Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3569

All the magic skills on Jules have been integrated with Senro’s energy.

He needs to raise Senro’s strength now!

And these shrimp soldiers and crab generals are the best resources he can bring together.

So this time Jung-woo didn’t leave his hand, and the killing was a crawl.

See only Jules, within the scope of the universe, flying over Senro sword qi.

Whether it’s the Jane River or the Google, or the 300 names Tianmo fighters, there’s no way to see this crazy look like Ju Yongzhou.

They’ve even hidden a fear.

Even though he was fully in charge of every São Yokohama São Zero sword qi, it would not hurt the friendship.

But others don’t think so, they look like Jules, and they’re completely afraid to be near.

It is also in Miles, and it does not care about the pattern, and their primary task is to get out of Miles.

So even if the others were some distance from Jules, he didn’t care.

And Jung-woo doesn’t really care, because he knows that these astronomers are just conscious actions, not really afraid of his mistakes.

And with the other people and Jumbola opening a distance, Jules started to be even more unfettered.

The unfettered Jupiter has also begun to change the sword.

Every sword in Ju Yokosu has been harvested before, and now every sword in Ju Yokosu is a big deal.

And this attack is the strongest method of attack on the battlefield!

And every wave in Ju Yongzhou launched a Suno sword with the strength of Blood Sword, as well as the Senro sword qi, which is bored by Blood Sword.

Somewhere in Senro sword qi, there is only one dead marine body.

Feel the strengths of Senro and the growing breath of Blood Sword, and there’s some turmoil in Jules’s heart.

He feels like he hasn’t met for a long time, and this can be a big boxing fight.

Under the leadership of Jung-woo, everyone will soon kill Miles!

And after he killed Miles, everyone was completely surprised!

They’ve never seen so many shrimp soldiers and crab generals.

朱横宇估计这纵横仅仅九百里的小岛之上,可能已经容纳了几百万的shrimp soldiers and crab generals !

With millions of troops to attack nine small villages, what would happen? Everyone knows.

Zhao Yongwoo knew that the dragons were very tempting, but absolutely didn’t think they’d be so big!

Just one word, it will allow the seasnakes to move millions of troops.

And the whole population on the island is just less than 20,000!

This pressure of power, Zhou Yokosu, believes that there is no village to hold.

Look at the shrimp soldiers and crab generals in densely packed, Ju Yongzhou ordered everyone to quickly form a battlefield and start moving away from their nearest village of Chiang River!

Now it’s gone from Miles, without the blocks of those trees, Jung-woo can finally really kill!

Only those who saw Ju Yong-jin in front of him shout:

“You’re a little away from me. I want the fire to open!”

These people know the magic of the powerful group called Jung-woo, who can burn.

So as soon as I hear that, the overall front of the fighting forces has opened some distance directly and jumbura.


battle forces behind them and the fighters who formed the fighting forces, Jung Yongwoo, hit everyone on nodded, which is the signal of the shock.

See then only Ju Yongzhou Shouted, leading the killing of shrimp soldiers and crab generals.

There is no need for the stream to drive shrimp soldiers and crab generals at all this time.

Because shrimp soldiers and crab generals are really too intense here.

Zhu Yongzhou, the Marvel of Senro is flaming at once!

And shrimp soldiers and crab generals didn’t expect anyone to attack from behind.

So many shrimp soldiers and crab generals didn’t react at all.

With the horror of screaming and barbecuing, Jules began to move forward!

And the warriors behind Jung-woo are also men of war, and they are not ambiguous.

After seeing Ju Yokota charge ahead, they also followed the shrimp soldiers and crab generals of densely packed.

There are powerhouse doors like Ju Yongzhou, and these shrimp soldiers and crab generals are like vegetables in the garden.

Each Dawson Magic will burn a lot of shrimp soldiers and crab generals.

Senro’s flame has the strength of Sam, so every burning shrimp soldiers and crab generals will be a strong part of the Senro power at João Yokota’s disposal.

There are so many shrimp soldiers and crab generals on the island, and Zhou Yongzhou really wants to kill all of them!

If that’s true, Judo Yokota’s son’s power will be raised to a very horrible status.


that time, neither the Senro sword qi, the Senro Cut, the Sunnon Shield nor the Senro Flame will be raised to a terrifying realm!

It is clear, however, that this is not the time to do so.

When he kills all of these shrimp soldiers and crab generals, there are no more people on the island, I’m afraid.

So, although this idea is very attractive, Jules still repress this impulse.

He’s going to save the villages with the magicians behind him!

After all, Senro’s power can be upgraded at any time, but if the villagers die, that will not happen again.

These villagers are the people of the Shadows, and they should not be slaughtered by the pirates, even if they were unaccompanied.

As part of the sheep Sword Sect, Ju Yokota has enjoyed the noble identity and status of the sheep Sword Sect disciple.

It is incumbent upon them to save and protect their lives.

Rights and obligations are always shared.

The enjoyment of rights requires due diligence.

Enjoy your rights and do not do what you have to do. It’s called a rogue!

So, even though Jung-woo’s rise, he’s addicted to the strengths of Senro.

But he still knows what his main task is to come to the island.

That’s to save these innocent villagers.

But even if Jung-woo had targets, he could not kill a pain without that.

On the contrary, if they are to rescue the villagers, they must reach the village through a battlefield composed of shrimp soldiers and crab generals.

So Jung-woo actually didn’t at all reduce a lot of slaughter intent.

It’s just that Jung-woo can’t kill at all in the Naval Snake Front.

He must ensure that a straight route is ahead of their nearest village of Chiang River.

And that’s what Ju Yokota did at this time, and there was a Suno Flame and Senro sword qi, and those shrimp soldiers and crab generals couldn’t stop them at all.

Because there is a powerful “Magic” in Jupiter’s front, the remaining 300 named Tianmo fighters are under very little pressure.

They’re just picking up some of the remnants that Jung-woo left behind, and the pressure on both wings and backwards is small.

Because on both sides there were skirmishes with streams, and on the latter there was a high calibre behind the front.

These two men are extremely stubborn in the fight against the sea mountains and the seamounts.

The defense of Jade has left them powerless, and the sea mountains are more directly crushing them.

So these two people are holding a stomach fire.

This time they were able to kill their enemies quickly, of course, without a hand.

And both people learned something new in their dealings with the seamounts, and they just took the opportunity to prove it.

Silhouette of the Jane River is still fast.

With these shrimp soldiers and crab generals, they can hardly see silhouette in the stream.

So most of the killed shrimp soldiers and crab generals don’t even know how they died.

After fighting with the sea mountains, the Jane River touched a new body code.

With this body approach, the movement of the stream becomes more efficient.

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