Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3573

As soon as the dragon comes up, he uses his inevitable killing skills, and the magic can be big Fireball.

This great Fireball is a junior magic, but it is not an ordinary junior magic, but a magic technique that has improved after strengthening.

The prototype of this magic trick is called Fireball, formidable power can only be said to be general.

This great Fireball, although not at all, has been removed from the elementary magic, but since the expert of the sheep Sword Sect has improved, formidable power has risen a lot.

As formidable power rises, the cost of converting the magic to Fireball has also increased considerably.

That’s the magic trick, it’s enough to spend more than a dozen medium-sized magic stones in Lincoln Dragon.

And when confronting the Navy, Ling Dragon was able to save his life with this move magic, and more than 100 people behind him.

It’s just this great Fireball formidable power, but it’s just a junior magic.

Targeting cannot be set, it cannot cause multiple harm to the target and it cannot be confined to it.

These are the weaknesses of the great Fireball.

And the snake commander has been observing the dragon for a long time.

So at this point, for the great Fireball of the dragon’s magic, the snake commander doesn’t care.

Look at the big Fireball wreck, the snake commander just slipped out and ran away.

And while the Dragon has 30 degrees of Devil Body, he’s just like the flowers in that greenhouse, and he’s never seen anything big.

Previously, those shrimp soldiers and crab generals made him think that magic was particularly powerful.

And then the snake commander was obviously not shrimp soldiers and crab generals, and a big Fireball that couldn’t be locked was too easy for him to hide.

Look at the magic that thought it was possible to win a victory, Fireball was hidden by a snake commander, and Ling Dragon was directly stuck!

This is also a manifestation of the extremely lack of experience in the field.

On the battlefield, between life and Death.

A god is often the cost of life.

It’s just that the pirate commander not at all reacted while he was in the wooden dragon, but was still standing on the ground and looking at the dragon with irony.



Only after listening to this pirate commander, Ling Dragon didn’t at all reflect on his previous problems, but felt that the pirate commander was full of mockery and humiliated him.

So Lin Dragon doesn’t talk, it’s just very angry, and his eyes hit the snake commander.

The two then engaged in real fighting.

The two came back to hand over a few rounds, each with an offensive, and one with no match.

All of this is, in fact, just a surface phenomenon.

It’s funny to say that the outsiders are watching the door.

While fighting between them does seem to have a return from the surface, the inmates see that the pirate commander has always been a lepreclude, while the dragon has led to a mixed solution.

At this point, the dragon has felt the gap between them.

With the depth of the fight, Ling Dragon has long not been spared the anger that began at that time.

On the contrary, the Lin Dragon’s heart was cold at that time.

He knows how much the gap is with that seasnake commander.

But now it’s been if you ride a tiger, it’s hard to get off, and Ling Dragon can only fight brace oneself with this pirate commander.

He had a fantasy that all of this was done by the pirate commander, and actually that pirate commander was already an arrow at the end of the flight.

It’s just what the truth is, and over time, it’s true.

Looking at the knife on his neck, Lin Dragon has been completely awake from that unrealistic fantasy.

You lost!

Snake commander looks at the wooden dragon on on his knees, and still has that ironic smile on his face.

Lin Dragon kneels on the ground, down his head, right?

He did lose, and he lost very thoroughly, and it should have been able to keep the temple for a longer time, because his fantasy was open and all buried.

Now the dragon’s regret is not enough, it’s just no longer useful.

You people are stupid!

Do you think I don’t know those little tricks you bet on?

Tell you the truth!

I know not only about your little tricks, but also what you mean to do.

Because your little tricks are a joke in front of absolute power!

Lin Dragon listened to Hercules commander, an incredible look at him.

It is only at this time that even the dragon of Lin is too late to repent.

Finally, the villagers who were standing behind the temple were filled with despair in their minds, and Ling Dragon was ashamed.

He felt sorry for these innocent villagers, and he was sorry that fearless went to brother to death to protect the villagers, even more about the sheep Sword Sect’s training and trust in him.

It’s just not useful to say anything again at this time.

Lin Dragon can only see a bleak down and wait for death to come.

Snake commander, looking at the dragon, is still full of mockery:


Stupid lamb!

At the

last moment of your life, I’ll let you know who killed you!

And then, the pirate commander paused, continues to say:

I am the one who killed you on this island today!

And I, I, will be the general of the Naval Navy!

After all, this seasnake commander, known as Nadyssey, slowly lifted the knife in his hand.

And the next scene is the fall of the Red Hand, the separation of the Lim Dragon Corpse.

It was only when the sword of Dawn was about to touch the neck of the dragon, and suddenly it felt a dangerous breath behind it.

This breath directly lets Deb Lawon end, and the heart goes straight to the voice!


It’s also this Devil machine. See only one moment out of the way, and the sword qi, at a very fast pace, has been drawn from his side!

Since Da ‘yi crossed sword qi, then the dragon before him will be directly killed by sword qi.

Even Dude has thought about taking the corpse of the Dragon in a while, and then resisting the backwards of the successive sword qi.

It’s just that I didn’t think that this should have killed the sword qi of the Dragon directly and vanished by air when he was about to meet the body of the Dragon!

The Devil was directly shocked.

And then suddenly there was a voice from a distance: Run!

Only two words, but clearly passed into everyone’s ears.

Looking at the dragon on on the ground, and it is also a blessing for the hearts and hearts.

After hearing these two words, Linden Dragon just turned around and stood up!

This time, Devil has also reacted, looking at the actions of the dragon, and it’s not good to think about it.

If the dragon escaped to the temple, it would be a problem!

So this time, after seeing the action of the Dragon of Lin Dragon, is no longer cool, just raise the knife and crush the dragon!



the end, Devil only watched the dragon’s escape to the temple!

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