Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3661


In the strange noise, the nine Ninth Grade waves of energy-efficient waves of fruit, which struck into the dark clock.


the face of this scene, Jules is not bad from inwardly shouted.

When does this unseen clock appear bad?

And when all these energy is absorbed by the unseen clock, what does he depend on?

The rush, Jung-woo has a heart to stop.

But in fact, he can’t manage those energy flows at all.

Even if he wanted to stop, he couldn’t stop it.

I don

‘t even know what to do to stop it!

It swallowed all the waves and swallowed them as much as possible in the eyes of the Jupiter despair.

When the unseen clock was satisfied with a body, the silent disappeared in Void.

Look at that cold energy flow, but it’s not even a drop left.

Zhou Yongzhou is just trying to cry without tears.

What the hell is going on?

It’s greedy, isn’t it? How many left him?

Smile, open your eyes, Jupiter, stand up.

The sceptical discovery of the head, with the skull blindfolded, looks out.

What is Wu Wah Ji doing in half a day?

Why didn’t he ever attack Jung-woo? That’s not right!

The thunderbolt shuttle in Wu Wah’s pool should be complete.

Whatever you do, you can bring great harm to Ju Yokosu.

You know, while speaking of that seems to be fast, nine Ninth Grade spirits have been eaten continuously to completely absorb.

The whole process, but it took enough time.

Wu Wai Ji can’t smell him for so long?

warusly’s standing up, Jung-woo looked out the past through the skull’s eyes.

Look at this, Jupiton Wood got his eyes up.

Seems like Wu Wai Ji is working with a teenager, and the fighting is going on.

This young man is not someone else. It’s the clouds of Suzuki who didn’t see him!

Undoubtedly, Wu Wai Ji has never been a hottier to Jung-woo.

So, it was the Suzuki cloud that arrived in time and stopped Wu Wah Jin.

Zhou Yongzhou secretly sighed the tunnel.

But it’s strange to make Jung-woo wonder, how could that Suzuki cloud be the opponent of Wu Wah Jiang?

Honestly, that hidden turtle shield can kill Wu Wakek!

Look carefully at Wu Wah and Suu Yun Yun, what you see in Wu Wai Jin’s hands is not at all the hidden shields!

The doubts look around, and the entrance sees.

On the ground next to it, there are some armor suits and a black shield.

Just a little thought, Jung-woo will understand.

Obviously, the weight is very terrifying, both in the garment and in the turtle.

Place in a subordinate ring, it doesn’t feel much.

But for the past few days, Wu Wai Ji has been wearing this heavy armor, taking this heavy shield for a few nights!

Now finally relax, he certainly takes the first time to take off this heavy armor and that heavy shield.

It was not known whether the cloud had come too coincidently, or whether the Suzuki cloud had carefully plot against it before the attack took place while Wu Wah Jiang’s armor shield had left.

In any case, that Wu Wah Ji is now called an empty fist.

Neither purifying the armor nor purifying the sword.

Even the unseen shields are thrown over here.

Seeing this scene, Jung-wooden had an idea.

Although Jules has no ability to destroy this skull.

But this skull is white, but it is only on the ground.

Without Wu Wah Ji to be a catalyst, it’s possible to crash.

Between the hearts and minds, Jung-woo dared not to slow down.

take a long and deep breath, Jung-woo.

The wall that struggled with the skull, the white bone, hit the past.

hong long, hong long! Category: Bombling

In a boring sound, the skull was shaken with a slight skull.

And Jules is not stupid, and he knows how to shake skulls.

Hit the left, until the skull slides to the left, Ju Yokosu begins to be strong.

Until the skull slides back to the right, Ju Yongzhou will hit the right side again.

On the left, there was a rhythm hit, the skull, and the skull started shaking.

Hear that boring impact, Wu Waitangton is in a hurry.

Once you leave Jules alone, he will die.

And between frightening, Wu Wai Jiang’s screaming was intended to cross the clouds of Suzuki and to move towards the shadow of the skull.

The Suzuki clouds coldly snorted, and the impact rockets started instantly!

With unlimited effects, every arrow launched by the Suzuki cloud will be targeted.

As a result, Wu Wah Ji was still bombarded by fiercely in front of the rocket.

Whoa, whoa.

Alarmed and frightened, Wu Wai Jin screamed crazy.

But there’s no way he can’t go in the face of a hundred centuries of soda clouds.

Nor did Suzuki attempt to kill Wu Wah Ji, the only thing he did was to mount an impact rocket and keep firing Wu Wah Jin Jin back.

Maybe someone would say that Suzuki clouds should be carrying out shock arrows and locate Wu Wah Jin.

Then, through the arrows, kill Wu Wah Jin.

But in fact, it’s really stupid to do that.

First of all, Devil Body of Suzuki Cloud, far away from the Wu Wah pool.

Even through arrows, it’s hard to really hurt Wu Wah Jin.

Although Wu Wai Ji has been removed from the purchasing suite, even so, Wu Wai is wearing a chain of soft armor.

The arrow of Suzuki clouds is simply unable to cross this chain of soft armor and to cause fatal trauma to Wu Wah Ji.

Most importantly, while that shock arrow will surely be targeted, it can be blocked.

With the wisdom and experience of Wu Wah Jin, he will never let himself be held under the control of an arrow of shock.

If you take a sword, you can open it.

As for the impact arrows, they are completely different.

The horror effects of the arrows, even if they are blocked by weapons, are of no use.

Strong impact, no matter what you use to block it, is not useful.

Even if the arrows were blocked, the impact could not be blocked.

If that unseen turtle shield is in hand, Wu Wah Ji still has a battle.

Even he can totally ignore, even crush the clouds.

The assault arrows are so strong that they can be rejected.

Big impact, it’s gonna work on Suzuki Cloud.

Unfortunately, it’s not that many if it’s on the world.


truth is, the unseen shields are not on his side.


the face of the Suzuki clouds, Wu Wah Ji is completely unparalleled.

A little closer, the Suzuki cloud will release the assault arrow.


the face of this hidden arrow, it will surely be overturned.

Wu Wai Ji has shown himself and cannot confront him, but only once in vain shock and again in bombardment.

Shooting arrows, no use for Wu Wah Ji, will be opened by him.

And shock arrows consume too much magic.

If no magic is to be depleted, the shock arrows are either less useful or no good.

With the magic relatives and degrees of Ninth Grade, he was almost unlimited to release the shock arrow, not to deplete the magic.

Even so, Suu Yun Yun is not at all capable of defeating Wu Wah Ji Ji.

Not to mention what killed…

If that’s all right, Suzuki Yuan would love to turn around and run away.

But I can’t. Wu Wai Ji already knows him and has guessed, Sue.

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