Sorry, I’m Cheating Chapter 2055


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Six Paths bloodfiend was still complacent, but after sensing the horror of Ye Qing’s many eight-turn Holy Artifacts, Six Paths bloodfiend had a thought of fear in his heart.

With Six Paths bloodfiend as the cultivation base of the spiritual emperor realm, I don’t know how many years I have not had any fear in my heart.

It stands to reason that if you can cultivation to the realm of Linghuang, you can maintain your inner calm even if you face a stronger opponent than yourself.

But Ye Qing’s pressure on Six Paths bloodfiend is too great, even the Way Heart of Six Paths bloodfiend is affected!

You must know that Ye Qing is still only the cultivation base of the mysterious emperor’s 6th-layer realm. It can fight the mighty power of the spirit emperor realm, spanning two great realms, terrifying matchless!

In Ancient Era, such a golden age, no peerless Heaven’s Chosen like Ye Qing appeared!

“hong long! “

The small Six Paths of Samsara from Six Paths bloodfiend condense under the many strikes of Holy Artifact of the eighth turn has undoubtedly collapsed. In front of Ye Qing, there is simply no probability of resistance!

“Pu chi! “

A sword of Zhuotian pierced through the body of Six Paths bloodfiend, bringing up a tragic scarlet!

If Ye Qing’s six great killing tools are only used to pierce the Six Paths of Samsara and suppress the Six Paths bloodfiend in an imposing manner, then Ye Qing’s sword of killing camels is used to crush the camels. The last straw!

The Sword of Zhu Tian shattered everything, all obstacles and rules. Under the power of the Sword of Zhu Tian, ​​the body of Six Paths bloodfiend collapsed, and the Life Essence Qi in his body was swallowed up!

Six Paths bloodfiend, as the great power of the spiritual emperor realm, undoubtedly has the strength to reconsolidate the body.

However, Ye Qing’s Sword of Slaying the Heavens is a uniquely created ultimate move, and its power is not much weaker than his current top grade eternal spirit technique!

After the Sword of Zhu Tian penetrated the body of Six Paths bloodfiend, it carried out a devastating blow and swallowed all the Life Essence Qi in the body of Six Paths bloodfiend!

Even if the life force of Six Paths bloodfiend is prosperous, it can’t stand Ye Qing’s Sword of Heaven!

In an instant, Six Paths bloodfiend fell completely, together with his Divine Soul, scattered ashes and dispersed smoke under the sword of Zhuotian!

Six Paths bloodfiend, a power as powerful as the spirit emperor realm, died in the hands of Ye Qing. The three demonic patriarchs present were all scared to death!

There are Supreme Demon Venerable and Fengyue Old Demon, the fear in my heart is indescribable!

Their strength is stronger than Six Paths bloodfiend, but they are also not sure that they can withstand Ye Qing’s violent blow just now!

In the Monster Race camp, there was silence, too many brothers died, and the survivors were very depressed.

The four Old Ancestors of Monster Race have been watching the battle ahead. When they saw Ye Qing killing Six Paths bloodfiend, the excitement in their hearts was beyond description!

The powerhouse of the Spirit Sect realm was originally an arrogant and despotic posture, and simply looked down upon the Spirit Sect realm of Monster Race.

Now, Ye Qing has killed Six Paths bloodfiend and suppressed the imposing manner caused by the heavenly demon clan, which is undoubtedly fatal!

“Ding, congratulations to the host, you kill the powerhouse in the first realm of the Spirit Emperor, and burst a small blood treasure chest!”

In Ye Qing’s Sea of ​​Consciousness, the system prompt sounded. The small blood treasure chest appeared in the void, bursting out a monstrous blood light.

The blood class treasure chest, the quality is still above the eternal star class treasure chest.

Ye Qing got a small blood chest, thoughts move, open it directly!

“Ding, congratulations to the host, you open the small blood class treasure chest and get the exquisite eternal spirit technique, Divine Lightning!”

In Ye Qing’s Sea of ​​Consciousness, there was an introduction to Divine Lightning of the Primordial Chaos. This is the terrifying thunder of Ancient Era. According to legend, a Divine Lightning of the Primordial Chaos can even easily destroy the existence of the Spirit Sovereign Realm!

Exquisite eternal spirit technique, in Ancient Era are extremely precious existence, basically can not find a few copies!

