Niu Shan, Niu Hai, and Niu Feng all want to escort him.

But the problem now is that the three of them are shouldering the heavy responsibilities.

It is necessary to form a barbarian army as soon as possible and set up three barbarian iron horses.

Only then will they be able to guard the security of the jungle town, the prairie town, and the swamp town business.

Make sure those ambitions do not dare to start with the business.


Chu Xingyun is on the road alone, although there is a high risk.

But as a cultivator, can you be afraid of danger?

Chu Xingyun is not a flower in the greenhouse. He walked along with him. He used iron and blood to fight all the way.

How is it dangerous?

If you shrink back because of danger, it will never be atmospheric!

In the next few months, Chu Xingyun went all the way to sleep, and was in danger for countless times.

However, Chu Xingyun successfully escaped the danger by giving him the speed of the ancient monument.

One of the most dangerous ones, Chu Xingyun ran for more than three hours in the chase of hundreds of blue wind wolves before finally getting rid of it…

With absolute speed advantage, even the fastest blue wind wolf on the grassland, there is no way to take Chu Xingyun.

Therefore, although there are dangers, they are not as big as they are supposed to be.

Between meals and sleep…

It took more than a week for Chu Xingyun to arrive at the ancient city of Maniu.

The ancient city of Barbarian is the capital of the bulls!

In this advanced Taikoo battlefield, the barbarian family occupies an area centered on the ancient city of Barbarian.

In this area, there are three small towns.

It is the jungle town, the prairie town, and the swamp town.

The ancient city of Barbarian is the capital of the bulls, so it is also known as Barbaric Ox King!

Within the entire Barbaric Ox King city, the population exceeds three hundred thousand and the floating population exceeds 10 million!

The entire barbaric family has a very simple social structure.

The largest is Barbaric Ox King, with only more than 300,000 permanent residents.

The millions of people who flow are from the various cattle villages.

Within a radius of a million miles, like the village of Man Niu, the small villages of several thousand people are simply numerous.

The total population of the bulls is more than 30 million!

Among them, there are only less than 10 million people who are fixed in a certain area.

The remaining more than 20 million people, with their own cowhide tents, moved around.

However, all the barbarians will travel around within a radius of a million miles, and will not cross the area.

In the advanced Taikoo battlefield, the concept of the site is very heavy.

Once the area has been crossed, it has entered the territory of other races.

If you are not careful, you will provoke a war between the two communities.

Therefore, if there is no token of the Bull Royal Family, no one dares to take this area.

Arriving all the way to Barbaric Ox King, Chu Xingyun found an inn and fell asleep.

After waking up, Chu Xingyun first transferred the consciousness to the No. 2 battle and the battle of the deity through the No. 2 battlefield and the virtual metaprojection of the deity.

First, Chu Xingyun transferred his consciousness to the second projection.

After a lapse of more than a week, the No. 2 warfare had just upgraded the battle to Level 3 because it did not have a more orderly battle.

Driving the No. 2 battle, Chu Xingyun learned about the situation of Man Niu Village.

Under the management of Niu Li, the entire Man Niu Village became a big factory.

Among them, a thousand barbarian women are responsible for smoking wild cattle and producing spicy beef jerky.

The remaining 2,000 women of the Bulls are responsible for cutting down the timber and shipping it back.

At this moment, in the village of Man Niu, the thick and thin wood is already piled up!

These woods will be used to build a huge factory.

In the future, no matter whether it is windy or rainy, it will not delay the production of the factory.


Although the wood has been cut down a lot, it has already piled up several mountains.

However, in fact, in this advanced Taikoo battlefield, houses can be simply piled up with wood.

If you want to build a house, you must have a special rune division to cooperate.

Otherwise, the purely timber-built houses simply can’t stop the Qi of Primal Chaos, and the smoldering erosion can not provide a comfortable rest environment for the cultivator.

Fortunately, Chu Xingyun may not have anything else yet.

But now, Chu Xingyun’s colorful bones have been hoarding seven or eight million pieces.

Doing something else may not be enough.

But simply building several large houses, there is still no problem.

All the way in the village of Man Niu turned a few laps, Chu Xingyun’s mind, suddenly a lot of ideas…

Wood is indeed an excellent building material.

The strength and hardness of the wood are very good.

But it is not as rocky, difficult to carve, difficult to shape.

But once these woods were cut down, they lost their lives.

Although it can take a long time, but in the Qi of Primal Chaos, and the erosion of extreme suffocation, as long as decades, it is basically run down.

Although such a wooden house, even if it has been used for thousands of years, will not be damaged.

But this is almost the limit…

Wood is wood after all…

Maybe not cut down, you can grow infinitely.

However, once it is cut down, it is destined to not take too long.

For the advanced cultivator of the Taikoo battlefield, the district is thousands of years, which is equivalent to the human years.

Obviously… using wood as a material, it is very convenient to build and very fast.

And when carving the pattern and Totem, it is also very easy, no effort at all.

However, wooden buildings have a lifespan, ranging from a few hundred years to thousands of years, and they are destined to collapse.

Therefore, although the history of the bulls is very long, almost all the buildings have been built in recent thousands of years.

Looking at the village, the wood piled up like a mountain, Chu Xingyun could not help but shake his head.

As a high-level person, considering the problem, you must be long-term, and you must not short-sighted!

Although the construction of stone buildings is a thousand times more difficult.

The cost of construction is 10 million times more.

But once the stone building is built, it can be used almost infinitely.

Even if the wind of chaos blows again, how can the rain of the haze fall, it is difficult to really damage the stone building.

Especially with the various patterns and Totem, these stone buildings can even span billions of years and still stand on the ground.

This is a wooden building that can never be compared.

Looking at the quaint wild cattle village, looking at the wooden buildings that are already dilapidated.

Chu Xingyun couldn’t help but bow down and meditate…

Now, although he has accumulated hundreds of millions of colorful bones in his hand.

However, even if it is absorbed, there is almost no improvement in the strength of Chu Xingyun.

You must know that the mana of a chaotic robbery is a cultivation base of 50,000 yuan.

50,000 yuan will be a catastrophe base for a mixed amount of 640 million years.

Therefore, in order to enhance the mana of a mixed-quantity robbery, more than 6.4 billion multicolored spirits are needed.

There are 100 million colorful bones in the district, and there is no value for absorption at all.

And the most important thing is…

Once the money is really used, there is not enough money to develop it…

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