Sorry, I’m Cheating Chapter 2035

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The West Wind Magic is not light, on the surface, listening to Ye qing, it is willing to share the rice cake to them.

But in fact, ye why qing simply does not have a click to share the actions of rice cake.

After the Elder of Monster Race, the rice cake can also be restored.

but ye why is the Monster Race long Old HU, which is present, eats sea, very fast, Ye why is the rice cake produced.

The West Wind Magic is gnash the teeth. It is simp that Ye qing hates to the bones, and he actually played him!

However, with the situation of the West Wind, Simply does not dare to do Ye qing.

Life Essence Qi is still in a sustained consumption, if the West Wind Magic is now, it really wants to fall into the situation of consigned to eternal damnation.

Western A SMILING ACCOMPANY THEM WITH A SMILING FACE, slowly, with extremely sincere tone: “Monster SoveReign, do you want to make a little cake? Our Heavenly Demon’s brothers have not enjoyed yet. “

The western wind magic is sincere, and it is more than two of the arrogant gestures.

See the West Wind Mono, the Monster Race of the Monster Race in the scene, the face is a tauntful look.

, especially the four Monster Race Old Ancestor, seeing the Western Shujun’s look, I have to mention more.

“Western Demon Jun, look at your sincere and sincere, I can make some rice cakes, but now I don’t have a suitable ingredient, you need to find some ingredients.”

ye qing talking between, Looked Towards has a brother of a brother. Fuck your mother.

In providing ingredients, fuck Your Mother is absolutely very experienced. When you listen to Ye Qing, fuck Your Mother immediately understood the meaning of Ye qing.

“Boss, you can rest assured, what is ingredient, you will give it to me, you will not let you down!”

fuck Your Mother pats his chest to ensure that a pair of justice is like.

ye qing slightly smiled: “What food can you still have some of your privilege.”

Ye why talking, it emphasizes a pull word.

Fuck Your Mother, where you can don’t understand Ye Qing’s meaning, after all, Fuck Your Mother, together with Ye qing, know what Ye why you want’s ingredients is.

“Good, boss, you will wait first, I will pull the food immediately!”

fuck Your Mother runs with a smoky, go to a corner.

However, the current fuck your mother is still unable to leave the control of the life of the big array, can only pull the ingredients in the Formation.

When Fuck Your Mother is prepared, Ye qing released his powerful Stregth of Divine Soul, which formed a barrier around the Fuck Your Mother.

is powerful with Ye Qing Stregsth of Divine Soul, wants to be in the west wind magic, actually is not difficult, with the strength of the west wind, want to get a specific action of fuck your mothers, is very difficult.

and, in fact, the western wind magic is prepared for fuck your mother, there is no interest.

The West Wind Maguer wants, just hurry to eat the rice cake that can improve Life Essence Qi. As for what material for rice cakes, the West Wind is not careless.

“Brother Ye, you are not a predecessor, willing to give me food, I will pay you here, I hope you can forgive, the demon god war ax, this is your thing, I should not force.”

The West Wind Magic has said a big pass, it seems to want to repair the relationship with Ye qing.

The arrogance of the West Feng Magu actually took the initiative to admit mistakes. For him, it was a head.

“Nothing, everyone Out of Blows Friendship Grows, since everyone is trapped in the life of the life, you should take each other, do you say yes?” Ye whped said with a faint smile.

See Ye why Harmless to Humans and Animals smiles, the west wind magic is dark, there is a day, and we have to pay the price, find a home.

However, now, the West Wind Magic is asking for Ye qing, on the surface, still not too impudent, keeping basic respect.

Soon, fuck Your Mother pulled a lot of ingredients, a faint green grass, exuded.

Don’t say that fuck your mother pulls the ingredients yourself from yourself, not only covering the original strong smell, but also made ingredients into the shape of a pastries.

At first glance, I really don’t know, fuck your mother pulled the ingredients, which is his feces.

It has not seen the true situation of fuck your mother ingredients with the eyes of the West Feng Mon.

ye qing closes the ingredients of fuck your mother, and there is a touch of smile on his face. Since the Westfeng Magu wants to taste his ingredients, then let the West Feng Maguan tasted what is a heavy taste!

“Western Semizo, your don’t be impatient, my ingredients are ready, now you can make food.”

Ye why is full of brilliant smiles, hurrying time, hot, start cooking.

a big bunch of glutinous rice, was taken out by ye q, and the ingredients used to make rice cakes are almost the same, but this time has more fuck your mother pulled the ingredients.

“Brother Ye, it seems that your THIME makes the ingredients of rice cakes, and the ingredients used in the last use are different ?!”

The West Wind Magic, suddenly, suddenly said, with the eyes of the West Feng Magu, of course, Ye Qing this Time estimates the Green ingredients of Fuck Your Mother pull back.

seems to be a bit awkward!

The West Wind Magu is not a fool, it is easy to suspect, ye why wants to work in the food!

Wan Qing is poisoning in the food, and the West Wind is very uncomfortable.

“How is the West Brother feng, do you understand the kitchen?” asked Ye whped smiling.

“I don’t understand the kitchen, but I can see that the ingredients used in the two cooking are not the same. Is there any cat?” Western Shujun Straight to the Point asked, It has been suspicious.

“West Brother feng, if you really doubt the rice cake I have made, it is very simple, can you not eat? I didn’t seek you, you have to figure it out, now you want to eat rice cake!” The saying of Ye why righteous words.

Western Western Swords, in fact, it is what Ye Qing said, this is the Westfeng Maguer who is suffering from mellings!

“is, unable to Tell Good from Bad, our boss is good to help you do rice cakes, you dare to suspect that the boss is poisoned in the rice cake!” fuck your mother said.

“Boss, I don’t do it, we don’t do it!” said the king’s face.

“MONSTER SOVEREIGN, I have long said that the Heavenly Demon family is THANKLESS WRETCH, and now you have not officially started making food, I advise you, don’t waste Xuan Li!” Ancient Azure Snake demon Hurred it.

“Well, don’t do it, just unfortunately, I added a green grass, taste and effect, it is much better than the original, now the ingredients are ready, it is a pity, but unfortunately Ye why shook his head and shook his head.

Western Gloom Hearing this, Face GLOOMY AND UNETAIN, ultimately, seems to be determined, Cup One fist in the Other Hand said: “Brother Ye, please don’t see it, it is my more heart, trouble you make a rice cake. , This time I will not have more mouth! “

The West Wind Magic Jun is a soft service, Ye why blooms on a smile: “In this case, then I will continue to do it. After all, the good ingredients are in front of you. If you don’t do it, it is really a little ticking! “