Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3660

Skulls, white bones!

Yeah, that’s one of the trump cards that Wu Family gave to Wu Wah Ji to save lives.

As a one-time Magic Project, this skull is white and scary!

Once released, the enemy will be thrown into this white bone at once, and will be burned to death by the fire.

At the same time, in addition to the skull, cultivator can also target strikes in the white bone through a twin eye of the sheep’s head.

With this white bone, even if Wu Wah Ji’s opponent to the top 60 Devil Body, he can save his life at least.

And even if the defense of the other side is slightly different, Wu Wai Ji is more capable of more than a dozen fighters, attacking rape!

Look under the skull’s white skull, Jung-woo didn’t try to hide.

But that skull, like consciousness, is directly locked up in Jules.

Chow Yongqiu was left to hide in the right, but eventually he was unable to hide.

In the clouds, Jupiter was thrown into the earth by the skull of a distance of nearly two metres.

See this scene, Wu Wai Jington laughed.

It is not forced into force, and Wu Wah Ji is the one who can’t take out this skull.

The skull is white, but it’s made up of 60 Devil Body, the Shadow cultivator’s skull.

In the head of this lamb, the soul of Lord Devil Body is also sealed, and therefore it is also a respect for Spirit Item.

Once released, the target will automatically be set.

It would also be useless to let each other hide.

Once the skull is targeted, it will release thousands of devils and burn the target in the skull.

Unless the Devil Body of the other party exceeds 60, it will not be possible to break the white bone at all.

Almost certainly will die under the burning fire of the devil.

With that white bone under, Jupiter’s eyes are dark.

next moment, a white light flies, and Jules finally restored sight again.

Looking at it, the skull’s white bone, and the heavy mask is on the ground.

Jung-woo’s head is just in the part of the skull’s white eyes.

Through the skull’s eyes, it looks like you can see the wow Wah Jin Jin, who laughed at the sky.

Look at that big skull in front of you, Jung-woo didn’t want to get out of here.

But in fact, it’s impossible!

The skull is a little higher than Jules, about 23 centimetres tall.

Jung-woo’s head, right with Skull’s eyes.

If you try hard, Jung-woo’s head can be pulled out of the skull’s eyes.

But under the shoulder, absolutely can’t drill out.

The most critical point is that Wu Wah Ji can stand outside the skull.

If Jung-woo were in front of him, stretch his head out, wouldn’t it be a chop?

Wu Wai Ji can cut off Ju Yongzhou’s head if he gets a knife down.

If your head is gone, that Jupiter will certainly not survive.

So, although this skull is white, it seems to be out of the way.

But in fact, it’s the only way out, but it’s the only dead end!

Ju Yongzhou sucked his breath, and he was full of the skulls around him.

The problem is, however, that the space inside the skull is too narrow to open its arms.

And the skull is white, but by 60 Devil Body, the sheep cultivator’s head sculpture.

Its strength is by no means imaginable by the general population.

With the power of Ju Yongzhou today, it will not be possible to break this skull!


the face of such desperate situations, Jupiter’s brain is running fast.

But in any case, he never found a way out of it.

Look at Wu Wai Ji’s hand with a jailer knife, smiling around.

Ju Yongwoo is not frowned, then he’s a short body, and he’s sitting down on his knee.

So, Wu Wai Ji can’t get out of here and see Jung-woo’s place.

Although, Wu Wai Ji can put the knife in and hurt Ju Yongzhou.

But in the first place, Jung-woo has a Sun Shield, not afraid of Wu Wah Jin’s attack.

Secondly, if Wu Wai Ji really stretched the knife in, Ju Yongqiu would dare to rob his hands and grab his knife.

Anti-Wu Wah Jin, is laughed heartily, not anxious.

In one half of your hands, Wu Wai Ji hung the finger and triggering the fire of the devil of the skull!

The blazing flame, which starts with empty skulls, is burned with intense flames.

Despite the veil of Senro’s shield, Ju Yokosu was burned by that fierce devil and burned with pain.


the face of such desperate situations, Ju Yongzhou Woodat all gave up, not to be killed, and he had the last step to go.

Between the hearts and minds, Zhou Yongzhou Wood turned over and took out a Ninth Grade Spirit!

That’s right, Jung-woo, the only way to live now is to eat this Ninth Grade spirit.

Hopefully, the Ninth Grade Spirit will bring him qualitative upgrading.

If not, Jules will die here today.

Take out a Ninth Grade Spirit, a Jupiter’s mouth, and bite in the mouth.

Sweet fruit meat, under the chocolate of Ju Yongzhou, quickly melt into a cold air flow and flourish into the meridian of Jules.

Feel that cold fluid, Jung-wooden.

After absorbing the energies of Ninth Grade’s spirits, think of his soul, he’ll be strengthened without distinction.

Between thought, Jung-woo didn’t at all stop.

One, two, three…

In just a few ten breaths, Ju Yokota has swallowed nine Ninth Grade’s souls in a row, and none of them stayed.

That’s why Jung-woo has his own thoughts.

Even if this Ninth Grade Spirit doesn’t work.

Even Jung-woo died here last.

This Ninth Grade’s spiritual fruit must never be left to Wu Wah Jin.

He can’t get anything except Jules’ body!

With nine Ninth Grade’s souls falling!

in an instant, there’s no room for a cold, like heaven overflowing giant wave, and there’s a shift between the meridian in Juangle.

The cold fluid is washed, and even the fire of a bear burns around it, Jules can’t feel it.

concentrate attention completely felt the bears’ evil fire, and Jupiter’s heart was empty.

Even if Wu Wah Ji was yelling out there, he would not have heard the most ironic words.

With the attention of Yokota, that wave of cold fluctuations is shattered in the surroundings of the week…

Eventually, the cold sea, a wave of waves of waves, flowing over the sea of Judo’s knowledge.

With the attention of Yokota, the great wave of the day, like the tsunami, flows into the knowledge of Yokota.

In Ju Yongzhou, next, this terrible wave will be absorbed by his soul.

And his small, small soul will be spreading fast.

Jung-woo does not ask for his own soul to swell into the King of Nether Soul so large.

Even Jules did not ask for their own Devil Body, and General Nether Soul mention on equal terms.

As long as he’s got his soul, he’s sweeping to the size of Nether Soul in 10,000 years, he’s satisfied.

But that’s where the cold flow flows into a brake of the sea.

The silent unseen clock appeared at the entrance of the sea.

It looks like the tide of the tide, like the river into the sea, and the madness comes in.

But then, the horror of the storm, the creepy breeze into a dragon, struck into the dark clock.

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