Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3572

The shrimp soldiers and crab generals can only attack positively, as the temples are smaller and the walls of the temple are stronger.

In this way, the pressure for defense is much smaller.

While shrimp soldiers and crab generals are endless, they can maximize their conservation by rotating rest.

But those in the temple are certainly unable to go out, and they can only wait for help from other villages.

But they didn’t all wait for the rescue of neighbouring villages, but they waited for the enemy officer of this command team – Hawsnake commander.

The snake commander looks at the temple, and the face is full of mockery.

In the view of this snake commander, the rest of the temple is simply unable to withstand a single blow, except for a Devil Body, a little bit difficult to pack.

And even the dragon, the battle force is not very high.

Through a series of observations in the dark, the Cobra commander has known what the power of the Dragon is.

Although there may be some trouble, the pirate commander knows that he can defeat the dragon.

Look at those attacks for a long time without any success, the useless shrimp soldiers and crab generals, the pirate commander pats, and let these shrimp soldiers and crab generals stop the attack.

Naturally, it’s not a snake commander who has a heart of mercy.

The Shadows and the Hercules are enemies, and only you die between the two races, and there is no sympathy or mercy.

And the reason why this pirate commander stopped the attack was simple.

Even though the number of shrimp soldiers and crab generals is very high, this senseless death and injury, he can’t do it as a snake commander.

So this time he’s ready to do it himself.

“Call your leader to see me!”

Snake commander looks at several villagers at the temple door, gasping for breath, with irony.

The dragon in the temple also found that the seasnake stopped the attack.

Hearing the sound of the pirate commander outside the temple, the forest dragon had to drag some fatigue into the temple door.

“What are you doing?”

Linden Brows tightly knit, staring at that snake commander with hate eyes.

The dragon saw this seasnake commander hate not to go straight up and kill him.

Four of his team members have died in the battle to protect the villagers and to shield the villagers from withdrawing.

Those four people are the best iron brothers in Ling Dragon.


This can’t be said to be Iron Brothers. It’s supposed to be Life and Death.

Look at four lives and Death’s affair killed by enemies, how the Dragon won’t be angry.

Only he knows what’s called the whole picture, not only the life of the four people and Death, but also a lamb captain in the sheep army.

Although he wanted to go straight to the four people for revenge, he could not do that.

Because after him, there are also innocent villagers.

Since the lamb Sword Sect gave him the task of guarding the village, he had to keep it to the last minute.

His four Life and Death had paid the cost of life to protect the villagers, and Lin Dragon could not be more able to avenge them, regardless of the lives of the villagers.

Lin Dragon wants to avenge his crew immediately when he sees that pirate commander.

It’s just to keep the villagers safe, the dragon still endures that kind of impulse.

And Lin Dragon knows that he’s not necessarily the hero commander’s opponent.

On the other side, the snake commander is the color of contempt, and the irony says to the dragon:

“Are you their leader?”

Lin Dragon was so angry in his heart that he said:

“The chief dares to say, but here I am indeed responsible. Just say something straight and don’t turn around.”

Lin Dragon doesn’t want to talk to this pirate commander, so direct straight to the point.

Look at the eyes of the dragon’s hatred, the pirate commander is not angry, but hehe smiles and says:

“It’s a good guy!”

“Then I’ll stop talking.”

“Today the old man is happy to give you a chance to live.”



was a slight disagreement on the face of the Dragon, and some hesitation.

“What are you doing?”

Lynn Dragon couldn’t guess what the pirate commander was doing, and only frowns said loud questions.

“Nothing, just want to come with you a pair of singles.”

Snake commander remains full of face said with contempt, as if this single selection of him wins the general.

At this point, it is clear that the seasnake has taken absolute advantage, and Lin Dragon cannot guess why this pirate commander is doing so much.

虽然单挑对于那名海蛇commander 有什么意义林大龙并不知道,但是林大龙知道这次单挑对他来说无疑是一根救命稻草。

So it’s just this big dragon’s eyes turn around, counting on the head.

Then the Dragon of Lin shouted at that seasnake commander:

“I agree to single!”

“But I have a condition!”

Snake commander listened to the dragon, but he didn’t mean to say to the dragon at all:

“What’s the condition to say?”

Lim Dragon looked at this seasnake commander hook, and saw a glimpse of hope for life, and he stole from his heart.

See only the gravity of the dragon on on his face before he cleaned up, and even showed a smile.

“I want to bet with you!”

“What bet?”

Snake commander had a pleasant look at the Dragon.

Lin Dragon smiled and said:

“The bet is, about this single-pick!”

“If I win this one pair of singles, you’re going to let us all go.”

“And if you win this game, all of us here will take care of you!”

“What do you think?”

At this point, the dragon faces are laughing.

Lin Dragon thinks that the only reason the snake commander chose is because they couldn’t attack the temple.

Since there’s some bottom air, the dragon naturally chooses to gamble a bigger one.

As long as he wins that pirate commander, he and the villagers are truly safe, and if they lose, they will destroy their covenant and continue to stand in this temple.

Although the destruction of this kind of thing is lost and will be called shameless, who cares about such things in the face at this time of life and Death.

And on the other side, the snake commander still is a face that doesn’t call it a myth.

“All right!”

“The monarchs are hard to chase!”

Seeing the snake commander agreed to his gambling appointment, the dragon was surprised, and the smile on his face became even brighter.

“The monarchs are hard to chase!”

Lin Dragon has also followed us.

Neither of them was bullshit, the long sword in his hand was taken directly by the Dragon, and the snake commander had taken out a clear steel knife.

The two men were directly fighting in one place.

The dragon has some knowledge of himself, and he knows his own kilos.

虽然他和这名海蛇commander 都是Devil Body 三十段,就算他们两人的战力相当,但是海蛇commander 还拥有着那得天独厚的海蛇剧毒。

Lin Dragon, as a sheep, has no such thing, and he just gave birth to an ordinary goat.

If it was a snake commander who sprayed snake poison, he would certainly be unrealistic to resist it with a sheep.

So Lin Dragon knows he can’t hide, and he has to do his best.

One victory is his only way.

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