Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3657

Between the craziness of the road, the nipple fragments of King Nether Soul were swallowed as much as he could.

Eventually, that vast, top-down Prince Nether Soul’s body was completely empty.

There is only one irregular human phantom, unintentionally floating in the air.

Look at that man’s phantom, the snake’s gravity, not at all.

In one big mouth, as if a snake was eaten, the soul of King Nether Soul was swallowed.

After devouring the heart of King Nether Soul’s soul, the snake’s temperatures were filled with a closed eye, surrounded by the spirit of Yokohama, with a slight spinning, as if a good pet were.

Faced with all this, Jung-woo’s eyebrows, wrinkles are tight.

This unseen clock is really not right.

I don’t know if it’s a misunderstanding, Jung-woo always feels that this unseen ancient clock is too weird.

But, well, this unseen clock is obviously not at all to hurt the heart of Yokota.

Otherwise, the formidable power displayed by the unseen ancient clock will never be resisted at all! In fact, this unseen clock not only did not harm Jules, but, on several occasions, rescued him at the most critical juncture.

So, for this unseen archaeological clock, Zhou Yokosu, though curious, is not too shy at all.


if the unseen clock were to harm him, then he would only admit it.

With the power of Jules today, there is absolutely no money to fight against this unseen ancient clock.

As between thought and thought, Jung-woo looked at the strength of the snake, which slowed into nipple white.

Its shape, from the snake, slowly builds into half the human body.

It’s half the human face, because of the strengths of Senro, only half of it is human.

To be precise, the shape of Senro’s power at this moment belongs to the tail of the human snake.

Look at that twisted white snake tail, around the strengths of your turn, Jules.

What’s going on?

After devouring the soul of King Nether Soul, how did Sono’s power become this way, frowned, and Jules left the sea of knowledge.

Open your eyes slowly, Jung-woo’s consciousness runs out of his hand, Blood Demon Sword.

in an instant, a nipple son sword qi, screaming out.

Senro sword qi was out there, and fell on a giant stone.

Clang! In a fierce scream, Senro sword qi cut the stone out of a deep cut! Horror! It’s horrible! After he swallowed King Nether Soul, the formidable power of Senro doubled again! In the battle just now, the marks on that giant stone are not the only ones.

Just a little bit of a match can be found.

The new scratch just came out, twice as deep as it was before! Under the fiduciary wave, Zhou Yokosu has cut out three Dawson sword qi.

After testing, with the intensity of Senro.

Senro sword qi is not just a formidable power upgrade, but it’s accelerating! As the formidable power of the Suno sword qi has doubled again, Ju Yokota believes that even with respect to the cultivator of Devil Body, 50 above, Senro sword qi can already pose a certain threat.

For the current Senro sword qi, Wu Wah Ji Ji, they’re no longer possible, and they’re going to stand in the way.

Long breath, Jung-woo turned around and looked at the great hills far away.

It’s time to meet some Wu Wai Jin.

They’ve been chasing Jung-woo for too long.

It’s time to show them a little color… when Jules Weusly came back to the battlefield again.

Wu Wah Ji, fighting with General Nether Soul, has entered a white heating state.

Just now, Wu Wah Ji, despite the terrorist outbreak on King Nether Soul.

But under a spurt of energy, Wu Wai Jin’s magic has also gone to the building.

The magic is exhausted, and even the jails can’t be rushed.

As a result, under the siege of General Nether Soul, the situation of the four members of the Wu Wah Ji Ji is very bad.

And the situation of General Nether Soul, the eight major Nether, is already very poor.

Although, for the time being, they will not endanger their lives, it is clear that a great deal of spiritual energy is consumed and General Nether Soul, too, has begun to weaken.

Even the shape of General Nether Soul, the eight major Nether, is no longer so solid.

In the course of the fighting, General Nether Soul’s shape is often uncontrolled and transformed.

It’s not urgent to see this scene.

Look at four people in the Wu Wah pool, fighting with General Nether Soul.

And between Ju Yokota’s heart, whispering with rock and weed cover, moved towards that demon tree touched the past.

For very careful reasons, Jules came out, and not at all were discovered by a few people in Wu Wah Jin.

Thus, Jules successfully touched the side of the tree with rock and weed cover.

But next, Jung-woo’s body, I’m afraid, can’t hide.

After all, that demon tree is very big.

And the tree of the devil grows above the top of the hills, and there is nothing around it to hide.

Jules can’t even think too much.

Don’t look at four people in Wu Wah’s pool, and now it seems to be with the wind.

However, Ju Yokosu is well aware that they have taken the medicine pill that restored the magic.

And that Wu Wah pool is still experiencing superior magic stones and energy for that silver thunderbolt shuttle! Once thunderbolt shuttles are complete, then one can be killed in a second, even a few General Nether Soul.

Now, King Nether Soul is dead.

So there’s nothing else that could threaten the lives of four people in Wu Wah Ji.

As long as they are given enough time, they will be able to defeat General Nether Soul.

By that time, Ju Yokota was afraid there would be no chance to get the nine Ninth Grade souls.

Don’t look at the Wu Wai Ji, and now it seems like a wolf.

As great family younger generation, Ju Yokota does not believe that they did not leave any trump card.

For the sake of insurance, Yokota decided to take nine Ninth Grade’s souls first, and say the other.

After all, the Ninth Grade Spirit is the ultimate goal for all.

As far as Wu Wah Jin is concerned, it doesn’t matter.

Even if it is not possible to kill now, there will be more opportunities.

It’s a total of 4-Layer, and this is 2nd floor.


long as we eat the nine Ninth Grade spirits, the power of Jules will increase significantly.

By that time, Jung-woo won’t be so wolf when he goes to Wu Wah Jin.

Maybe you can beat Wu Wah Ji if you’re directly confronting the war.

between thoughts are revolving, Ju Yokosu has carefully observed the battle of four people in Wu Wah Ji Jiang.

While several people concentrate attention completely fought, Ju Yokota surrounded the other side of the tree.

With the cover of the trees, moved towards that demon tree climbed over the past.

Soon, with the cover of the trees and branches, Jules arrived next to the first demon’s fruit.

between the first detective of right hand, Jules took the first devil’s fruit off and slightly entered the subordinate ring.

Subsequently, Jules continued to move and climbed towards the second evil fruit.

This monstrous tree is huge, and the trees are full of ten people holding so rough.

So, even if it’s a brand of a magic fruit tree, it’s worse than Ju Yongzhou’s body.

One, two, three, with a dry cover, Jules took six of the spirits, but never found them.

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