Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3578

These five people have taken Jung-woo as an expert in sect, so the commandment of Jules is that they will not disobey at all.

And they’re not stupid, and Jules is so powerful, and even if they want to disobey, they don’t have the guts.

So the five people can only blasphemently blast Ju Yongzhou Hit of Their Position to bully people, while weapons on the one hand continue to wave, resisting the overlap of layers, the countless shrimp soldiers and crab generals.

And Ju Yongzhou, while at this time, in the temple, found a separate corner, calling those villagers who he looked at, whispering and telling them about immigration.

There is no doubt that these villagers are all soldiers of war who have endured thousands of years of war.

It’s not just because they all have 30, Devil Body.

The key is that the radical nature of the war is completely different.

Maybe ordinary cultivator, not much.

But in the eyes of Jung-woo, it’s a great distinction.

The so-called war veterans refer to thousands of soldiers who participated in the fighting.

Given the high level of fighting, the enemies of their killings are naturally numerous.

In thousands of battles, even one battle, only thousands of people were killed.

Together, that’s already killing tens of millions of people.

slaughter has so many creatures, these war veterans are on their bodies, with depressed murderous aura!

And the so-called murderous aura, the white point, is actually murderous aura!

It’s not necessarily true that you’ve changed the old Jules.

But since you’ve had blood, Demon Sword, you have taken over the strengths of Senro.

Judo Yokota, for this murderous aura, feels very acute.

By the way, this is Blood Sword, actually a murderous aura.

This is very similar to the breaths that have been distributed on those veterans.

Thus, although there seems to be no difference in the general cultivator’s view.

But in Jung-woo’s eyes, that difference is really too big.

Just like the fire Insect in the night, it’s as clear as that.

Whenever you look, you can distinguish them from the crowd.

This time, Zhou Yongzhou has not given direct answers to these villagers.

When he was ready to arrive in the third village, Jean River and Tianmo soldiers with two hundred names were allowed to send those who wished to emigrate to the island of Satan.

He, for his part, continued to move towards the village of Djudachan with the remaining 100 name Tianmo fighters and the remaining old and weak ones.

At this point, five people at the temple door are already out of control.

One of them sneaked back to the temple while no one noticed.

It’s just how this could have escaped from Jupiter’s foresight.

Finally, the guardian disciple was thrown out of the temple.

Looking at the look of companions, the remaining four laughed.

But it is not possible to relax at hand, and after all, it is still on the battlefield, and as long as one is not careful, it is possible to die at any time.

This time, however, Ju Yong-fu is not at all entering the temple, but is joining them to resist the attack by shrimp soldiers and crab generals.

In order to increase the strength and bloodthirsty of Senro, Ju Yokosu has done nothing but what is necessary.

The rest of the time is slaughter!

Because these shrimp soldiers and crab generals are just enemies for others.

But for Jules, it’s not just his enemies, it’s Sam’s power and blood.

At that time, only two villages were killed, and Jules felt that both forces had been upgraded.

While promotion is not particularly large, it is just two villages, and Jules will go to more villages after it.

Zhao Yongzhou is very looking forward to the extent to which his strengths and bloodthirsty in demon Sword will reach after the disaster in the oceans!

After helping these five people resist shrimp soldiers and crab generals for a while, Ju Yokota saw them all slowly and no longer helped.

Because Jules has a very important thing to do.

That’s the hunting of seasnake commander!

When Jung-woo arrived, not at all found a trace of the pirate commander and thought it was killed by those five.

After enquiring about the villagers, Ju Yokosu learned that the pirate commander that attacked Ma Family did not appear at all.

Zhou Yongzhou speculated that the two seasnake commanders might have seen Ma Family’s house destroyed, felt meaningless and went to support others.

So Jules wants to go to the next village and see if the next village faces the attack by four seasnake commanders, even if the guardian is strong.

Jung-woo doesn’t know what’s going on in the next village, but he’s going to see if he can save someone.

Ju Yokota sighed, and then a few words were sent to a man in the village, killing the siege directly.

The five guards, disciple, saw Ju Yongqiu leave, and tried to follow it, just finally under the formidable power of Jukosu’s bloody Demon Sword, they had to return to the temple.

Five people continue to fight the attack against shrimp soldiers and crab generals.

The man who gets the Zuyong-woo generation is actually a legend.

Because Jules is too fast, and he knows that the forces behind him will not be able to catch up with him.

So Zhou Yongzhou went directly to the next village after he had organized the village of Ma Family with the Takasu River.

And then Jules has taken a first step.

Senro’s flame is all open, Senro sword qi flies all over.

With countless shrimp soldiers and crab generals, Jubilee felt two strengths, moving fast towards the next village.

The next village that Jung-woo is going to be called Liu Family Village.

By definition, most of the people in this village are Liu family.


is no difference between Liu Family and other villages on the island and about 2,000 people on the island.

And the sheep Sword Sect, who guards Liu Family Village, guards disciple’s memory, like a man named Feng Yuan Yuan.

This man is not very impressed, just knowing he’s Devil Body 30, and what he looks like.

Jules never even talked to this von Yuen.

There are other Jubilee universe more than ever.

But Jung-woo doesn’t care, no matter who this von is, it doesn’t matter.

He’s going to rescue the villagers, not to save Feng Yuan.

Since Ma Family did not have a snake commander, Ju Yokota was very concerned about the situation in the previous village.

So Ju Yongzhou has been keeping pace, and it’s still an incense stick of time, and Jung-woo has been killed all the way to Liu Family Village.

Watching the situation in Liu Family Village far away, Ju Yongzhou’s heart sinked to the bottom of the valley.


shrimp soldiers and crab generals stopped the attack because of Liu Family Village!

Looking at this situation, Zhou Yokohama thought that these shrimp soldiers and crab generals were stopped by killing all the enemies.

And who are the enemies of shrimp soldiers and crab generals?

That’s naturally the sheep.

To the village of Liu Family, Ju Yokosu saw a low city wall filled with blood.

These city walls have been completely dismantled by shrimp soldiers and crab generals, while blood on the city wall, including shrimp soldiers and crab generals, as well as Liu Family Villagers.

Zhou Yokosu does not know what the situation is and can only continue to move forward.

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