Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3659

If you let Jung-woo run away, that would really be too serious.

A guy who swallowed 3,000 demons of blood, and nine Ninth Grade’s spirits, will definitely be a nightmare for Wu Family!


long as it kills Jules, the greatest sacrifice is worth it.

It is with this in mind that Wu Wai Ji has left three partners behind.

His three partners, even the whole body, had been torn apart by more than 300 dignified demons.

As for the pride of Wu Wah, although safe, it would ultimately be difficult to escape if Zhao Yongqiu could not be killed, even if he was temporarily alive.

Wu Wai Ji is really sorry.

As long as he knew, he would never have done it for any reason, and he would have done it.

What’s the figure?

Kill Jules all the way, but this kid is stronger and more inversive!

Now, it’s time to kill him, and Wu family will have to break the situation, and who can think of it?

In the middle of a journey, Prince Nether Soul finally pursued it at a faster pace.


magic of the sky has a gun, and it has been spreading from above the dome.

In the face of this scene, Ju Yokosu was too helpless, and only a couple of rolls, switching in the direction and running at full speed.

Wu Wai Ji was relatively simple, just a slight turn, and at a rate of borrowing, he avoided the shooting of a magic gun.

Finally, the Wu Wai Ji, with the wind Dan, tracked up to ten zhang behind Ju Yongzhang.

next moment, between Detective Wu Wah Jianghand, thunderbolt shuttles out!

The thunderbolt screams at the heart of Jules.

If not at the end of the end, that dark old clock phantom would appear in a timely manner.

Zhou Yongzhou, I’m afraid the force of Thunder, which was crushed by thunderbolt long ago, has been completely turned into ashes.

Look at Prince Nether Soul, and Wu Wah’s pool is about to chase Ju Yongzhou completely and surround him.

next moment

the Queen Nether Soul, stopping, growling in the sky.

Turn around and see, King Nether Soul stopped at his place of origin.


color of the week, quickly fade.

From deep red to extreme red.

From the extreme red, into the fresh red.

At the same time, the size of King Nether Soul, like a leakage balloon, has been reduced rapidly.

speaking of that slow, but in fact, King Nether Soul started from the moment he stopped.

Only 3 breaths time, and the color is fading.

Its size has also been reduced from more than nine metres to more than two metres tall.

After all, this respect for King Nether Soul, is actually made of the demonization of General Nether Soul.

Hang on for so long, it’s already reached their limit.

With respect to Prince Nether Soul, he became an ordinary 100-year Nether Soul.


threat of Yokota has finally been slightly reduced.

But the Wu Wah Jin is still under the inspiration of Devil Dan.

Three jails of jailer blade, screaming towards Ju Yongzhou.

In the face of this, Jung Yongzhou was the first time that he had the shield of Sam.

But the three jails were cut off, and only a moment later, and that son’s shield broke apart.

Faced with this, Jung-woo bites his teeth, right hand flies, hobbing Blood Demon Sword.

For Wu Wah Jin, Zhao Yongzhou, three journals of Sunnon, moved towards Wu Wah, flew over the past.


long as there’s a son of a bitch who can kill Wu Wah Jin, Ju Yokosu will stand in a place that will not fail.

Even Wu Wah Jin can be left unlimited until he’s completely killed!

But obviously, Wu Wai Ji is not that good to deal with.

The Wu Wah coldly smiled in the face of a three-journalist from Ju Yongzhou.

In a strange smile, Wu Wah Jiang’s right hand turned out to have taken out an ancient hidden shield!

In the eyes of Ju Yongzhou, the three journals, Sunnon, were heavily bombed on the unseen shields in Wu Wah’s hands.

– Yeah.

And next moment, let Jung-woo stare at the scene, it happened!

In the eyes of Ju Yongzhou, the three Dawson strands, between a light bullet on the unseen shield, have turned around and shot at Ju Yokosu.

Zhao Yongzhou is afraid to slow down, and the first time he’s got a shield!

A bunch of three Dawson Roads, a heavy hit on the Sunrow shield in Jules.

Look at Ju Yongzhou surprised, Wu Wai Jington had fun laughing.

And this hidden shield is a crust of an ancient turtle, made of it.

The unseen shields have the ability to carry a counterattack.

All remote energy shocks will be countered by unseen shields.

If it wasn’t Jung-woo, he would have raised the Sunrow shield in time.

If it is not a Sunnon shield, it will be immune from all control effects.

Just one in an instant, Jung Yong Woo will be imprisoned by his own son and placed at his place of origin.

Enough of 3 breaths time, he doesn’t want to move.

In the face of such a strong Wu Wah pool, if Ju Yongzhou 3 breaths time, nothing can move.

That’s basically the same as a dead man.

Wu Wah Ji is absolutely capable, and in 3 breaths time, he will completely explodes into waste.

Don’t forget that Wu Wah Ji has unlimited atrocities to end up inheritance.

3 breaths time, Wu Wah Ji is enough to carry out nine knives, each of which is nine times more violent.

Zhou Yongzhou can’t resist such horrible strikes even if he is stronger.

This unseen shield is too restrained to do so.

You know, all the attacks on the method in Jules are almost all far away.

Samuel’s forbidden, Samuel’s flame. Same is the case with Senro sword qi.

All attacks on this unseen turtle shield, Jung-woo will be returned, and what else will they do?

Originally, Jung-woo thought his system of fighting was perfect and without blemish.

But without thinking, it was just a hidden turtle shield that killed him.

In the present situation, the continuation of the attack by Ju Yokota is tantamount to helping Wu Wah Ji to hurt himself together.

It is clear that Jung-woo is not that stupid, nor can it be done.

Since the counter-and-attack can’t be done, the only thing Jules can do is run away.

And the Wu Wai Jin will not relax, and the pain will be haunted and will not be relaxed after Jung-woo.

speaking of that, thanks to King Nether Soul.

Having absorbed King Nether Soul’s spiritual power, the strength of the nation’s formidable power has again doubled.

And now, even if it were the fugitive blade released from Wu Wai Ji, it would take three knives to break the Caesar shield.

If that were not the case, under Wu Wah Jiang’s chase, Ju Yongqiu would have been unloaded.


couple of days between the one and the other!

In a few days, the Devil Body of Jules has been filled with wounds.

And instead of looking at Wu Wah Ji, it’s new, and there’s no scar.

Look at Jupiter Bunny running up front, and when it started, Wu Wai Jin’s not at all in a hurry.

But a couple of days later, with a lot of magic dust, Wu Wah Jin is finally out of control!

Between a bite of teeth, Detective Wu Wai took out a respectful, white, white bone refined.

Look at that, the white bone of Nathan, seems to be the head of the lamb.

The head of the whole sheep was sculptured into a form of alcohol.

Look carefully, the sheep skulled in the glass of wine and shined in the dark red rays of light.

Between Wu Wah Jianghand’s shaking, the alcoholic Magic Project, which was made of the sculpture of the lamb, was immediately released.

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