Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3658

But the next three demons grew up on the top branches.

The branches there are already very detailed, and there is no way to hide the shape of Jules.

Look at the three souls close to the size, and Ju Yokosu is not allowed to leave.

It has been observed for a long time to confirm that the four members of the Wu Wah Ji Jiang were unable to deal with General Nether Soul and could not distract him.

Jung-woo bites his teeth, his body beats up quickly, moved towards Peak of the Devil tree.

Right hand was explored in Jules, taking off the seventh souls.

In the opposite battlefield, General Nether Soul, who fought with a few people in Wu Wah Ji Ji, made a shocking shout.

After all, General Nether Soul is respectful.

At this juncture, General Nether Soul, is surrounding the Wu Wah pool, and the battle is going on.

Unless it comes from a dry shield, it will be found by one of them, General Nether Soul, in whatever direction Zhou Yokosu has come from.

I heard General Nether Soul roaring, and some Wu Wah Ji Ji were first.

Soon, however, the Wu Wai Ji was conscious, as General Nether Soul looked at the past.

As seen in the entry, Ju Yongzhou is jumping around the branches and then taking off the first devil.

Then, with the attention of several people in Wu Wah Jiang, the body of Ju Yongzhou fell in the past with the strength of the branches, and moved to the top of the devil.

Not good! It’s him!

When you see Jules, and you disappear a ghost on the branches, Wu Wah Ji Jin blew up his liver lungs.

People are so desperate to rob these Ninth Grade spirits.

But now, they become bait, silly and Nether Soul, and General Nether Soul’s death.

And that villain, the villain, climbed up the trees and took away all the evil fruits.

The most outrageous thing about Wu Wah’s people was that the kid had searched more than 3,000 magic blood blood in a layer of maze.

Now, on this second floor’s fog plain, this kid has another nine Ninth Grade spirits.

What if this guy’s been robbed of?

Three thousand Devil Body’s strength, speed, patience.

Ninth Ninth Grade’s souls, strengthened his soul, his soul, and his spirit.

Such a presence is completely perfect and without blemish, okay?


Under rage, General Wu Wai Jiang loudly shouted, immediately abandoned General Nether Soul and moved towards Jukosu to chase the past.

A few of Wu Wah’s associates seem to want to go along with Wu Wah Jin.

Unfortunately, at this point, Ju Yokosu has taken the last demon’s fruit off and put it in the subordinate ring.

See this scene, in a state of anger, not just Wu Wah Ji, but also his three partners.

general Nether Soul has also entered a state of anger.

The King Nether Soul, and General Nether Soul, exist to conserve this demon tree.

Now the souls are gone, and the meaning of their existence is gone.

Under anger, the body of General Devil, swiftly from nipples, became freight.

And then it turned from fred to purple, and then black red…

As the colour deepens, the body of General Divine’s soul is rapidly spreading.

General Nether Soul, who has only looked at five meters high, swept to more than nine metres tall.

Except for the color’s wrong, this is Prince Nether Soul!

In a state of anger, the devil general, entered the magic state!

In a state of demonization, General Devil’s soul has been temporarily promoted for the king of the devil!

Not just in size, but even their destructive power has risen to the level of the Devil King.

Although this pattern cannot be sustained in the long term.

Moreover, the preservation of the state of demonization requires the depletion of a large amount of energy in the body.

After this battle, even after that,

the Devil General will not die, and his realm will also melt into a normal 10,000 years of Nether Soul.

I don’t know how many years it takes to rehabilitate General Devil’s realm.

In fact, General Nether Soul, under rage, didn’t even want to live.

The spirits are gone, and the meaning of their existence does not exist.

Not just the Devil Spirit General!

Hundreds of Nether Soul fighters at the top of the hills have also entered a state of fanaticism.

About three million years, Nether Soul, the body became red quickly and the colour was getting red.

Soon, more than three million years of Nether Soul, quickly spreading up.

incarnation became General Nether Soul for over 300 years!

See this scene, Jupiton Wood.

After pulling down the last Ninth Grade’s soul, it fell directly into the earth.

As soon as you stand firm, Jung-woo rolls a bunch of rolls, slows down the huge impact, and climbs up and runs.

One way to run, Jung-woo turned around and looked back.

As seen in the entry, Wu Wah Jiang Gushing teeth, a firefighter in his hands, was chasing him at full speed.

After Wu Wah Ji, his three companions were trapped under the siege of King Nether Soul, who, as if it were to be by rights, looked at them and Yokota.

Although, for the time being, the three colleagues in Wu Wai Ji seem to be able to insist.

It is clear, however, that under the joint attack of Prince Nether Soul, they will not be able to support it much longer.

Prince Nether Soul, a thousand magic guns can be fired at once.

Under unspeakable madness, three of Wu Wai’s associates supported only nine rest times, and quickly drowned by a long day of gunfire in a wave of horror!

It’s not over…

After the killing of three of Wu Wah’s colleagues, Prince Nether Soul, and more than 300 dignitaries, General Nether Soul, turned their eyes to Wu Wah, and Ju Yokota.

the Queen Nether Soul, Yukong, moved towards Ju Yongqiu and Wu Wah Jin.

See this scene, Jung-woo can’t stop and run all the way up.

Three thousand demons, the power of Jules, speed, and patience have increased significantly.

But even so, his speed will not be able to fly the story on equal terms with the Devil King.

Look at Prince Nether Soul quickly, and Jules is not laughing.

Prince Nether Soul after all is a royal creature, not only with a high body, but also as a soul, but with no weight.

So fly up, speed is very fast.

Under the clouds, Jung-woo doesn’t want to kill his hands, and that’s the only way to escape.

As soon as one escapes, it crosses the distance of 1,000 meters.

And that Wu Wah pool was fast, and there was no Ju Yongqiu fast.

And Wu Wai Jin is now wearing heavy purchasing armor.

But how can there be no trump card in Wu Wai Jin after all the family boys?

In the arms of the detective, Wu Wai Ji took out a dark jade bottle, and fell out of a black air around medicine pill – Devil Dan!

The next moment, the week of Wu Wah Jin, the wind of the storm in the middle of the night!

Under the winds, Wu Wah Jin’s speed doubled, and the wind’s typically going to Ju Yongzhou.

See this scene, Jung-woo doesn’t have to laugh at it.

Well, it’s great family younger generation, baby on it, but it’s not poor.

Obviously, this monster Dan is a senior medicine pill.

It’s the life Wu Family prepared for Wu Wah Ji, Divine Pill!

Less than at a time when the wind will never be used.

But by now, Wu Wah Ji has not been able to take care of much.

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