Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3574

It was regrettable that, as long as it had been known, he would not have inked and would have killed the dragon directly.


As Lin Dragon fled back to the temple, he almost wanted his life again.

The syndrome can only panic and hide.

It’s just this dark sword qi, together, he can’t hide.

There is no way to finally jump into shrimp soldiers and crab generals.

While the dark red sword qi still struck those shrimp soldiers and crab generals, the teachings in the crowd ignored them.

Compared to his own life, several shrimp soldiers and crab generals were nothing for him.

The deities hidden in shrimp soldiers and crab generals were finally given a breath.

It also makes it true that the man who carried out the dark red sword qi.

It’s just that this man is full of black clothed, and there’s still a face, and if it wasn’t the two goats that were raised up on his head, he wouldn’t even know what the person was.

Knowing that this man is the son of the Devil, he is no longer welcome, and looking directly for an opportunity, moved towards black clothed man.

Black clothed man is not really someone else. It’s Jung-woo!

It was seen that the village of Chiang River had been broken, and the mood of Jung-woo had fallen to the bottom of the valley.

He subsequently found, however, that these shrimp soldiers and crab generals’ route seemed to be all over a place.

Ju Yong-mi realized that that direction might still be resistant by some.

And it was true that Ju Yokosu was right.

At a critical juncture when the Dragon will be cut off, Jung-woo will finally catch up!


this point, Jules has hidden his Devil Body cultivation base.

To confuse the enemies, to make those battlecules lower than his pirate commander, and not to see him scared to flee.

As far as it is now concerned, this move is still very useful.

Even though his Senro sword qi had caused such a strong shock to the deity, he still felt that he had the opportunity to compare himself with Jules.

Ju Yongwoo is also much more happy to see how the seasnakes are.

After all, as part of his army, he will deal with Hercules patriarch, and it is not bad to know more about the characteristics of a little seasnake and cultivation technique.

Look at Edward moved to his attack, Jules even deliberately stopped the release of Senro sword qi and directly drove Hud to his side.

This Deutsche saw Ju Yongqi’s move to think Ju Yokosu could not find him and dare to release Red’s sword.

Stupid lamb clansman.

Dawn is hidden in shrimp soldiers and crab generals, dark taunted in the heart.

And then it’s not disguised, it’s just a jump out, and it’s a straight move towards Jules that killed the past.

Zhao Yongzhou is not going back, so he’s standing on the ground, as if he didn’t see Germans.

Judith thought Jules was already freaking out, and there was a cruel smile on his face.

But it’s too good to learn, and this time it’s no longer bullshit, it’s just a knife to Jules!

Because the sky is dark, it’s not at all clear that there is a shield before Jung-woo.


With a clear shock, the German knife was directly bombed out.

And then the Devil thought it was a tiger haircut, and the whole arm seemed to have lost consciousness.

What kind of defense does Sam Shield need, even powerhouse like the seamount, to break up.

There’s only 30 small seasnake commander in this battlefield, and how can it be broken?

But that’s not a thing, just seeing Jung-woo around is still like an innocent man, and looking at an innocent face and saying that he’s wearing an arm.

Why didn’t you say you were gonna cut me off?

You said I’d take this shield off!

The lungs are going to blow.

He was also a commander of tens of thousands shrimp soldiers and crab generals who had been insulted.

It’s just at this point that his arm hasn’t recovered, so he can only swallow it.

Look at this seasnake commander in front of his eyes, red, funny in the heart of Jules.

Zhou Yongzhou waved his hand and said, “In German.”

Go pick up the knife and cut me again.


don’t need shields this time.

In the words, Jung Yokosu really pulled the Guard off.


this time, the Devil felt an unprecedented humiliation! Don’t talk to me, Jung-woo!

As for that knife, Toddy didn’t even want to go over there.

Zhou Yongzhou, hurry up, and the lightning stone is blocking this move of deity.

Good guy!

I’m glad I reacted quickly!

Why don’t you really do it?

Zhou Yongzhou is still a whispering and relaxing tone.

Although Zhao Yongzhou almost said something about it, Judith can feel that Jung-woo is not at all a little panic.

Which means that, while Jung-woo didn’t know that he was going to attack Suddenly, Jung-woo didn’t even put it in his eyes at all!

At this point, look to Jules has changed, as if you saw something incredible, and look at Jules.

And Jules is just slightly smiled, and continue to say in a tranquil voice:

I’ll give you the last chance.

Show me what you’ve learned to attack me.

If you can beat me, I’ll let you live.

What is known as reversal of the wheel of fortune, is that the man who just said it is German.

But just less than a cup of tea time, the situation came back.

At that time, Devil became the Dragon of Ling, and Ju Yokosu became the former German.

This Devil knows he’s having a hard time today, and he’s probably going to die here without all his energy.

So, after hearing Ju Yongzhou’s words, Judith was just a slight one, and it reacted.

Then he jumped backwards and opened a safe distance with Jubilee before he started developing his tactics!

Demon Race’s skills become magic, and the seasnakes have the same thing as magic.

But the seasnakes call it war skills!

Zhou Yokosu has already seen the super battle skill of Yu Yu’s ice shield, so Ju Yokosu is also looking forward to the German tactics of war.

Only the result is to disappoint Ju Yokosu.

After a while, suddenly yelled:


Then only 10 ICICicle flies over the past.

Look at this path has been shaped so long by Buddhism, and Jung-woo is desperate.

This Icicle trick Jung-woo has already seen in the fight with Jade.

At that time, Jules didn’t even think these ICicle were a tactic.

But looking at the impending deities as a suicide technique, Ju Yokota knew that the ICICICIL was a prime hero fighting technique.

It’s just this tactical thing in too weak.

You know, in the battle between Jules and Yu Yu Yu, when he spent most of his energies holding the unseen ice shields, he was able to dump more than ten paths of Icicle.

However, it is only 10 ICICicle that has been practised with every effort to do so.

How can this not disappoint Jung-woo?

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