Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3579

After killing a little bit in the village, Jung-woo found things not as he thought.

These shrimp soldiers and crab generals are not attacking as if the snake commander stopped them.

Because these shrimp soldiers and crab generals are less intelligent, they will not attack as long as the snake commander orders them to stop the attack, even if the enemy passes before them.

This was also found in the front line, so the original guess of the changed mind.

Since the attack was not stopped because the enemy killed all, there were some curious reasons why Zhou Yokota was there.

When Jules went in and saw the truth, he finally knew the reasons.

Zhou Yongzhou recognized Feng Yuan in the crack of shrimp soldiers and crab generals.

And before von Yuen Yuan, there was a seasnake commander kneeling before him.

See only Feng Yuan Yuan’s Tirune steel sword, and the sword speaks straight to the eyebrows of that seasnake commander on his knees.

“If you don’t want to die with your partner, get shrimp soldiers and crab generals back!”

Feng Yuen was yelling at another seasnake commander.

Speaking of words, Feng Yuan hung a piece of blood came out of his mouth slowly.

Apparently, this von Yuan Yuan has suffered internal injuries.

And then only Feng Yuan and several villagers stood at the temple door.

As for the four members of the team under Feng Yuan’s hand, they had no idea where to go.

According to Ju Yongzhou’s guess, the probability is that the four have also died in order to protect the villagers.

In this form, Jung-woo should jump out immediately to kill the two seasnakes commander.

But this time Ju Yokota is afraid to act blindly without thinking.

The first is that it’s not a good form, but it doesn’t need Jung-woo to ignore everything.

The second is the trace of the two seasnakes commander who did not at all find Ma Family Solar missing!

In other words, the two seasnake commanders are likely to still be ambushed in the dark.

That’s where Jupiter really cares.

It may also be that the two seasnake commanders did not come to the village of Liu Family at all, but went to another village.

While this is also possible, Jules does not want to take the lead in exposing himself in a situation where the form is not urgent.

So, if those two seasnakes commander really buried next to them, they would be an enemy to my apparent status.

And that kind of status is not what Jung-woo wants.

Look at this von Yuan Yang is still in control, and Ju Yongzhou Woodat is all in a hurry, but is observing the state of affairs nearby.

Again, after another hero commander, who was not captured, listened to Feng Yuen Yuan, brows tightly knit.

“Don’t move!”

“Say something!”

And Feng Yu Yu won’t ignore this pirate commander, but still loud scolded:

“Get them down!”

Listen, Von Yuan, the seasnake commander’s eyebrows are tighter.

He’s been scolded since he was a kid to a big time, so the pirate commander has been a little angry.

“I’ve asked you to stop these shrimp soldiers and crab generals, what else do you want?”

Von Yuan Yang is also a red face.

He did say just now that as long as shrimp soldiers and crab generals stopped the attack, the snake commander in front of him was released.

But he just screamed.

In the present case, it is certainly not enough to simply stop these shrimp soldiers and crab generals from attacking, so he will once again demand that these wishes be withdrawn.

In so doing, he can escape with a gap with the villagers.

At this juncture of life, Feng Yuan Yuan has nothing to do with his face.

See only his eyebrows, and his cold face continues to be on that seasnake commander shouted loudly.

“I’m still that sentence, and if you don’t listen to me, your companion is going to die under my knife!”

说着话,冯玉扬还用剑尖轻轻的碰了一下跪在地上的海蛇commander 。

And after the snake commander felt cold sword, it was panic in his heart.

Seeing a companion does nothing, and he has to be upset in his heart:

“Little Lin!”

“You son of a bitch do what you want!”

And the hero commander, named Little Forest, was finally unable to suppress the anger of his companion after hearing the big shouting.

“Old Song, the Hercules will remember your heroic sacrifice!”

One listened to that, whether that’s Old Song’s Cobra Commander or Feng Yuan’s heart.

They all know this negotiation is down!

“Little Lin, you fucking wait!”

Old Song’s kneeling on the ground yelling.

And the jungle did not take care of him at all, direct hands, and shrimp soldiers and crab generals again started the attack.

Look at the new shrimp soldiers and crab generals, Feng Yuan is really panic.


knows why the conversation collapsed because he asked too much.

But he can’t, if not, maybe they’re dead now.

In the current circumstances, this negotiation was only a postponement of their time of death.

Look at this, Feng Yuan Yu Yuan’s little sighed, and he knows it’s the last time to fight!

At this point, Old Song, before Feng Yuan Yuan, grabbed this empty file, directly holding the rune sword of Feng Yuan Yuan.

Then only one jump from this old Song, opening bloody mouth wide open like a sacrificial bowl, is going to pass in the neck of Feng Yuan Yuan.

Feng Yuen, while beaten up by Old Song’s riot, faced with this upsurge, Feng Yuan still has a way to deal with it!

See only Feng Yuan raised his feet and just kicked Old Song out.

Old Song, despite some injuries, escaped from Feng Yuan’s control!

Feng Yuan Yuan saw Old Song, who was full of ridiculous faces, knowing that he had made a deadly mistake! The mood fell completely into the bottom of the valley.

Because of his little negligence, there was no chance not only to face the anger of two seasnake commanders, but also to kill a seasnake commander.

And the foot of Jung-woo, who was hiding in the dark, looking at Feng Yuen Yuan, was also foolish.

Now the good news has been buried, looking at shrimp soldiers and crab generals, who have begun an insane attack, and Jules knows that no more can be hidden.


‘s not those shrimp soldiers and crab generals that really make Jules decide to show up, but the two seasnakes commander.


attack by shrimp soldiers and crab generals, even the dragon of Lin, can be prevented and, in any case, the von of a pirate commander can be captured.

The key now is that Feng Yuan has completely pissed off the two seasnakes commander.

Whether or not the seasnake commander, it is clear that it hates Feng Yuan.

They’re going to choose to attack themselves!

So, even if Feng Yuan Yuan had another big ability, he’d be here.

As for the dilemma of two seasnakes commander just now, they will not end at this critical juncture.

Zhou Yongzhou saw power is far from good, knowing that it can’t be done, so he waved, and the Samuel’s flames surrounded the village temple in the instant.

Zhu Yongzhou, this handful of the Samuel, has been manipulated by his super magic relatives and degrees.

This Dawson demon is the best thing to do, and it’s just that the two seasnake commanders are surrounded by the temple of attack.

Two seasnake commander, who was already mad at 30 feet, was even more upset when the wall appeared, just what way they didn’t at all.

Even if the magic of not joining Senro’s power was burning before, these snakes commander dared to touch nothing.

Besides, now we’re joining Senro’s power, and the new Magic Magic Thessallo Flame?

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