Not to mention the eternal spirit technique, even if it is only top grade, it is common as rare as phoenix feathers and unicorn horns. Once it appears, it will inevitably cause fierce competition.

Ye Qing’s eyes burst out one after another cold glow. With the current strength, there is still a little gap between Supreme Demon Venerable and Fengyue Old Demon.

But if Ye Qing learned the Divine Lightning of Chaos, it would be completely different!

Divine Lightning in the early days of chaos, can gather Power of Thunder in chaos, the real destroying heaven extinguishing earth, power is infinite!

Super Divine Level Perception was launched. Soon, Ye Qing began to comprehend Divine Lightning.

Even if the cultivation difficulty of the eternal spirit technique is very difficult, with Ye Qing’s super Divine Level Perception, it does not take too long to train it!

“weng! “

In Ye Qing’s Sea of ​​Consciousness, began to deduce the Divine Lightning of the Primordial Chaos.

The subtlety of Divine Lightning in the early days of Chaos is under the control of Ye Qing. In a short moment, Ye Qing has already comprehended the tricks of Divine Lightning in the early days of Chaos.

However, it will take some time to bring the Divine Lightning cultivation from the beginning of Chaos to the Peak state, and just a few seconds may not work.

Ye Qing’s heart moved again and entered the realm of time in the eternal treasure tower. Now Ye Qing needs time most!

With the acceleration of the realm of time, Ye Qing soon grasped the Profound Truth of Divine Lightning in the early days of Chaos, and cultivated it to Peak!

A few days have passed in the realm of time. In fact, the outside world is just that’s all for a moment.

Supreme Demon Venerable and Fengyue Old Demon were surprised when they saw Ye Qing disappear, but they soon saw Ye Qing reappear in front of them.

“Brat, you killed a king of my heavenly demon clan, and you will surely endure the revenge of my heavenly demon clan!” Supreme Demon Venerable angrily roared.

“And you, you are also going to die! Today, any heavenly demon don’t even think about leaving, your ultimate destination is in hell!”

Ye Qing loudly shouts, the killing intent in his eyes condenses into substance, and his body turns into a series of afterimages, rushing towards him with extreme speed.

At the moment when Ye Qing killed Supreme Demon Venerable, a terrifying golden cudgel turned out to be Ye Qing’s As-You-Will Golden Cudgel!

After being strengthened, the As-You-Will Golden Cudgel exploded with amazing power. After a stick, the three Spirit Sect 9th layer Elders of Demon Race were completely dead!

An army of 100,000 Demon Races, no one is alive!

Only two heavenly demons of the spiritual emperor realm are left, still supporting!

Not far away, the battle between Fengyue Old Demon and the Demon Empress has come to an end. The Demon Empress has resisted to the present and is almost reaching her limit!

“Supreme Demon Venerable, hold on first, and I will help you right away! Today, you must avenge Six Paths bloodfiend and you must get the Demon God battle axe!”

Feng Yue Old Demon said with a sullen face, Supreme Demon Venerable not far away was nodded again and again, and had no plan to leave today. If they did not get the Demon God battle axe, they would not give up!

Among the heavenly demon clan, the Demon God battle axe Supreme, whoever gets the Demon God battle axe, can greatly increase their strength, and even further command the entire heavenly demon clan!

“Supreme Demon Art!”

Supreme Demon Venerable loudly roared, the magic in the body surges, and soon manifesting the demon body of one hundred ten thousand zhang.

The tall demon body, standing above the sky, possesses incomparably terrifying power, one punch is estimated to be enough to smash the Demon Sage mountain thousands of times!

One hundred ten thousand zhang demon body, amazing power, many Monster Race Elder, are suppressed by Supreme Demon Venerable’s imposing manner.

However, the expression on Ye Qing’s face looked very relaxed, and simply did not take Supreme Demon Venerable’s hundred ten thousand zhang demon body seriously.

The Six Paths bloodfiend that Ye Qing killed, also condense a hundred ten thousand zhang demon body, Ye Qing’s sword of slaying the sky, didn’t it still kill it?

“Supreme heavenly demon domain!”

Supreme Demon Venerable was shocked and displayed the trump card method. Facing Ye Qing, he did not dare to have any reservations. He displayed his trump card and formed a terrifying realm!

In the Supreme heavenly demon domain, the strength of Supreme Demon Venerable has risen again, and his demon body has risen to one hundred ten thousand zhang!