Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3577

Zhou Yongzhou is ready to escort these villagers to the villages of Djudachan or Shih’s guardian.

To be able to truly protect the security of those villagers.

Second, they could also be allowed to increase some fighting in the two villages under their custody.

Jung-woo was very hot, and he just swept a few eyes, and he saw a couple of good babies.

These people have also reached the thirtieth paragraph of Devil Body, where the fighting force is weak, on the one hand, through the sand field on the other.

The most notable feature of the war veterans is the existence of 30 Devil Body.

That’s what Jung-woo needs most now.

So look at these talents, Jules has raised a sense of contact in the heart.

Then, under the guidance of Yokota, this forest dragon went back to the temple.

Without the dragon in there, Jung-woo can also be relieved, not afraid to be recognized.

Jung-woo walked in front of a man full of worship.

It was also on the battlefield, and Jung-woo did not turn around and entered the right issue directly.

“The village of Chiang River has been destroyed, and I have a very safe new place to go, and you’re willing to go.”

Han just wanted to talk, but he was interrupted by Jung-woo’s hands.

“I’ll tell you what’s going on there, and you’ll tell me what you think.”

“There are countless wealth and a completely secure living environment.”

“You and your family can eat without anxiety, and don’t worry about the snakes’ intrusion.”

Listen here, Han’s eyes have shined rays of light.

Jung-woo said this place is really great.

It’s just the next thing Jung-woo put him in the middle of his thoughts.

“But when you enter this place, you will lose part of your freedom!”

“You and your family, as well as your offspring, will live in the life of the world, and will not be able to take a half-step out of that place!”

“Otherwise, you will face death!”

When the conditions are finished, the tone of Ju Yongzhou has also slowed down.

“That’s all I have to say. Look at the family behind you and think about it again.”

“I also hope you can keep this secret, except for the family.”

“Otherwise, you may bring extinction to the rest of your village!”

After Zhou Yongzhou said all these things, let him quit.

Julius then picked up a number of those who survived the village of Chiang River, all of whom told them about it.

These people, all of them, have 30 Devil Body’s warfare!

Although it looks like they’re too different from ordinary villagers.

But what they have spreaded on their bodies is that the old men have a special breath, but they cannot take it away.

Jung-woo didn’t let them respond on the spot.

After all, it is a difficult option for these people to choose to leave their homes or to follow Yokota into a life of fortune.

Even if it was Jung-woo, he would have to think about it, even more about the villagers.

And after Jung-woo and those who he saw told him about this, the Google and Jane’s team came.

Look at the black clothed face, Devil Body ranks all over 30, and Ling Dragon is surprised again!

Just Jung-woo doesn’t care about this famous generation.

So he brought the Jan River directly together with Gao Yi Ji Jiang Ji Jiang, who had only more than 300 villagers left in the village of Chiang.

Then the stream informed them of the need to escort them to other villages.

The villagers were unhappy when they listened to the Jane River.

The 300 Devil Body fighters were then surrounded by a closed circle, under the command of the Jan River and Googre, all of the villagers in the village of Chiang River.

And then they’re under the leadership of Jung-woo. Keep moving to the next village!

In the meantime, the Dragon of Lin, like the villagers, has moved along with the followers of Ju Yokosu.

Lin Dragon has now felt that there are no faces to face the villagers.

The villagers are very kind, not at all because of the brain gambling that preceded Lin Dragon.

This is even more shameful for Lin Dragon.

But Jung-woo and his men, naturally, do not ignore the dragon, and they’re killing them on the battlefield.

After the rescue of the villagers in the village of Chiang River, the hearts of Ju Yongzhou have not only been put down, but have become more worrisome.


has become the case in the village of Chiang River, and the other villages have fallen.

So Jung-woo no longer deliberately slowed the pace for the team behind him, but he was in front of himself.


hoped to arrive at the next village at the fastest speed and that it would be a step forward.

As if it were to kill God, in the wild Jubilee of the Naval Snake Front, the eyes of all were full of the colors of worship.

There are people like Ju Yongzhou who are in the hearts of the villagers of the village of Chiang River.

And the 300 names of Tianmo fighters are true worship.

Jules, this is such a super force that makes their hearts look forward.

And then, Judo, of course, has no mood to take care of it, but it’s just a constant wave of blood demon Sword, manipulating the Suno Mars and killing them crazy in the Naval Snake Front.

Feel the strengths and the blood of Senro, and Jules is the more powerful.

And those shrimp soldiers and crab generals are not worth mentioning in front of Jules.

No shrimp soldiers and crab generals can block the steps of Yokota.

After such strong pressure, an incense stick of time came to the second village, Ma Family.

This Ma Family Village is better off than Chiang River.

Because of the proper handling of disciple protection, at least villagers also fought around the alley.

However, it is now also a situation in which the eyes of shrimp soldiers and crab generals are being drowned.

Zhou Yongzhou, hurry up for the rescue.

Sword Sect disciple, the guardian of Ma Family, saw Jules come and thought it was a more powerful enemy.

But finally, after seeing that goat in Ju Yokohama’s head, the guardian of disciple is Sighed in relief.

Seems to be rescued!

At this point, the guardian disciple also thought Ju Yokosu was the master of the sheep Sword Sect.

After withdrawing shrimp soldiers and crab generals, Ju Yokota brought these people to the temple of Ma Family.

Such a temple is a custom on the island, and one in every village.

As to why such a practice had come down, it was not known.

Zhao Yongzhou came to the temple this time to keep those disciple guards outside the door.

The guardian of the Ma Family House disciple lost all of it because it was more appropriate to deal with it.


That is also because everyone has different choices.

The guarding of disciple in Chiang River Village, even at the expense of life, has to keep the lives of the villagers alive.

If not due to the inappropriate handling of this leader, the villagers should have been able to survive.

These martial family sites, however, are protected by disciple.

They chose to take the lead in preserving themselves and, by the way, protecting villagers.

This has also led them to a significant loss of villagers, even if they are properly handled.

As a cultivator, as a Demon Race, they did well.

But as a lamb that the villagers love, Sword Sect disciple, as a lamb Sword Sect, it is extremely negligent to guard Demon Race as his own soldier!

Zhou Yongzhou watched the scars, the villagers and the five perfect sheep Sword Sect disciple, coming in the heart.

So this time he didn’t use the Samuel Flame to surround the temple, so he kept the five men at the door.

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