Later, Chu Xingyun explored and grabbed a wooden knife on the head of the bed.

This wooden knife is used to cut fruits.

Its sharpness and sharpness, although not as short as bones, is not too much!

Take a long and deep breath ……

Chu Xingyun tied the tip of the wooden knife to the palm of his hand again.


Chu Xingyun’s skin at the palm of his hand, with the tip of the knife, gradually fell down.

Next… Chu Xingyun began to experiment, constantly increasing strength.

As the power increased, the wooden knife quickly suffered a strong rebound resistance.

Under constant exertion, Chu Xingyun has been adding 80% of his strength, but he has never been able to pierce the skin of his palm with the sharpest tip.


at last……

When Chu Xingyun continues to work and raises power to 90%.

The skin in the palm of your hand is still safe.

But the tip of the wooden knife, but can not withstand such a large force, instantly broken!

I admire the white skin like jade…

Chu Xingyun admired the nodded.

Obviously, the perfect battle of the tenth level, although it is still unable to immunize the puncture and cutting of bone minerals.

However, it has been able to immunize all wooden weapons perfectly.

Even if Chu Xingyun does not speak, do not do any resistance.

No one can rely on wooden weapons to hurt Chu Xingyun a cold hair!

Ten perfect combat body, immune to all wooden weapons!

Satisfied nodded ……

Up to now, the perfect battle body is about to reach the tenth level, and then… continue to stay in this barren village, it has been difficult to upgrade.

Once the warfare reaches the tenth level and enters the primary trial cave, there will be no stone soul beast.


Chu Xingyun’s perfect body deity, it is time to leave the barren village and go to the middle-level trial cave in Maniu Town.

But obviously…

As Chu Xingyun’s most valued bull valley, he at least has to leave a detachment to take charge of this wild cattle valley.

To know……

Chu Xingyun’s business is rooted in this wild cattle valley.

The core product of the firm is spicy beef jerky.

The core material of spicy beef jerky is the devil’s pepper.

On top of this high-level battlefield, only this super active volcanic crater, the valley of the wild cattle, grows a devil’s pepper.

And the devil’s pepper can only grow here!

Once the base was lost, Chu Xingyun’s business was directly disintegrated.

just now……

Chu Xingyun’s chaotic god, need a detachment, accompany him to go to the advanced trial cave of the ancient city of Man Niu.

The perfect warfare itself, but it needs to rush to the bull town.


If you want to stay in a wild cattle village, you must have another avatar.

In any case, Chu Xingyun must at least ensure a single body, stay here to grasp the situation.

Between the thoughts, Chu Xingyun carefully examined the origins of the perfect battle.

After a lapse of one year, the origin of the perfect battle body has completely recovered and reached its peak.

If necessary, Chu Xingyun can use the secret method to split a perfect split that also has a ten-level battle body…

But now, Chu Xingyun is not going to do this.

If the perfect warfare avatar reaches the tenth level directly.

In this primary trial cave, there is no way to encounter stone soul beasts.


The time spent here is basically a waste of time.

In this case, it is better to separate a perfect avatar.

As a result, the strength of the perfect warfare deity will hardly be reduced.

Although the perfect battle body will inevitably be weak for some time because of the separation of energy.

However, since the energy that is separated is too small, it is very fast to recover.

of course……

The separation of the source energy cannot be quickly recovered.

Whether it is to separate the ten-level warfare or separate the first-level warfare, the loss on the source is the same.

I want to condense the next avatar, at least for a year, let the source of the soil, and Source of Water to derive a new Power of Source…

After carefully indulging for a while, Chu Xingyun quickly made a decision.


Chu Xingyun Demonstrated the disintegration of the demon, once again separated a battle body – the second avatar!

The last time the demon was disintegrated, Chu Xingyun splits the energy of the perfect battle body into two!

Therefore, the warfare and the avatar have doubled their strength.

And this time is different…

Chu Xingyun This time the demon king disintegrated, only 10% of the energy was separated from the perfect battle body!

As a result, the level of the perfect warfare, from the peak of Level 9 to the beginning of Level 9!

But it has not fallen to a level…

The separated No. 2 avatar body has only one level of warfare.


Chu Xingyun mobilized the chaotic god, virtualizing the second virtual god.

Like the virtual god of No. 1…

The No. 2 virtual yuan god also separated the 50,000 yuan meeting, which is the mana of a mixed amount of money.

The reason why we have to separate so many mana is actually necessary.

If you want to drive the power of the ancient monument and explode enough forformable power, you must have a lot of mana to push it.

If you don’t give enough mana, you won’t have a powerful attack.


This separation is actually a temporary separation.

If you need it, feel free to get back.

Although the mana of Chu Xingyun’s chaotic body will be greatly reduced.

However, on this high-level battlefield, there is no way to launch large-scale operations.

There are so many more mana, and there is basically nowhere to be.


For the advanced Taiko battlefield, the mana of the four hundred thousand thousand will be the same as the mana of the 50,000 yuan.

Anyway, it is the ancestral master of the level of the amount of robbing…

Anyway, the mana is also inexhaustible…

Therefore, Chu Xingyun is very simple, directly separated out of the 50,000 yuan meeting, a mixed-source robbery mana, used to condense the virtual god of the second battle.

There is a virtual god in the first place, Chu Xingyun motivates the soul energy, directly copying the number one virtual god.

Therefore, in the time of only a few interest, the second virtual god, will be successful.


Under the control of the No. 2 virtual god, the second detached from the room and rushed over to try the cave.

Since it is destined to have a avatar, it is stationed in the barren village.

Therefore, this No. 2 avatar, Chu Xingyun is not a good idea, borrowing the black clock, for a quick upgrade.

Starting from the first-class warfare, the second avatar will be solid and one step at a time to practice.

Strive to lay a solid foundation…

As for the cultivation speed of the second battle, it does not matter at all.

Anyway, before the restoration of the original energy of the perfect warfare deity…

In the perfect battle body deity, you can separate the next battle body.

He can only be stationed in this bull village.

He can only be spent in the primary trial cave.

Other than that, you can’t go anywhere…

After separating the first avatar, Chu Xingyun first drove the perfect warfare deity, and under the escort of Niushan, he rushed to the bull town…


Chu Xingyun exchanged the chaotic gods with the virtual gods on the 1st.

The chaotic Yuanshen will be transferred to the top of the road.

The No. 1 virtual god is transferred to the perfect warfare deity.

Under the urging of No. 1 virtual god, Chu Xingyun’s perfect battle body continued to practice in the intermediate trial cave.

Chu Xingyun is alone, driving the No. 1 battle of the 18th level, moving towards the direction of the ancient city of Maniu.

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