Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3663

Just look at Suzuki Yun, Ju Yongzhou:

“Whatever your motive, this time you finally saved me.”

“And this battle, which is the victory that you won under me, so spoils of war should naturally have one of you.”

And look at Jules, Suzuki clouds in their eyes and shine out of admiration.

Jung-woo is proud.

Suzumi clouds are also proud.

It was because of the same pride that it would be more admirable.

Call it heroes, heroes.

In the face of such a Jubilee, Suzuki clouds had to pay attention.

Looking at the light of the clouds of Suzuki, the light of Jubilee.

Although he said that he had given Suzuki Yuan a second ring and a thunderbolt shuttle.

But in contrast, it’s still a lot bigger than Jung-woo.

Since all of you have joined forces to kill enemies, that spoils of war naturally deserves an average distribution.

Even if spoils of war are no more precious, Jules will never be corrupt and concealed.

Otherwise, there is no need for condemnation.

It’s just Jung-woo himself, and he’ll never go.

People saved your life, but you even swallowed spoils of war alone.

But Jung-woo’s suite isn’t gonna come out of it.

And even if it comes out, Suzuki clouds an arrow, they don’t have to be refitted.

A little moaning between you and Jung-woo took a decision.

between right hand waves, three large grey black stone wall walls fell on the ground.

It seems that the three great stone wall walls are also accompanied by one after another’s red blood.

Just look at Suzuki Cloud, Ju Yokosu Avenue: “Here are three hundred hundred sixty five magic carrots, and take it.”



the face of the courtesy given by Yokota, Suzuki is completely silent.

Although he also knows that his motivation is not to save Jules, in fact he did save Jules.

I didn’t think that Jung-woo would repay him so much!

three hundred sixty five demons, which are enough for his strength, speed, and patience, have increased several times.

The magic blood fruit, for a cultivator, is really too big.

No more exaggeration, no more!

Although Suzumi Yuan would like to refuse, he can’t at all refuse such a grace.

Look at the Suzuki clouds and take away the magic fruit, Jung-woo, and it’s empty nodded.

Although it is said that even if the clouds do not show up, Jules will not die.

Without saying anything else, it is the unseen clock of mysterious senses that has unlimited possibilities.

In any event, however, these three hundred and sixty magical fruits are sufficient to repay the aid of the Suzuki cloud.

A sub-plural ring, a junior Spirit Treasure thunderbolt shuttle, plus three hundred and sixty magical fruits.

Such a harvest is really too big.

And Jung-woo’s harvest, naturally not too small.

First of all, the unseen shield, which is firmly and irreversible, can be reflected from all far-reaching injuries.

The second is the whole suitcase.

It’s not too strong that the purchasing suits fall down.

The most horrible, the unseen shield!

With that unseen turtle shield, Jung-woo no longer needs to worry about each other’s lengths and make a distance strikes on him.

The magic fruit in a whimper, looking at the Wu Wah pool burned into ashes, the darkness of the Suzuki clouds, is pleased that this purchasing operation was accompanied by Ju Yongzhou, and for the first time it felt very good to have friends like Ju Yongzhou:

“Many thanks!”

“It’s too early. Let’s get out of here as soon as possible and go to the infested three rd-layer.”

In the face of the clouds of Suzuki, Jung Yongzhou Odded, is planning to get out of here.

A strange fluctuation, attracted attention to Jules.

The consciousness turned around, moved towards Wu Wah’s body and looked at the past.

As seen in the entry, the body of Wu Wah Ji has been completely burned down by the Samuel’s flame and made a ash.

But in that black ashes, a faintly discernable, weird energy, is moving.

Decided to discover hands, Jung-woo took that weird magic wave and took it in his hand.


any case, Jules has to be more careful.

Never give Wu Wah a chance to revive his ashes!

That strange wave was taken over by the Jupiter sky.

It was a strange wave of magic and a strange collision under the Dju universe’s investigation.

A black hair bright, a black ball big and small of Guillaume, appeared in the hands of Jules.

This is… this is!

Looking at the black ball with your hands, Jung-woo tried to detect it, and it ended up staring at Jules!

This black round is an indefinite, violent inheritance ball!

How could that happen?

Does the owner of the final inheritance, after the war, gather the ultimate inheritance ball?

Obviously not.

If there was such a good thing, how could Jung-woo have never heard of it?

If there’s such a good thing, all cultivator with final inheritance, that’s too dangerous.

Anytime, there is a danger of being killed and taken away from inheritance.

And between the rapid operation of the brain, Ju Yongzhou, for the first time, brought the indefinite inheritance of the magic ball into the secondary ring.

Obviously, this inheritance ball is definitely sudden.

Take a closer look.

After Wu Wah Jin was killed, Ju Yongzhou burned his body with the Samuel Flame.

So, the soul of Wu Wah Ji was completely swallowed by the strengths of Senro.

Losing the spirits, inheritance’s power, left alone there.

Otherwise, the inheritance will surely haunt the soul of Wu Wah, and then disappear between the heavens and the earth.

In other words, as long as the Samuel’s flame is used, it can come out of the other soul, tempering inheritance magic.

And it is worth mentioning that only the ultimate inheritance can be tempered out.

As for ordinary inheritance magic and magic, it was too weak to go away directly.

Ultimately inheritance, especially the most common, indefinite atrocities, is indeed too valuable.

This unlimited atrocity, whoever it is for, has a very good effect.

Google suits, Jane River fits, Jules is used, and there’s no problem.

Similar generic inheritance is precisely the most valuable.


long as you have some ordinary inheritance magic skills, you can shape a super-Power!

Therefore, this indefinite atrocity inheritance is worth too much.

Other treasure, even if prices are higher, is finally available for money.

But, like indefinite atrocities, generality is very high, ultimately inheritance, and that’s really not gonna buy money.

Hands on the indefinite inheritance of the magic balloon, after the secondary finger ring.

Zhou Yongzhou followed Suzu Yuan, and moved towards third pass’s entrance.

The Suzuki clouds are very happy, even a little excited.

You know, the battle system of the Suzuki clouds has been very short.

This short board is a lack of force to kill!

Usually, the clouds are hard to break each other instantly.

The victory will normally be laid when the saws fight, the opponents will continue to consume each other and when the opponent is almost consumed.

Simply speaking, the exit of Suzuki clouds takes time, a little bit.

If it’s Takamura, the Suzuki clouds are not afraid of anyone.

But the real world, at last, is not the stage.

If it was too long for a rival to be involved, it would give rise to other enemies.

If the opposing parties cannot be resolved as soon as the enemy’s aid forces arrive, the clouds will fall into a state of retreat.

With this thunderbolt shuttle, everything is completely different.

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