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The Westfeng Magu is directly in the original place. Although I really want to grab Ye Qing’s Demon God, but now SIMPLY has no way.

Don’t say that the West Wind Magic will not be able to defend the four Monster Race Ancestor in the West Wind, even if he can’t kill the Western Shujun, he may not be able to take Ye qing.

and, during the battle, will speed up the passage of the Body Life Essence Qi, if it is too big, then don’t think it is.

The West Wind Magu is not a fool. If you continue to do it, you will have no benefit to him. Therefore, he chose to wait, want to see what Ye why play.

Heavenly Demon family ELDER is a command that is not moving, waiting for the Western Feng Magu.

Ye whisk smile, talking between his own Storage Space, took out a bag of glutinous rice.

glutinous rice is extremely ordinary material, there is no value for value.

There are white sugar, raisins, white lotus, etc., all ordinary ingredients have been taken by Ye Qing, which is awkward.

The four Monster Race Annestor present in the field is expected to be the cooking of Ye Qing, after all, I have been heard of Ye why is good at cooking.

However, when they saw the ingredients taken from Ye Qing, I was disappointed.

In their impression, even if there is a good chef, if there is no high quality ingredient, the simply can’t cook enough food enough.

Ye why is the most ordinary ingredient, you must know that the smart woman is difficult to sam, even if Ye why cooking is superb, the food made is afraid of a general level.

“MONSTER SOVEREIGN” If you need precious ingredients, although I am looking for me, I am willing to provide free! “

Golden Marks antimona is just right, but I thought Ye whped no precious ingredients.

“Don’t have to, antiquity, thank you for your kindness, but I have enough food.”

ye qing face full of splendid smiles, Simply did not put the ingredients of ingredients. Taking Seriously.

Soon, ye why started to make a food, this time, ye why is made of rice cake.

There is no other reason, because it is a long time, ye why didn’t taste the taste of the rice cake. After cooking, it will produce a good effect.

The West Wind Magic, a fog, indicating that simply can’t understand what ye why.

The good end, actually use some ordinary ingredients to make food, isn’t it a waste of time?

ye why knows that you can’t get out of your life, so Have No Desire To Improve, is bored, just in it?

Western wind magic monarchs are full of suspected sinus, but soon, the western wind’s doubts have an answer.

Ye why uses the most ordinary ingredients, and even make a large Green’s rice cake.

The cake seems to be in a quicker, but there is a strong Life Essence QI exudation.

In fact, Ye why is in the process of making it, just makes a little Life Aura in his life, and add it in the rice cake.

The effect produced is surprisingly, the rice cake manufactured, contains extremely rich Life Essence Qi, and it is a good thing!

“My Tian, ​​Monster SoveReign, is so delicious!”

“three-order supreme food, actually a third-order supreme food, Monster SoveReign adults only used the most ordinary ingredients, they will be produced!”

The Monster Race Elder is a series of exclamation, have to say that Ye qing makes the food, amazing, and brightened their eyes.

has not tasted food yet, just smelling the fragrance of the rice cake, there is also a huge Life Force, they are determined, and the rice cake must be a peerless cuisine.

Even the four Old Annestors of Monster Race is exposed, which is extremely desired, and can’t wait to taste the rice cake.

The camp of the Heavenly Demon family, also cast a few uncomfortable eyes, no doubt, Ye qing made a bad cake, refreshed their cognition for food.

a small piece of food, it can contain a huge Life Force, it is simply incredible.

“MONSTER SOVEREIGN, I don’t know if the Old Man can taste it, what you produced?” Golden Marks antimona came over and said.

“Of course, there is no problem!”

ye qing is very refreshing, in fact, making a delicious rice cake, which is used to use the Brothers enhancement of the Monster Race to enhance the usein the body of Life Essence Qi.

as a stupid thing for the group of Heavenly Demon family, then, let them see it in the distance.

Soon, Golden Marks antimona is late to get Ye qing made of rice cake, just biting a bite, Golden Marks antimona has been induced by his own WITHIN THE BODY has an extremely strong life essence qi, broke out Out.

It was originally plagued in the life of life, and Golden Marks antimona has become very weak.

However, getting the nourishment of life essence qi, and Golden Marks antimona will soon recover normal levels.

even, Golden Marks antimona feels that he has become more strong, and now he is not a problem for ten nights with the West Wind Maguer.

Many Monster Race Elder in the field, all in the eyes are exposed, and the colors are extremely desired.

ye qing does not say, put a little-cake of a Large shared Brothers.

Ye qing is a big cake, which is enough to make Monster Race’s Brothers everyone has a copy.

even there will be many left, after all, is a large rice cake, each person is just a small piece, can get a huge benefit.

After eating a rice cake, Monster Race’s four Old Ancestor, and other other PowerHouses of Monster Race, all of which are Vigorous Dragon and Ferocious Tiger!

In contrast, the people of the Heavenly Demon family are now weak. If there is a war, it is estimated that the people of the Heavenly Demon family must suffer!

“Scorpio, what is the strange food, it can really improve the life essence qi!” One of the Heavenly Demon sighs.

Ye why why brother, I don’t know if you are willing to give me a little cake, I am willing to buy a big price! ”

The Westfeng Devil suddenly came over and said with a devout tone.

Don’t look at the Western Wind and Despotic’s appearance, but he is actually a clear current situation. If you can’t supplement the whitin the body life essence qi, it is very passive!

“No! Monster SoveReign, we must never give precious rice cakes to their Heavenly Demon family!” Ancient Azure Snake demon first stands out.

“Yes, according to me, they are a group of THANKLESS WRETCH. If now give them rice cake, wait until they are full, will definitely start with us!” The silent rat demon gives recommendations.

Several MONSTER RACE OLD ANCESTOR in the field is strong opposition, Impossible shares the rice cake to the opponent.

“I want the rice cake, no problem.” Ye whped SAID WITH WITH SMILE.

After listening to Ye whped, several Monster Race Ancestor faces present were somewhat uncomfortable, and Didn’t Expect yezhen really agreed.

However, Ye whped as Monster SoveReign, his status is high, he has already opened, and there is nothing wrong with Monster Race Old AncesTor.

“But now, now our Monster Race has not eaten, where is there excessive rice cakes to you?”

Ye why The word is turned, making the West Strokes of Complex IS GLOOMY.

“Brothers, you open it, MUST is full!” Ye whcript spanning between MONSTER RACE Elder.

Elder has heard Ye qing’s meaning, so it is not polite, the big mouth is very fast, and a large rice cake made from Ye why is there.