Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3571

In the last two months, there has been little consultation with the warriors of the war, both in Takashi and in the Jane River.

The ultimate result is that, even if it is not possible to win, the warlords will at least remain incapable of defeat.

Maybe someone would say, “The Gospel and the Jane River, isn’t it too weak?”

Even these ordinary pawns can’t fight. What do you want?

But, in fact, that’s not right.

First of all, these pawns, they’re not ordinary pawns.

This is the south-east corner of the Goat Island, with more than 30 islands, with special warriors.

Secondly, the battle of these warriors is not weak, but powerful and exaggerated!

Imagine that even strong seasnakes can’t come near the village of peace, standing on the coast and controlling war remotely.

As can be seen from this, how powerful and terrifying the hundreds of fighters in the village of peace are.

Again, the Google and the Jane River, while fighting alone, are not very good.

But they’re different from everybody else.

和那些万战老兵比起来,这两个家伙不但拥有着无可比拟的innate talent 。

Most importantly, they are much more than the war veterans.

The power of the Gospel, the speed of the stream, is invincible to the same class.

Maybe it’s not strong to fight alone, but with the magic of Jules, everything is completely different.

There’s Jules in there, and they don’t have to care about anything else.

As long as Jung-woo controls each other for three rest hours.

Take all your own exits, and just blow out a brain.

In terms of the outbreak of the output alone, the upper and the Jane rivers are all alike.

In sum, the village of Tianjin, the former village of peace, is the veteran of hundreds of fighters.

Its physical strength, as well as its combat, are nothing but noble and simple rivers.

Although their strength is less elegant, it is less rapid than the stream.

But in a comprehensive manner, the strength is smaller than the upper, but bigger than the stream.

The speed is greater than the height, but less than the stream.

With a comprehensive quality, as well as a rich experience in fighting.

Hundreds of war veterans of these 30 warplanes are perfectly capable of being exaggerated, as well as the Jan River mention on equal terms.

At least, this was the case before 60 warplanes.

As for the 60 warfare groups, it was only the time for the high calibre and the stream.

By virtue of innate talent, those militias who are war veterans may only upgrade Devil Body to more than 60.

But the innate talent of the Google and the Jane River can support them so that they can refine Devil Body to more than 90!

With such strength, this team, like a Lizzle, opens a mouth directly from countless snake battles comprising shrimp soldiers and crab generals!

From Jung Yongwoo, they walked out of Mylin to the nearest village of Chiang River, and only took an incense stick of time!

You know, the distance between Milin and the village of the river is not close.

For ordinary people, even if there is no impediment to full running, an incense stick of time can only be reached.

And Ju Yokota, they killed the past only with an incense stick of time in the magnificent army and thousands of men and horses.

That’s enough to see how powerful this team is.

Looking far away at the four lithium villages, Jupiter’s eyebrows are not wrinkled.

At this time, the very low fence in the village of Chiang River has long been broken, and countless shrimp soldiers and crab generals have looted indiscriminately in the village.

The bodies of countless people of the Shadows fell on the alley, the fields and even the roofs.

Look at these dead fellows, Jung-woo.

But it’s not time for him to be sad.

Because this road came over, Jung-woo didn’t at all discover the silhouette of the pirate commander.

As Ju Yokota understands, these pirate commanders should have been in the back, directing the attack by shrimp soldiers and crab generals.

Because it was done before, whether it was pale or seamount, when it struck the island.

Zhu Yongzhou would have been trying to sneak directly into the back command of the snake commander.

But there’s no idea that they didn’t find silhouette of the pirate commander after they got out of the forest.

Since the pirate commander is not in the rear command, there is only one possibility that these snakes commanders are in the front.

It was not known at that time that most of the pirates commander would be in front of them with shrimp soldiers and crab generals.

It is also an exception to the island of Satan, which was previously the island of peace.

Because this island is really a very difficult bone.

Terrifying elders, those seasnake commanders, are at risk of life anytime.

Only by staying at sea can they turn around and run away.


long as you jump into the sea behind you, it’s safe.

Cobra commander is not a fool, and this is a clear knowledge of the hostility, and naturally they will not go to a priest.

After all, life is tight.

Of the islands under the full authority of the sheep Sword Sect, there is only a peaceful village, the special example of the present Sky Village.

The rest of the villages and islands, Cobra commander, will all be the one that hit the front.

At this point, Zhao Yongzhou is looking for a hunting snake commander, enjoying the joy of wanton massacres and oppression in the village of Chiang River!


goat Sword Sect disciple, who guards the village of Chiang, is called the Dragon of Ling. He knows that this new soldier has four new stars, Suzu Yuan, Dhachang, Shi and Ju Yokosu.

This time, he will be only a escort, so this forest dragon has no expectation of this new soldier’s refining.

As a result, Lin Dragon has been doing one thing since he arrived in Chiang River village with his team, that is, closing up.


Lin Dragon thought everything would be the same.

After the onset of the marine disaster, the loss of some villagers has succeeded in resisting the attack by the seasnakes.

But this time he’s wrong.

When the alarm bells knocked, he stood on the village’s T-shop and looked at shrimp soldiers and crab generals from the far side of the blackpressure, and Ling Dragon knew about this marine disaster, and I’m afraid it’s not going to end.

Although he immediately brought together villagers to study urgent hostile measures, they were not all useful.

Those shrimp soldiers and crab generals look like endless generals, and retreat one more.

After a high level of resistance to one day and one night, the defences in the Hiroshi village were finally broken.

There is no way for the dragon to enter the house and the alley with the villagers and begin the alley war.

However, no matter what kind of fighting, no matter how powerful the command will lead.


shrimp soldiers and crab generals, with only 2,000 resistance, cannot be rivals.

Eventually, under the leadership of Dragon Lin, all of us have returned to the temple in the village.

The temple is not big, but there are no more left.


He has begun to regret joining the army.

This is the first battle in the life of Lin Dragon, and it’s about to go to the end of his life, which makes him feel sorry.

It’s just that life has no regrets.

Even if Lin Dragon regrets again, there is no way.

Now get back, maybe there’s a chance to get back to life, or today he’s probably going to die.

But it’s easier to hold a temple than to keep a village.

Although there are only over 300 left in the temple.

But more than half of these 300 people are elite in the village of Chiang River.

And the rest is their family.

These elites are naturally doing their best to protect their families.

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