Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3656

Only three breaths in time, Wu Wah Ji has bombed nine pieces in a row! Unlike Gospel, the general inheritance magic of Wu Wah Ji, chose the inheritance of the speed system.

That’s why Wu Wah Ji can cut nine bucks in three breaths time! In the words of Gospel, 3 breaths time, he can only cut three knives.

However, every knife, formidable power, can be different.

Number one blade triple! Second knife six times the riot! Three knives, nine times the riot! With unlimited atrocities, the third knife of Takasu can explode 81 times more persecution! However, Google’s output is too much for the environment.

His export, though terrifying, can go away even if he can’t resist it.


‘s not gonna let Gao touch his side at all.

Unless someone helps Google, set the target.

Otherwise, the third knife of the tall is basically one.

Thus, while the magic of the Gospel is the best match for unlimited atrocities.

But in real warfare, the effects are remarkable.

Wu Wai Ji is actually a very simple river type, fighting mainly at speed and frequency.

Once the indefinite atrocities are tied up, single-picked, strong, reversed! peng peng peng peng peng… In a fierce shock, every knife in Wu Wah Jin will explode with a shock.

Nine knives were cut down, causing nearly deadly harm to King Nether Soul! However, almost deadly, ultimately almost deadly.

At the end of the day, King Nether Soul finally got out of thunderbolt’s polio.


loss of life was finally retreated in a timely manner.

At the same time, the eight General Nether Soul, who was killed and killed, intercepted four members of the Wu Wah pool, regardless of everything.

How did the four members of the Wu Wah Ji fight and could not have stopped eight General Nether Soul?

At this juncture, the body of King Nether Soul, who was original nipple white, has become fantastic.

Far away, the body of King Nether Soul has shown half transparency.

Obviously, Wu Wai just broke up and almost killed King Nether Soul.

Although King Nether Soul withdrew in a timely manner, it has become extremely weak.

He was completely killed in order to avoid the chasing of four people in Wu Wai Ji.

That Nether Soul did not stop this time.

It’s just a bunch of dropping out of 1000 meters until it’s out of sight, and that’s why the souls just stopped.

Between the intense breath, King Nether Soul, this time, really scares enough.

Almost! He’s almost killed! Just as the souls are uncertain, a black shadow comes out of a rock.

Feeling energy fluctuations, King Nether Soul turned around and looked at that black silhouette.


you can see, it’s not someone else, it’s Jung-woo! The desperate look at Yokota, and King Nether Soul knows that this time he’s hard to avoid calamity.

At this point, King Nether Soul has become weak.

Not only is it not fast, but it’s not too high.

In front of Senro sword qi in Jules, the King Nether Soul has no ability to escape! In the face of the weak King Nether Soul, Jules will not be merciful.

There was a wave between Blood Demon Sword and a sword qi screamed out.

First of all, Dawson was strong, keeping Prince Nether Soul.

Then, a journal of the Samuel Flame, put Prince Nether Soul in fire sea.

Then, as a journal of the Tsunami of Senro sword qi, the gravity of the killing was on the body of King Nether Soul.

King Nether Soul is strong! Even if it was in paragraph 50 Devil Body’s cultivator who was alone against him, that would definitely be defeated.

But unfortunately, King Nether Soul is on his side. Close, once Judo Yokota’s son is banned.

That battle is over.

With the support of unlimited firepower, Ju Yokosu can indefinitely demonstrate Sunnon’s strength and place the target dead at the place of origin.

Together with the Samuel Flame, and the indefinite consumption of Senro sword qi.

Even if the power of each other is stronger, it can’t stand it! Look at yourself going to be completely killed, and King Nether Soul finally started to fight! In a desperate scream, the body of King Nether Soul broke up.

Making millions of milk white fluid, screaming towards Ju Yongqiu.

Faced with this scene, Jules Frowned, the whole gods are ready.

Obviously, King Nether Soul has not been killed yet.

This milk white fluid, though it looks like a spiritual fluid.

But obviously, this is definitely not a real spiritual fluid.

It is true that, under the full resistance of Yokota, those nipples are completely capable of being extinguished.

It’s just that white fluid is too much, there’s a million.

Despite the killing of hundreds of routes in Suno sword qi in Ju Yokota, the majority of the breastwhite gas flows still invaded Devil Body from the four limbs of Jules.

Jules, the body of the universe, the rigid stops at the place of origin.

At the same time, within the body of Jules, a war of world-shaking, officially opened! The white air flow, along with the meridian of Ju Yongzhou, went all the way up into the sea of Judo’s knowledge.

Within the sea of Judo’s knowledge, there are 10 million milk white floors, all together.


body of King Nether Soul on the Great Coast, once again gathered out.

Only this time, however, the position of King Nether Soul is no longer a real world.

It’s within the sea of Jung-woo.

Looking at that heaven, huge enough to imagine the unimaginable King Nether Soul, Jung-woo was completely panicked! Fighting between spiritual consciousness, Jung-woo is completely outside the door! Never experienced, and most importantly, the body of Judo’s knowledge, with only the size of the particle.

On the other hand, the Queen Nether Soul was more than nine metres tall.

The difference is so big! Looking at the body of Judo Yokohama’s smallness, King Nether Soul laughed loudly.

Do you dare compete with the moon with the light of rice?

In a wave of hands, King Nether Soul intended to release Nether Soul and completely destroy Yokota.

In the face of this, Ju Yokosu can only stand there, and I have no idea what to do.

The ancient clock of the unknown black is on the brink of the sky.

And when the bells of the Sung Yu Yu Yu, they turned back on the skies of the Ju Yongzhou Sea.


bells are out there, and a glass shatters the sound of being on the body of King Nether Soul.

At the same time, the unseen clock disappeared on the roof, as if it had never appeared.

k-cha… Ka-cha, under the blindfold eye of Ju Yongzhou, King Nether Soul, the natural landscape, continues to have a seamless tornado.

A piece of nipple white fragment fell off the body of King Nether Soul and fell on the earth where the sea was known.

Look at tens of milk fragments, leaving King Nether Soul’s body.

Suddenly, a grey black snake fluid will come out of the sea.

The gray black snake fluid, and the road was shattered, and King Nether Soul was dispersed with white fragments, and one after another swallowed into his stomach.

Senro’s power! That’s right, this snake fluid. It’s the strength of the Sunrow that Jules has been rehabilitating!

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