Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3580

“Who is it?”

“Hide is a good man!”

The hero commander, known as Old Song, looks at this sudden rise of the wall, and it’s a blazing blast.

He hated the man von Yuen, and even the man who couldn’t tear that evil sheep directly.

And as soon as this pirate commander is about to do so, it was completely blocked by this sudden wall of fire.

How can it not piss him off?


snake commander next to him is so calm that he is not insulted by anything, so at this point he is silent and watched with vigilance in the surrounding environment, and in case of sudden attacks.

Jubilee, hiding in the dark, didn’t even at all rush out, and he wanted to wait.

Until the two seasnake commanders buried in the dark come out.

Just for a while, the two seasnake commanders in the Ma Family House didn’t even at all show up.

The hero commander, Old Song, continues to be angry, but has not answered.

“All right!”

“Stop yelling!”

“It’s annoying!”

The snake commander little woods around him can’t listen, brows tightly knit, looking at Old Song, who’s yelling.

Old Song listened to his companion, even worse.

“Shut the fuck up!”

“We’ll call you when I finish this village and go to the next village and meet the others!”

“The two? Just after a village is packed, two circles around here and you say hello to the two people who keep going?”

Snake commander Little Forest, listen to frowned, say hello.

The name of this little forest snake commander is not aware of all the pirates commander because it’s this year’s new seasnake commander.

而那名正在怒骂的海蛇commander Old Song 根本不理他,只是coldly snorted 之后,再次冲着Void 怒骂,试图能够激怒埋伏之人。

After hearing their conversation, that concern in your heart was finally wiped out!

The two seasnake commanders, who had attacked Ma Family, had travelled to the more advanced villages.

That Jung-woo doesn’t have to wait at all.

就这两个战体只有三十段的小小海蛇commander ,朱横宇收拾起来实在是太简单了。

Ju Yongwoo didn’t do anything to sneak up, and with that seasnake commander’s screaming, he walked out.

“Someone’s ambushed!”

The snake commander saw someone who was really scolded out of his mind, and felt that Jung Yongqiao was just because he couldn’t be insulted.

And Ju Yongzhou, who walked out, didn’t tell them their ink, straight to the point:

“Give you two choices.”

“Either directly die.”

“Either do your best to attack me and die again!”

Zhou Yongzhou said it was a little paranoid.

Just listen to two seasnakes commander.

Because Jules concealed Devil Body at this time, they couldn’t even see what the real power of Jules was, so the two pirate commanders looked at Jules and thought he had lost his heart.

And the idea of Jung-woo is simple, or would you like to see how the two seasnake commander fights and what trump card’s tactics are?

As for the paranoid words, Ju Yokosu thought he had such a paranoid qualification in front of the two seasnake commanders!

Two seasnakes commander is a fool looking at Jules.

“Didn’t this kid get mad?”

The serpent commander, who used to yell at him, was ridiculous and watched Jules.

And that little forest snake commander is also a mockery of his face:

“I said,” Do you want to die? “

Jung-woo will never talk to them.

Since these two people want courting death, Jules will not leave.

See only the bloodthirsty Demon Sword in the hands of Ju Yokota, and Senro sword qi is coming together.

The Senro sword qi was very fast and arrived in front of two seasnake commanders in an instant.

Seasnake commander, known as Little Forest, has not been injured and has been vigilant, so he has seen the attack on Senro sword qi, and he’s risky and dangerous to avoid the past.

And the hero commander called Old Song didn’t have that lucky little forest.

While the strengths of Ju Yokota have also been discovered at a critical juncture, Senro sword qi is too fast.

Because of his relaxation of vigilance, coupled with a number of injuries, there is no escape between this lightning stone.

Just saw Senro sword qi slip through, and this snake commander’s arm was cut off in a minute!

This is also the case after his reactions.

If he stayed on the ground, he wouldn’t just fall off his arm, because the sword qi of Ju Yongzhou was on his head!

At that time, two seasnake commanders were aware of the strengths of Yokohama, and neither again dared to have a slight heart.

Ju Yongqi stopped his body after the implementation of those Dawson sword qi, and he still wanted to see what kind of tactics they had.

Jules also needed to collect more models of attacks by some seasnakes and some tactical laws.

After all, more heroin fighters will be faced, and more information will be collected at this time, and in the aftermath of the fighting Jules will truly be able to know each other.

At this point, despite the urgency of the situation, it is very little time.

The next village, which is the village in which Djudachan is located, believes that the strength of Juda Chang, together with his advance notice, should be preserved.

The two seasnakes commander, looking at Jules Yu Yu Yu, is known to be having a hard time this time.

So the two people exchanged their eyes and never left their hands.

When the snake commander shouted in his hand was only seen in the woods, the sword in his hands went to Jules.

And the hero commander Old Song, who lacked an arm, was also the law of operations, followed by several ICicle moved towards Ju Yokota.

Look at those ICicle, Jung-woo is disappointed.

This is the fourth time Jules saw Icicle.

It seems that this Icicle is like the magic of the Shadows, and Fireball is the most common method of warfare.

These Icicle, Jung-woo, even lazy enough to handle them, just together with the Sunnon shields, are all gone.

And that’s trying to hit his pirate commander, and it’s making Jules see something new.

Obviously, this pirate commander is a nearby war hero commander.

Zhou Yokosu has been through so many confrontations with the Cobra commander, or for the first time has been in contact with those who use the near-war techniques.

As for the sea mountains, Ju Yokota and his dealer, while they have always been close to fighting, the sea mountains have only fought with fleshy body innate talent and have never used any tactical method of warfare.

So it’s a great expectation to see this pirate commander come to him with a war knife.

And he didn’t let Jung-woo down.

只见战刀劈在朱横宇的森罗护盾之上的时候,还带有一股Extreme Cold 之气!

It seems that this hero commander’s tactics are a strengthened tactic.

The weapons can be accompanied by the effects of Extreme Cold.

This warfare technique Jung-woo saw it for the first time, and he naturally wanted to have a good insight.

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