doesn’t matter, brothers, do you forget, I am a third-order supreme class chef!”

ye qing said with a faint smile, the chef is extremely rare, after all, everyone is busy with the valuable time in the cooking.

Three-order supreme grade chef, the food cooked, mainly for the Martial Artist of Xuan Emperor, has a huge help to Xuandi Realm.

However, the third-order supreme grade food is equally effective in Spirit Sect Realm, of course, the quality of the food that needs to be cooked is good enough.

As for the cuisine above the third-order supreme level, in the True Spirit field, only the legend.

ancient era, is a very few Shocking and Stunning chefs, which can achieve the Eternal Level chef, cook Eternal Level food.

However, now, Ancient Era’s brilliant Already Not in, Eternal Level is only in the Ancient Book record.

Four Monster Race Ancestor Hearing this is Eyes Shined, knowing Ye whped Kitchen, perhaps to make HEAVEN Defying food, used to significantly increase their WITHIN THE BODY Life Essence Qi? In this way, you can have a long time in your life.

Four Monster Race Old Ancestor, I don’t know, YE Qing also has an eternal Treasure Tower existence. They now expect Ye why can save them through superb cooking and save them.