Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3576

Zhou Yongzhou had been listening long ago, at least 1,000 battles of the Cobra Poison Point.

And it’s just a 30-second seasnake commander.

If it were to kill a seasnake handsome, even higher, the snake would lead, there would be more fighting!

When the cultivation base of the seamount rises up, Ju Yongzhou will have to do it for a while, and now the snake in the Sea Territory is handsome!

As long as this seasnake is killed, the seamount can become a new navigator with strong strength.

And the things that the palm does become dead men tell no tales.

In this way, the greatest measure of assurance can be given to palm seamounts and seamounts that they do not expose themselves when they act within the seasnakes.

Although the race of these three people is not the same as Jules, this does not mean that Jules does not care about their lives.

Even though the three of them were different from race, they were still his slave to Yokohama.

If one of the slaves under his hand is not protected, what else?

Now, of course, Jung-woo is certainly not the handsome opponent of the seasnake.

After all, the cultivation base of paragraph 49 of the warring group could be more than just a set of figures.

The primary task now is to save the villagers on the island.

The second task is to hunt a snake commander.

After this test, Jules found the snake commander as if it wasn’t all that strong.

These ordinary seasnakes, as if there were no more fun than poison fluids.

As a result, much confidence has been added to Zhou Yokosu.

Ju Yokota was just thinking that it would be good to be able to block the joint attack by the pirate commanders.

But after this war, Jung-woo changed his mind.

He’s gonna hunt a snake commander!

Just now, when an incense stick of time fights, Ju Yokosu won two seasnakes.

And these two horns represent two thousand battles!

This has made Jules see a new path to the promotion of the sheep millionaire.

There are some loopholes in the recruitment of immigrants.

By then, if Zhao Yongzhou really got 30,000 battlefield points with the 10,000 immigrants on the island.

Then even if the sheep Sword Sect is sealed for the sake of the shepherd, it will not necessarily be assigned to him the island with more than 10,000 inhabitants.

The reason is simple.

A small island with only one village and only 3,000 people in the village, and the sheep Sword Sect certainly doesn’t care.

And if there were more than 10,000 people on the island, that would be another case.

Although the island is indeed small at this time, the sheep Sword Sect will also be valued if people are particularly large.

So, Jung-woo, a small sheep man who has just been sealed, really doesn’t have to go to the island.

And suddenly, more than 10,000 people emigrated to the island will be brought to the attention of those who have a heart.

Zhou Yongwoo believes that the mayor and the devil Six will certainly not say anything.

But he can’t guarantee that more than 10,000 immigrants and 3,000 Aboriginal people on the island will be all the same as elders.

And if the secret on the island is investigated, there will be a disaster of extinction for Jules and those on the island!

So, for this, Jules has always been a very obstruction.

Without the dedication of villagers, 30,000 battles cannot be obtained.

Without 30,000 battles, it will not become the sheep elder.

And he will not be able to become the shepherd, and he will not be able to secure the land.

In that way, everything that was done before Jung-woo was completely wasted.


time, however, lightly slaughtered the two seasnakes commander and made him find a way.

A seasnake poison corner can exchange a thousand battles, and Jules can get 30,000 battles if they hunt thirty seasnakes commander!

These thirty seasnakes commander seems to be a lot, but actually there are 18 on this island!

That is to say, Ju Yokosu has done half the task of hunting all the seasnake commander on this island.

And the other half of the snake commander, he believed that only a few more large islands would be able to hunt again would be able to bring together 30.

By that time, the 10,000 immigrants on the island did not need to be exposed, and he could easily be promoted to the sheep.

In this context, Ju Yokota has also taken note that rescue villagers is the primary task, and the hunting of seasnake commander is an important task!

It is also during this period that Jules will need to continue to kill all the enemies who obstruct his feet.

He would also be able to upgrade the strengths and bloodthirsty of Senro, both of which are enormous for Jules.

If it wasn’t for those two important tasks to go ahead, Jules would even want to kill directly, let those two forces go crazy!

But it’s more important to save people than to raise his own strength.

With two poison corners on a secondary ring, Jules came to the temple door.


After all, the new soldier Captain was only ten, and the forest dragon, though not good, was still remembered by Jules.

And then Jules was black clothed, and there was still a face, and Ling Dragon didn’t recognize him.

black clothed’s face was also deliberately done by Yokota, and he didn’t want to let anyone know that he wasn’t good at guarding the island but came to the island.

If it was recognized, then it would be another problem.

Especially Suzuki Cloud.

If Sooko Yun knew he’d come to the island.

Then it’s gonna make Suzumi clouds suspicious.

而到那时候,以Su Family 力量,要查朱横宇的事情,那还是要简单的很!

At this time, the temple has been surrounded by the Sunrow flame of Jules.

Although a shrimp soldiers and crab generals are not afraid of fire sea, they are still moving forward, none of them shrimp soldiers and crab generals can pass through the Sunrow flame!

Lin Dragon has been completely surprised at this time.

Look at the Ju Yongzhou in the black clothed, I can’t say a word anymore.


And the remaining 100 villagers are not as exaggerated as Lin Dragon.

At this point, fire outside the temple strikes only the sound of shrimp soldiers and crab generals.

The people in the temple knew they were safe, so they moved out.

When the villagers were told that Jung-woo rescued them, they stood on their knees and couldn’t stay on the ground, and thanked the people for saving their lives.

And Ju Yongzhou spoke to all of us for the purpose of confidentiality, but he waved his hands on people, so that they could all stand up.

After all this, Jung-woo stood directly at the site, waiting for the Google River and the 300 names Tianmo warriors to come.

Zhou Yokosu knows that this temple, while able to resist the attack by a snake army for some time, will certainly not last much longer.

Zhou Yokosu estimated that the temple would have been broken for at least one more day.


To save people from the end, to send Buddha to the west.

Since these villagers have been rescued, Jules will not, of course, allow them to wait for death in this temple.

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