Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3662

Su Family, although on the island, is a superpower.

But compared with Wu Family, Su Family is really nothing.

Once left alive, not only did he die, but the whole Su family would suffer.

So, the Suzuki cloud is now, like, a retreat, and it can only be done here with the Bamba stalemate.

Now, the only thing Suzuki will expect is Ju Yongqiu to get out of the cage and join him to kill Wu Wah Jin!

That’s the only way to live forever!

As for the time when the clouds appeared, it was only a coincidence.

He doesn’t know that the hidden turtle is so strong, so amazing.

He just coincided to show up at that point, saw Wu Wai put out the Pharaoh Po, trapped Jung-woo.

Subsequently, after seeing Wu Wah Ji unload his armor, Suu Yuen seized the time to try to kill him while Wu Wah Ji did not have the armor.

But apparently, Suzuki is thinking too much.

By the capital of the Suzuki cloud, it was not even Wu Wai Jin’s opponent.

Don’t say Suzuki Yuan, even if he swallowed 3,000 magical fruits, he would not have been the opponent of Wu Wah Jin.

It’s not Jung-woo’s weak power, but most importantly, this guy’s French treasure, trump card countless, really hard to deal with.

that’s how great family younger generation is, a life-saving trump card, can come out with a few.

Eventually, in the aftermath of the impact, the skull is getting bigger and bigger.

Eventually, under a full-fledged vision of Jules.

The heavy skull, the white bone, finally slowed down.

Jung-woo came out of the skull, beneath the skull.

After graduating from the skull, Ju Yongzhou, for the first time, came to the front of that purifying garment, as well as the unseen turtle shield, and instantly put it in a subordinate ring.

Jung-woo got his head up and laughed.

Lost the garments, lost the shields.

The Wu Wah Jin is no longer a rival of Ju Yongqiu.

It’s time to clear everything.

Senro sword qi came out and snatched the throat of Wu Wah.

The Wu Wah Ji Ji, who fought with Ju Yongzhou and Suu Yuen Yuen Yuen, had fallen down for more than 300 centuries.

Wu Wah Ji has apparently been unable to resist after he lost his purification suit and lost his hidden turtle shield.

Most importantly, there are no superior magic stones in Wu Wah Ji’s subtract.

Without superior magic energy, the thunderbolt shuttle is just one set, and it doesn’t work at all!

If it is not the superior demon that consumes one minute, the Suzuki cloud will not be eligible to fight Wu Wah Ji.

When thunderbolt shuttles down, the clouds will be bombed into scum instantly.

Looking down at the Wu Wah pool, Ju Yong Woo Woo-woo won’t be shy.

and right hand, in the middle of the wave, the Senro flame is empty, and the body of Wu Wah Jin is completely covered.

The fire burns down, the Wu Wah Ji Ji, who lost his protection, burns quickly into ashes.

right hand, between the waves, the belongings in the ashes flew into the hands of Jules.

It was observed in the subordinate ring that, in addition to that thunderbolt shuttle, there was only a great deal of food and drinking water left in the ring.

Although all that food is worth it, it’s not worth it for Ju Yokosu.

Most importantly, this sub-element refers to the size of the ring, not very large, but only 1 per cent of the jumbo ring.

Even so, the subordinate ring after all is super rare treasure.

In the middle of the heart, Jung-woo threw that ring to the Suzu cloud.

It just took the ring, Suzuki Yuan’s face was surprised.

Why did Jung-woo give it to him?

Although, in some way, the Suzuki cloud saved Jung-woo’s life.

But in fact, the Suzuki clouds are not Jules, but he is himself.

If you’re not worried about Wu Wah Jin’s account after autumn, it’s about Su Family.

If not Wu Wai had unloaded all the armaments, give Suzuki the chance.

He won’t be rescued.

The reason Suzuko came out is to kill Wu Wah Ji, and never to suffer!

As long as Wu Wah Jin is dead, all dead men tell no tales.

In this haunted, unsatisfactory hell, dead people are really too normal.

There’s no one at all trying to detect the killer.

Moreover, it is so vast that it is difficult for others to find out even if they kill people.

That’s not a coincidence.

He came all the way under the guidance of Yin-Yang’s twin fly, white fly.

It’s not possible to meet anyone else.

It’s really hard to find this vast white fog plain, where more than 3,000 people are scattered.

It’s above the white fog plain, but it’s all over the year.

Even 100 meters apart, there is no need to see each other.

If you want to find another person in such a large region, there is no difference to the sea needle.

Therefore, even if a war dies here, no one will be explored.

If you die, you can’t find out.

And excited to put the second finger on your fingers, and the soda clouds are so happy.

You know, even with Su Family’s riches, it’s hard to get so valuable.

The most exciting thing about Suu Yuan is that, with this secondary ring, he can carry a large number of physical arrows.

With the physical arrows in place, the destructive power of the Suzuki cloud will be doubled, even several times more.

Although it was only a subway ring in the zone, there was no difference with Divine Artifact in the case of Suzuki Cloud.

The consciousness explored an item in the ring.

Junior Spirit Treasure!

Surprised mouth openwide, between time and time, Suu Yu Yun doubted whether he was wrong.

How could there be a junior Spirit Treasure in the ring?

You know, this junior Spirit Treasure is a powerful legal treasure that can cause harm to the 60th class of demons.

Sixty, Devil Body, the thunderbolt shuttle is almost invincible!

Even if Devil Body exceeded 60, the thunderbolt formidable power shuttle would not be inferior at all.

The same cultivator, the thunderbolt shuttle, the thunderbolt, the pimp!

Look at the appalling face of the Suzuki cloud.

“How did you see thunderbolt shuttle?”

In the face of Yokota’s inquiries, Suu Yu Yu has swallowed the saliva, using the nodded.

Look at Ju Yongzhou, Sooko Yun Yuan,

“I don’t understand. Why did you give it to me?”



That thunderbolt shuttle is definitely precious.

Even in the big Wu family, this thunderbolt shuttle is definitely super precious.

But this thunderbolt shuttle is clearly not enough to look at.

There’s a hidden turtle in, and this thunderbolt shuttle is basically a toy.

Although formidable power incomparable gigantic on thunderbolt shuttles, the defense of unseen turtles cannot be broken at all.

In addition, that unseen turtle shield also exploded the force of Thunder, which was fired at the thunderbolt shuttle, as much as possible.

If you say, thunderbolt shuttle is a junior Spirit Treasure.

So this unseen turtle shield is definitely Top Grade Spirit Treasure.

It is

not surprising, however, that the clouds cannot be understood and can not be trusted.

After all, there is an enemy between Jules and Suzuki Yuan.

And that thunderbolt shuttle, finally, is strong, rare attack type Spirit Treasure.

How could Jung-woo give it to Suzu Yuen?

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