Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3575

Look at the slow Icicle of these flights, Ju Yongzhou sighs, and then he goes on to the bloodthirsty Demon Sword in his hands.

These Icicle turned directly into ice in front of Senro sword qi!

People who are not far from watching at the temple door are full of stupid eyes!

They saw how the Dragon was bullied.

But now is the hero commander, who almost killed Ling Dragon as pie, who died in the face of black clothed man!

And the most surprising man, naturally, is the Dragon.


Dragon of Lin is the one who has crossed his hand with the Dude, knowing the horror of the pirate commander.

It was such a horrible pirate commander, who had been tortured by that black clothed man, who couldn’t find the North.

Lin Dragon is incredibly looking at Black Clthed Man.

And then Zhao Yokosu was disappointed.

I thought the pirate commander would have surprised him.

It seems wrong to think that these ICicle are really a little paediatric thing for him.


fact, it can’t be blamed for Jung-woo, where several seasnake commander commanders are in the army.

Especially the Jade and the Seamount.

As clansman of the ancient Aristocratic family, Yu naturally possesses strong family inheritance skills.

And the seamounts don’t have to say that his true identity is the Second Prince of the Hercules.

Seamounts don’t even need warfare skills, and they can make him laugh at the same level by relying on the extremely perverted cultivation technique of the dragon snake. Even superiority challenges are not difficult.

With these two strong men making mattresses, Jung-woo will never see Buddhism again, of course.

Since the full strength of this deity has been known, Ju Yokosu will no longer delay time, and suddenly an acceleration will come directly to the front of the Dawn.

And then the deities didn’t even react.

Nor did Ju Yokosu ink, the long sword in his hand, stabbed straight in the chest of the Devil.

And when you look at the blood of Demon Sword, you’re going to stab the thug’s chest, you suddenly produce mutation.

Just one quick ice needle moved towards Jupiter.

Zhou Yongzhou, hurry up for a glimmer and hide from the attack on this ice needle.

And then there were several ice needles moving towards Jules.

Zhou Yongzhou is another hiding place, and that stops the shape.

With Jung-woo stopping his body, the man with the ice needle came to the battlefield.

After stabilizing the shape, Jung Yongzhou looked at it, and a snake commander came.

Boss, are you okay?

The snake commander brows tightly knit, looking at Devil’s questions.

And Judith has not recovered from that sudden attack in Ju Yongzhou at this time.

Under the clouds, the pirate commander can only take a naughty shot.

It’s true to come back to his senses.

Look at that seasnake commander. Draw him around and run!

Cao, run!

Dawn didn’t explain anything, so he just let that snake commander run together.

And the Cobra commander, known as Cao Cao, did not know why his companion had such a reaction, but just after a moment, reacted.

And then this Hercule commander, known as Cao Cao, runs directly with the Devil!

Zhu Yongzhou is standing in the ground, coldly snorted.


I want to run!

It’s not that easy!

Then he saw only Jupiter’s hand, and a wall rose up.

Get the two men out of the way!


snakes were most afraid of the fire, looking at the wall, and the two were afraid not to break through.

Ju Yongzhou, neither fast nor slow, headed for two.

Thousands of shrimp soldiers and crab generals flown to Jules during this period, but eventually became feeding for increased strength and bloodthirsty.

At that time, Devil was desperate.

As long as Zhou Yokosu showed that very quick killing, he thought he was a dead man.

It’s hard to get rescued by that old Cao’s snake commander, whose single thought was to escape.

It’s just now that there’s no way to escape.

The hero commander called the old Cao didn’t know what was going on.

But looking at Ju Yongzhou step closer to them and finally knowing why he ran away.

At this point, Jung-woo is in the eyes of both of them as if he were to kill God in ancient ways!


the face of this power pressure, they are only afraid at this time.

But all the creatures in this world have a desire to live.

It is absolutely impossible to sit and die while the two of them are unaware of hostility.

After looking at them, both of them simultaneously displayed their strongest recruits.

The German demonstration continues to be Icicle.

And the surnamed Cao Hydrone commander used the ice needle that struck Jules.

This ice needle is, in fact, an improved version of ICICICLE, increasing the pace of movement by reducing the size of ICICICLE.

It’s just that the ice needle is moving faster, but it’s hurting a lot.

Zhou Yongzhou has fully looked at both of them.

At this point, he has forced the two people into desperate circumstances, but they have only given rise to this formula.

In other words, the two seasnakes commander will only take this.

Judo Yokota has completely touched both of them, so he has also lost his interest.

Look at Icicle and the ice needle attack, Ju Yongzhou’s unspeakable backing up the Sunnon shield.

These skills are completely inadequate in front of the Suno shield, and even a slice of ripple is not activated, and they are directly dispersed in the air.

Dude and Cao have no way, and this is already their strongest tactics, so they can only continue their tactics and try to drag Jung-woods.

It’s just that it’s totally futile.

Ju Yongzhou soon walked in front of both of them, left his hand and fell, and two seasnake commander’s head was cut off in the instant!

It’s that simple. That’s how clean it is!

With almost 40 fighters, the power of battle is as exaggerated as the pirate commander of those 30 fighters!

Under pressure, as long as Jung-woo wishes, he can kill them for a second!

Even if it was a combination of two, there was nothing to do with Jules.

The arms are blocking the car.

As the heads of the two seasnakes commander were cut off, their bodies were quickly invaded by the strengths of Sam and blood.

And when their heads are rolling over the earth, their bodies have become a dry body, extremely empty.

Whether it’s blood shot to live, or the soul’s energy has been absorbed.

Both bodies are less than a weed on the road and have nutritional value.

But the two snakes on the ground are perfectly good.

Zhu Yongzhou at all made Senro’s strength and bloodthirsty erode their heads.

Because on this skull there’s that seasnake who has a very thick poison.

This poison corner is a good thing when medicinal ingredient produces weapons that feed the vet, even in some extremely biased food!

But these are not very useful for the present Jubilee.

These Cobra Poisons are only one useful thing for Jules, which is to exchange war!

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