late at night……

In the bedroom of the pub…

Chu Xingyun sits cross-legged, his eyes closed slightly and his breath is long.

Chu Xingyun had already been able to travel to the ancient city of Manu.

However, after returning this time, Chu Xingyun suddenly found out that his perfect body deity has reached Level 9!

And at this moment, there is only one line difference from the ten-level battle body!

In the past year, Chu Xingyun has not paid much attention to the cultivation of the deity.

At Chu Xingyun, there is no time for it. In the unscrupulous circumstances, the perfect body deity is in any case impossible to reach the ten-level battle.

However, it is clear that Chu Xingyun’s judgment has an error!


Sitting cross-legged here is Chu Xingyun’s perfect body deity.

Under the perception of Chu Xingyun, Chu Xingyun quickly found out why.

Ever since entering this advanced Taiko battlefield, Chu Xingyun has subconsciously thought that only the Qi of Blood Apparition and the innate gloom can strengthen the battle.

As for the earth goddess combined with the Thunder ancient monument, the Tianlei corps tailored for him was basically ignored by him.

Although it is not to say that it is completely ignored, it is completely unthinkable.

However, there is not much hope for the improvement effect of the Tianlei corpse.

However, it turns out that… Although the effect of the Tianlei Benz is weak, it is sustained, and the victory never stops!

Every three breaths discharge, endless tempering Chu Xingyun’s battle.

Although the acquired congenital haze after killing the soul beast, the effect is stronger.

But after killing a soul beast, you need to wait for three ten breaths before you can gather the next soul beast.

In the time of the three ten breaths, the Tianlei body is enough to run ten rounds.


Even the perfect warfare deity, the endless fight continues…

In the case of unskillful, not more than the level of combat, its cultivation efficiency is actually similar to the Tianlei corpse.

Even the promotion effect of the Tianlei corpse is even stronger!

in other words……

Chu Xingyun Even if he doesn’t do anything, even if he is lying in bed all day.

It is also equivalent to the uninterrupted, endless, killing of the benefits of the same level soul beast.

The normal cultivator, which can be cultivated for six hours a day, is already a bitter cultivator.

Once the cultivation time exceeds six hours, the soul cannot bear it.

Chu Xingyun’s virtual god, no consciousness, no thought, no problem at all.

Just a machine, you can achieve permanent!

Endless battles, combined with the Tianlei body, the combination of the two, Chu Xingyun’s perfect battle body, in a year’s time, it has been upgraded to the tenth level!

Within a year, between ten times and the stone soul beast…

Chu Xingyun’s perfect battle has suffered a lot.

The perfect battle under the temperament, and then the suffocating, and the Tianlei corpse, the foundation is solid, solid, can be described as perfect!

At this moment…

Chu Xingyun’s perfect body, like the innocent sheep white jade, the skin exudes the gloss of the jade stone.


Although it is still the peak of Level 9, it is infinitely close to the tenth level.

But compared with the Man Niu Village, the children’s ten-level battle body, Chu Xingyun’s perfect battle body, but forced too much!

The level of the warfare is not simply the specific data of the strength and hardness of the warfare, as well as toughness.

If you simply refer to strength and hardness, how can those stone soul beasts be one to level 9 in the trial cave?

To know……

Even Niu Shan, Niu Hai, Niu Feng three people up to more than 60 levels of combat, its strength and hardness, is far from comparable to the stone soul beast.

The body of the Stone Soul Beast is made up of rock that is almost indestructible and is a battle of the ancient Taiko battlefield.

If strength and hardness are the only criteria…

Then any stone soul beast must have a battle of more than 80 levels.

The level of the warfare is based on the in the the body, and the defensive body of the body is the standard.

The so-called body-warming spirit is a strange energy that is invisible but invisible.

The quality and quantity of the war can provide a very strong protection for the warfare.

The fighting below the 80th level can only protect the flesh but cannot be released.

simply say……

If the battle body is compared to a balloon.

Then the so-called war is the air inside the body.

To hurt an object in the airbag, you need to puncture the airbag first.

Obviously, when the airbag is broken, the air in the airbag will transfer most of the damage to other parts of the airbag, spreading the power completely.

The so-called war is actually a balloon formed by the flesh as a medium!

When attacking the warfare, you must first fight against this airbag to offset the protection of the airbag before you can injure the warfare.


The so-called war level, the main reference is the quality and quantity of the war, not the strength and hardness of the flesh.

Otherwise, if you look at the strength and hardness alone, the first-class stone soul beast does not have a seventy-eighty class.

At this moment…

Chu Xingyun’s perfect battle body, after taking a lot of congenital haze, muscles, bones, and bloodline, can accommodate more and more fighting.

And the so-called Tianlei corpse is even more meticulous, and every cell of the whole body is constantly tempering.

Not only make these cells contain more fighting power…

It also makes the skin, muscles and bones of the body more flexible and harder.

In addition, in the past year, the perfect battle body has been tempered by thousands of collisions with the stone soul beast.

Time to now…

Although the perfect warfare of Chu Xingyun, the quality and quantity of the warfare contained in it is only the battlefield of the tenth level.

However, the strength, hardness and toughness of Chu Xingyun’s perfect combat body are far from being comparable to other children.

Especially the vitality and resilience of the perfect battle body is even more exaggerated!

Slowly open your eyes, Chu Xingyun right hand between the shots, from the cuffs, pull out a short bone dagger.

This dagger was given to him by Niu Feng.

Looking at the thin, sharp bones, Chu Xingyun took a long breath and was sharp and sharp, sharp to the sharpness of the terrifying dagger, and smashed toward his palm.

Under Chu Xingyun’s gaze, the pointed tip of the dagger easily collapsed the skin of the palm of his hand.


As Chu Xingyun slowly worked hard, the sharp dagger could never pierce Chu Xingyun’s skin.

An unremarkable resilience, but has always pushed the dagger outward.

With Chu Xingyun’s constant effort…

Finally, the tip of the dagger finally pierced the skin of Chu Xingyun’s palm.

A blush of blood suddenly burst out.

Fraried ……

Chu Xingyun knows that for the moment, the strength of the perfect battle body can not stop the bones of the bones.

Between the thoughts, Chu Xingyun put away the short bones.

As Chu Xingyun put away the dagger, the next moment… the one centimeter long wound healed at a speed visible to the naked eye.

When it was less than three minutes, the wound quickly gathered and recovered, and even a trace of scars did not stay.

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